Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot


Yea, the starting locations are always the same as it’s a set story (i.e. this is an adventure/RPG as opposed to say a strategy game).

How things go from there depends on your choices.


The launcher doesn’t have a mod manager built in. Plus, the SC mods can be pretty sophisticated so we need something that ties into the game directly.


The FREE Multiverse DLC is available where you can create your own characters and quests for Star Control: Origins.

The v1.1 update released today too, and brings gameplay, balance, graphical improvements, and more.


Kael made one that’s up on Steam workshop.

I made a star system.

Someone else made “Jeff Wars”.

Just saw this one:

(this is basically a cheat but at least people who don’t want to mess with toxic planet issues have an option).


Looks great. I’ll give my Drenken fleet battle another shot, see if it’s fixed the hard lock issue I was having.


Star Control: Road Map 2018

Star Control: Origins is just the beginning of our journey. This post will give you tentative schedule of what we have in the works going forward:

Fall 2018:

Season Pass: <to be announced>. Series of new adventures that will begin rolling out this Fall.

Episode 1: Aftermath.

Version 1.2. Lots of usability tweaks, some new quests, performance and more.

Version 1.3. More usability improvements, additional quests, more modding features, Vulkan support (possibly).

Winter 2018:

Version 1.4. Additional new features, UI updates, new components, new ships. Network update.

Episode 2: The Lexites

Spring 2019:

Version 1.5. Lore based quests (doesn’t require you to replay).

Episode 3: The Syndicate

Episode 4: <TBD>

Broadly speaking, our goal is to begin integrating more of the lore into the game so that players get a better idea of things that are coming in the future such as much bigger ships, landing parties, water worlds, helping colonies, helping friends and hurting enemies on a bit more strategic level (not as a strategy game, you are captain of one ship but you can make a difference).

It’s a big, big universe out there. And we are excited to keep sharing more and more of it with you!


Star Control: Origins v1.2 arrives with Adventure Studio accessibility, addresses player feedback about the collecting and selling of resources, adds upgrades and special rewards to the Terran Colonization quests, and more.

Check it out here:


Star Control: Origins - Earth Rising announced! The story continues next week with Earth Rising, a 4-part season pass that covers humanity’s expansion into the galaxy.

More info:


Looking forward to this!


Yeah so am I. I enjoyed it and wished there was something more meaningful to do after the main story finished.


Free Reinforcements DLC for Star Control: Origins! A new wave of diverse ships has arrived for Fleet Battles game mode.


Sweet! I have to admit I haven’t messed around much with Fleet Battles except toward the beginning, as I was getting used to the combat. This looks to add a reason to revisit.


First part of Earth Rising is available this week. :)


Lacking a better thread for this, I wanted to share that The Digital Antiquarian just covered Star Control II in its historical review of, like, all of computer games.


Good read.

SC2 remains my favorite gaming experience of all time.


Star Control Origins has been DMCAed off GOG and Steam.


Sorry. I posted in the wrong SC thread.


It’s relevant to this thread as well.


Indeed. Stardock will be setting up its own distribution channel.


Holy cats.