Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot


Valve just refunded me for Smash + Grab since that studio just closed and stopped development on the game.

So far no one has taken resoinsibilty for Servo ending development.

I’ll leave that as a caution for supporting founders programs and early access.


The reason I mentioned this is because Brad did suggest something along those lines when Servo started to look like vaporware.

I personally believe SD should give Servo backers compensation for what happened in some reasonable form.


And done. Don’t mess this up, Brad. :)


I don’t get it. So the answer is yes, you get the game if you get the Founder’s program?

EDIT: I went to the website listed above. The final release is indeed part of the Founder’s Edition.


@Rock8man KevinC was making a crack about the fact that people that bought into the Servo founders program were left stranded with a game that was abandoned during development.


Ah ok. Sorry, I’m out of the loop.


Ha ha, No Man’s Sky just got pwned by a 90-second teaser!



Shame they didn’t make this announcement in conjunction with a playable version. And to top it off the first playable piece of content will be the multiplayer melee. Sure some will love that, but not an incentive to buy in immediately for those that aren’t.

Teaser is cool, though. Never played Star Control, but I loved Starflight 2 back in the day, so this is definitely of interest.


I get the impression you haven’t been following with what happened to Servo, the game initially published by Stardock and developed by BonusXP?

In brief, then (and apologies if you already know about this): BonusXP disappeared from the scene a while after releasing the game on Steam Early Access. We asked Brad what was going on here on QT3 and a little later Stardock pulled out. BonusXP said that they were thinking about what to do, but assured us that development would be ongoing, before asking people on Steam if they had any ideas on what to do next. A few months and a few broken promises later, BonusXP casually announced that they were stopping development of Servo entirely, which wasn’t exactly a classy thing to do. Steam refuses to issue refunds for the game, although it is thankfully no longer offered for sale (but it was until the announcement that they would be dropping the game, about maybe a year (?) after development had basically stopped).

Brad at one point said he would look into the possibility of giving Servo customers access to the Star Control beta, but we haven’t heard anything about that anymore.


Yes, one of the most important things about star control are amazing, memorable, races coupled with music and sound effects befitting them. And good rpg with a great mysterious story.


I dunno, as a kid I always thought the coolest things were “launch fighters” and the Spathi butt-gun… and you’re telling me they’re not in it!? :)


Re Servo.

As the funding publisher, I feel your pain. A lot. We’re going to start transferring Servo Founders to the Star Control founders program in the next few weeks. We’re also going to give them a coupon on the store which would let them buy a full priced product from the Stardock store (i.e. you get a steam key if it’s on Steam but you can also buy a desktop enhancement).

Servo: Sci-fi RTS from Age of Empires creators

I’m not involved, but that’s a classy thing to do.


Thanks for making things right by your customers, Brad. I would now like to embark upon the Star Control hype train.


Thank you, very much appreciated. Customer faith in Stardock entirely maintained here.


Thanks! Better than I expected. I was really looking forward to Servo as an idea, so was really upset over this.


Is that article correct that both Oxide and Mohawk are involved?


Pretty sure they are using the new engine at least, which I guess would mean it involves them.


For Star Control: Origins, we have created a new studio. It is made up by industry veterans from Firaxis, Big Huge Games, Relic and of course Stardock. Because of the size of the project, Stardock has teamed its partner studios together: Stardock’s new Towson Maryland studio + Soren Johnson’s Mohawk Games (helping with the art direction, networking and design support) + Oxide Games (Nitrous game engine). It’s an amazing team of people who know Star Control inside and out.


That is an amazing pool of talent. Great people!