Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot


The, uh, Kelvin timeline enterprise. I really like it. Shut up!



Note the odd social behaviors of star trek geeks in the wild.

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Which Kelvin Enterprise?


There’s more than one? Anyway, this one -

Prior to the new movies I would have told you the refit from the first Star Trek movie was probably my favorite Enterprise. But I like this one a lot too.


I tried playing the original SC2 once, got side-tracked with mining, and ended up lagging behind in the timed political events or whatever. I haven’t tried it again since then.


It’s totally worth trying again unless the graphics put you off. There’s a script to roughly follow, so to speak, in order to get “optimal” endings and a looser one to manage to actually win the game but it’s filled with enough bread crumbs to guide you and still allows for some liberties. But yeah, don’t get caught up in the mining too much.


I would love there to be a mod that just removed the resource system entirely, or at least provided fuel for free, though I’m sure that might moderately mess with balance. . .

I am the weird guy who’s only “finished” StarCon 1 and 3, though.


In STO? All. All of Enterprise.


When it first launched, it had a bug in the game that everyone I knew had told me about in the college computer lab where we played it. I’m not sure if the version you played still had this bug. Basically when you first get setup with a base on Earth, you can go into the screen where you can buy more shuttle craft for your main ship, and sell your shuttle craft. And if you kept the button held down, it would keep selling shuttle craft until you got tired of having resources.

You can then buy back some shuttle craft because you’re now really rich and never have to go planet hunting for resources. You still need to go planet hunting for biological currency though.

So I really enjoyed that way to play the game, I never had to deal with resource collection except for biological things. So that aspect of the game was still there for me, but it wasn’t time consuming.


I just don’t even … lol


I know it makes me a bit of a pariah on this board, but I really like 3 for what it was. While it might have been a crappy sequel to 2, I found it to be a hilarious FMV adventure game with a simplistic but fun-enough 4x strategy strapped to the side of it.

We’ve even had this discussion before (that’s the royal we, not the you-and-me we, Dan):

Things that make me sad: only 7/16 posters in that old thread are still around :(


See my post above on the bug in the original. I never had to mess with resources for fuel, etc. It worked great. All the best parts of the game were still preserved. It didn’t mess with balance. You still had limited room on your ship for other ships, so being able to buy as many ships as you wanted didn’t matter. You still couldn’t soup up your main ship without first buying technology from the Melnorme, and he needed biological currency to give you tech. Balance was not a problem.


Nice thread. I liked reading that post written by me five years ago. I’d forgotten some of that stuff.


Is the 3DO version of Star Control 2 still the best version these days?


That’s the one they based The Ur-Quan Masters on right, because of the quality of the sound and music?


Stick to your guns, man. Outlier opinions are valuable because we know they’re earned, you wouldn’t stick your neck out if you didn’t mean it. I’ve avoided 3 partially because of general word of mouth and because I didn’t think 2 was as fantastic as everybody else does, though I do own it. Maybe I’ll toss it into the rotation.


I don’t like the 3DO version. For one thing, they added voice acting, and the voice acting is so different from what I pictured in my head.

Plus I like the music in the original slightly better.

Plus the original PC version has that bug I talked about above where you can sell infinite shuttle craft, which they got rid of in the 3DO version.


Yes. That’s the one.


Actually no, the Ur-Quan Masters gives you the option when you install it to go with the original PC version’s music or the 3DO version, whether to go with the voice acting from 3D0 version or not, etc. That’s how I tried the 3DO version enhancements and decided I didn’t like them and went back to the original PC version within Ur-Quan Masters.