Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot


Most definitely you can. There’s a lot of side quests, ruins, etc. out there. But there are also lots and lots of rocks in space (like, the Genesis moon BEFORE Genesis).


I haven’t seen anyone suggest that. But let’s look at it this way, imagine if we had two Star Citizen threads on QT3. One about the game and one that was filled with the drama.

Now, imagine if on the one that was purely about gameplay Derek Smart showed up and started posting concerns on gameplay based on a cherry-picked preview and causing him to not be sure if he was going to buy the final game.

I think most people would agree that such comments would be pretty disingenuous. Derek, god bless him, isn’t going to like Star Citizen and isn’t going to be buying it. Unlike a couple posters here, I highly doubt he would ever go into some thread acting like a concerned, neutral potential buyer.

I’m not a moderator and Josh and Juan, for example, are obviously free to post whatever they like here. Just like I’m free to opine that their “concerns” are more likely originating with their own biases that have nothing to do with the game.

For all we know, the game will come out and people won’t like it. That is the nature of games. I’m obviosuly hopeful that most people will based on the feedback we’ve gotten. But you never know.

If you didn’t like Star Control II, you probably won’t like Star Control: Origins. We’ve tried to keep the gameplay elements that people loved (strong emphasis on story, strong emphasis on interesting characters to meet, your starship is your character, your choices matter but in subtle ways) while re-designing the elements that people didn’t like (Super-Melee could get pretty tedious, the planet exploration could also get pretty tedious, pacing and dead-end issues, removal of a doom clock, etc.). But it is, at its core, a Star Control game.


Yeah, but like Mass Effect, don’t expect tons of hand-crafted planets out in the black. Not that they might not be interesting, mind you.


The distance your lander picks up minerals is based on your lander’s tech. At the start, you have to run over the minerals. But over the course of the game, you can upgrade your lander to obtain enhanced collectors which increased the range in which your lander captures concentrated resources.

Though, that’s a trade-off. If you equip the enhanced collector you aren’t equipping an extra fuel pod or the stun gun or the heat shield or the armor or the toxic collector or other things (or as many of those others things depending on whether they are things that stack).

In my style of play, I’m interested in getting on and off the planets quickly (I’m not remotely a completist). So I generally don’t engage with enemies that might be there, I don’t hunt the animals, I only land on planets with high-value minerals. But that’s just me and that choice means I spend more time doing side-quests to get money to upgrade my fleet so that I can go deeper into the sector.

The reason for jumping is that on some of the more valuable planets, you can’t stay on them for long without taking damage and they have a lot of cliffs. Without jumping, it will take you a lot more time to get around.

My style of keyboard use prevents me from strafing like I should but keep in mind, the purpose of landing on planets isn’t to kill things or do jump puzzles. It is to acquire high value resources / find a quest giver/destination / find something of interest (a relic or a crashed ship or a something that forwards the story).


That sort of thing doesn’t bother me. What most people call “tedious wandering around empty planets” I call “pioneering.”


The BF 2 thread was basically the Fuck EA swarm (which I am being at least a little intentionally pejorative here) who had not played the game telling other people (me included) who had actually played the game and enjoyed it that we were wrong how it actually sucked. Often by quoting reddit posts as gospel that were also clearly written about other people who didn’t actually know how the game works.

I am not advocating that this is generally a great use of anyone’s time or sanity, but the idea that anything in this thread is beyond normal (let alone forum rule breaking) is ludicrous.

We lost beloved forum members over Tempest!

Read those 200ish posts and realize this is the sane polite version of this place.


I think we are both on the same page that this thread is pretty high quality. I’ll just point you back to my previous responses so that i don’t bore others with a repeat of what I’ve already said.

As I think you are aware, I’m quite familiar with how ugly this forum can get at times. This thread, so far, represents arguably a template of how controversy can be handled – one thread for those who wish to indulge in drama and one for people who want to talk about the game.

The BF2 thread might have been better to have two threads: BF2 - Gametalk thread and BF2 - Fuck EA swarm thread.

I haven’t checked the BF5 thread. Should I dare?


Dunno, haven’t played it yet. My friends like it. I feel like the internet is required to declare it hates BF games and then buy like 100 million copies.


Preach Brother Dive! I loved the Mako.


I also explored every single planet in the Mass Effect trilogy. But if Star Control: Origins is like Star Control 2, this is on a completely different scale. I think I probably actually went down to about 2% of the planets in Star Control 2, and there were so many star systems, that despite playing the game through a dozen times, I think I’ve only been to about 60% of the systems in the game, maybe less. Mass Effect is not a good comparison, since it was pretty feasible in that one just to go to every single planet.


Ah, that’s cool that collection distance is an upgrade. As I said, I won’t really judge anything about control and game feel until I’m playing it myself. But the preview comments just seemed to back up what I was seeing in the videos.


I’d agree here. Who landed on every planet in Starflight? That way lay madness.


Well you couldn’t, there was a time limit. But I landed on a whole hell of a bunch.


I think to be fair you are a little different from the usual 5-second attention span gamer (like me!). I imagine that we are seeing some attempt to create a real world where not everything is interesting. But if you have the gaming time and are entertained trying to smell every flower no matter how ordinary, more power to you! There’s no wrong way to play a game. I don’t have a lot of time for gaming so I do like have my gaming time advance my in-game progress significantly (yes, I am a horrid min-maxer).


@Brad_Wardell - when should we expect the rest of the reviews to drop? I like the look of the game from the teasers so far…


There’s no such thing: opinions are by their definition subjective. Also, please don’t drag baggage from another thread into this one. I’m posting here as a member of the Founder’s Program for Star Control: Origins; my opinion about the lawsuit I limit to the other thread.

Not a question of opinion, but of reading comprehension. The preview in question really doesn’t say anything too different from the other previews, for which you’ve helpfully provided some links. If I were to distil those, it would be that almost everyone likes the graphics and the writing so far receives universal praise. Considering that writing is central to the Star Control experience, I’d consider that a huge plus.

Criticism is so far limited to the gameplay: namely that controls seems a bit loose and that the game itself may become repetitive, with one previewer expressing hope he’ll be able to automate the mineral gathering process at some point later in the game (which indicates this person hasn’t spend much time playing SC2). I imagine it’s useful information for Stardock, and actually quite flattering, since you can easily complain about the same issues when it comes to SC2.

Sure. But I did land on every planet in the solar system. ;-)


Probably on the 20th. We’ve asked everyone to wait until the game is released so that no one feels rushed.

Probably the biggest thing reviewers who know us are going through is that the production values and polish on this are on a different level than anything we’ve done before.

Though to be fair, I used Tom as a bit of boogieman to get that Codex system in (the in-game encyclopedia). I think most people who have played GalCiv III will agree that that game really would have benefited from a Galpedia type system.


One of the biggest challenges from coming from strategy game design is the immersion factor and the importance of not breaking it. For example, even the concentrated resources have an explanation in the Codex.

Where I often got my design…preferences challenged is when I started to try to get strategy game features in.

Let me give you a specific example:

Me: Shouldn’t I be able to mouse over a solar system from hyperspace and get a list of what planets are within it and their types along with if there’s anything noteworthy on them.

RPG Team: And how are you, Captain, able to know that?

Me: What do you mean?

RPG Team: We mean, how are you, Captain able to look into a solar system from hyperspace and tell what’s on the planets?

Me: Well, sensors or something.

RPG Team: What sensors? It’s 2088. Even in 2018, we can’t even see all the planets in our solar system.

Me: I think we’ve seen Pluto.

RPG Team: Pluto’s not a planet.

(3 hours later)

RPG Team: It’s not a strategy game. It’s an adventure game. If you want the ability to look into solar systems like you describe you will need some alien tech you find to do that.

Then you get into the discussion of the feel of playing the game. Things like, should you be able to just point and click where your ship goes as opposed to flying it with a game pad or keyboard? There isn’t supposed to be an “optimal” way to play the game versus say a strategy game. There’s no “build order”. ;)

Same for other fuzzy things like what’s on a planet. A lot of the fun (speaking just for me) is discovering new things about the game universe and being able to apply it or finding some tech that lets me do something that I didn’t know I could do.


What’s the reason you didn’t put one in? Lack of time? Design/rules too much in flux?


That was part of it. But mostly it wasn’t considered until too late in development as being “necessary” – which was a mistake in hindsight.