Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot


He’s a great VO actor. He was in Mass Effect and more recently, Injustice.

We probably don’t share the same politics but the opportunity to have one of the actors from Firefly in the new Star Control is pretty exciting. There’s a lot of great VO in the game.

The Third Doctrinal War -- Stardock, Reiche/Ford, and Star Control

I can’t disagree with a single thing :)
… I hope he doesn’t mind I’ll always think of him as Jayne, however, lol.


Thought you guys might get a kick out of this render of the ship you will be captain of:

It’s 315 meters long. Starting crew of 100 but expandable to 400.


That’s is very cool.


Heh, sorry, I should probably have sent this over to marketing before posting it here.


Gorgeous. I like the circular bit; makes me think of the theoretical warp drive stuff scientists came up with a few years back (requiring “exotic materials”).


haha :)

That looked great, cant wait to see it in movement.


Friday has arrived.

34 days until release.

This is part of the in game crafting tools designed to let players create their own buildings for placement on planets when they create their own stories.


That looks quite awesome. I have a weird question; will the game support little people wandering around, or is that going to be too much of a resource drag?


Yea that would be would be much more of a long term thing since we’d need to let players create aliens then ala Spore.


I’ve been indulging in star Traders:Frontiers, which has a story but is basically a space based sandbox, where you have a ship and do…whatever you like.

I’m doing alot of trading, enjoying myself, occasionally fighting people.

Is Star control anything like it?


I saw his tweet yesterday to you where he wrote, “Had a blast recording for this yesterday! Good writing is always fun!!!”.

Thanks for supporting him and adding his voice to the game. I’m watching Chuck, the TV series, that he was on and it’s a lot of fun too. It’s not as amazing as Firefly, but not bad summer viewing material.


This week’s dev journal takes a look at the UI design process for Star Control: Origins! :)

Check it out here:


Check out the new Gamescom trailer “By Any Means Necessary” featuring all new in-game footage!


Dare I say it? It looks pretty darn cool!


That’s a nice trailer. I love the music.


Some serious HAL 9000 shit going on at 00:23!


I like it. I see it gets released on my bday, maybe I should buy it as a present :-)


I’ll say Happy Birthday now, as launch day might be quite busy. :)


So little rant moment. :)

Been traveling a lot this week and one consistent thing that has come up is that this is definitely a totally different level of game than anything we’ve done before.

It’s not just that the budget of this game is > than Ashes + OTC + GalCiv III + Sins combined, that’s more of an asset cost. It’s just the first time we’ve ever been able to just focus on a single title.

Of course, that means risk. 2017 was the first year we didn’t release a new game since…maybe GalCiv I? I’d have to look. But that was the trade-off of putting everyone everyone on the games unit onto a single game. It’ll be interesting to see the effect.

Many of you guys on QT3 know our games inside and out. Many of you know me. I’ve been posting on here since before GalCiv I came out when I was, effectively, a software engineer working on Object Desktop who worked on games as a hobby.

Star Control is the game that is really the result of Elemental and the sale of Impulse. It’s the culmination of not just the 5 years we’ve been working on it but many years of wishes of being able to make a game that showed off what we were capable of producing if we just had the budget and time to do it.