Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot


I thought for sure Stardock was rebooting. Respectfully, what is the point of buying an IP if you don’t use any of the IP? The whole strength of Star Control to me was the charm of the alien races and the jovial but rather bleak setting. It wasn’t just the gameplay, it was the world and interplay between races. They were all VERY different in ethics, outlook, goals and timelines.

Respectfully to Ford and Reiche, they aren’t funding the acquisition of the IP and development of the new game. I’d use all those races! But perhaps the careful balance of the ships in the combat design they had in 1 and 2 makes the super different and unique attack and movement styles of the various ships worked for them, but not a completely new system.

Very interested to see what all the new races are like and how the gameplay will be!


There are a lot of reasons. First, we instantly gained access to the Star Control franchise which lets us begin creating a multiverse. Now, if there had been no Star Control 3 and Star Control 2 wasn’t 25 years ago then it would make total sense to just continue using that IP.

Ford and Reiche own the IP. We only have a license to it. While we could have used the aliens, by not using it, we leave the door open for them to come back and continue a canon sequel to the Ur-Quan Masters.

I love the characters and setting of Star Control 1 and 2 (let’s not talk about 3). But we didn’t acquire the Star Control rights to access the aliens for the aforementioned reasons. We acquired them so that we could create a new Star Control game. Plus, Stardock, unlike say Accolade, would absolutely permit an independent Ur-Quan sequel by Paul and Fred. Will that ever happen? Maybe or maybe not but at least the door is now open.

From a long-term point of view, we want to establish Star Control as the origin point for endless adventures to other universes starting with the official one in Origins. So picture your favorite but possibly neglected sci-fi universe and imagine officially sanctioned adventures in those universes.


I like the long term strategy and idea for them to champion their own. Great!

Saddened at not seeing the Pkunk again, obviously.


If Activision allows it, you will see the Pkunk again via an independent, creator made Ur-Quan sequel.

I think most of us hope that Reiche and Ford get to return. They have stated they intend to someday.

I, for instance, have no idea what the Orz really are. I am not qualified to tell their story. I only know two people who can. ;)


Anyone know how much longer the Founders thing is available for purchase?


A few more days.

Lots of Star Control related stuff happening this month.


Gahhhh, can’t make it fit in the budget. Thanks though!


Brad, would those presumably fall under the category of DLC/expansions for Origins or likely be independent releases?


I would probably extend that permanently for Brian. You know. The guy with the big space sim blog. And stuff.






Just want to say thanks once more, Brad, for turning those Servo frowns upside down!


I have good news!

After 4 years of groveling to Paul and Fred for a canon sequel to Star Control 2:

It’s going to be called Ghost of the Precursors!

This will be an independent effort by Paul and Fred but it WILL be using the Ur-Quan, Orz, and all the characters featured in Star Control 2 plus new ones!


Holy shit

Are they gonna be using y’all’s engine and stuff or is it a completely separate project? Will you publish?


Additionally, HOLY SHIT lol


Thirded holy shit. Holy. Shit.


Totally separate. My contribution to it thus far has come only in the form of nagging and groveling. ;)



I hope everything works out best for all parties! And at the end of the day, more Star Control for everyone :-D

Now when do we get to dig into Hyper Melee???


Shortly. :)


I am dead.