Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot


That’s where our disconnect is then. I fundamentally disagree that you can discount mechanics when talking about a game experience. Mass Effect without third-person shooting is a completely different game. It’s still an RPG, but the way I’d relate to the game would not be the same.


Sure, you’ve got your good thing and I’ve got mine. I’ve pretty much already said I’ll be playing this game in spite of its combat system, the whole arcadey thing the SC games have does not appeal to me. But it’s not the main draw for me either so I can deal.


There are clear design similarities in the planetary exploration between Mass Effect I and Starflight. Really hard to claim direct inspiration without access to the concept development documents, and obviously other media had a bigger influence in the game, but I would not be surprised if a designer claimed direct conceptual and mechanical influence.

I remember being struck by the similarities at the time I played ME I.


I’ve never played Mass Effect 1 myself but I’ve seen lots of people refer to it as such. A quick googling:

It should be noted that the article isn’t trying to claim that Mass Effect is a remake of Star Control but rather that people have said it was. Having not played ME1 I am not in a position to say either way.

As the author of the article, I certainly wasn’t trying to offend anyone. And given that I wasn’t involved in either Star Control 2 OR Mass Effect I have no thunder to steal. ;) Sorry if I ruffled any feathers.


Huh, I think I read somewhere that SC2 was a source of inspiration for the ME designers (which is quite obvious), but I can’t find it now.


I don’t know if you’re open to an edit, but I think this part “(with enough changes to keep the copyright and trademark gods happy)” really implied to me as a reader that you were making a strong statement on it.

Your first link is a forum post by one person asking the question and basically everyone just disagreeing.


Don’t think anyone would deny that ME drew inspiration from its predecessors. That’s not the issue.


I meant that I thought I’d read them state it, but I can’t find it now. Claiming that it is a remake is so silly I can’t take it seriously.


Saw a big uptick in posts and thought there was interesting news, instead all I got was this nerd umbrage t-shirt!

Much disappoint.


Way ahead of you my friend. :) Already edited that part.


For those joining in…

Millions of years ago, the world’s crankiest reviewer, Tom Chick set up a site.

In those early days, a number of industry folks, including myself, joined. Back then, I ran a tiny company called Starduck (or something like that). Back then, the “games” unit was like 5 people.

The cool conversations grew this place to where is today where Tom continues to be the bane of game developers everywhere. As most of you know, Tom now lives in an “undisclosed” location in the Congo as his average review is between 0 and 1 out of 5.

Meanwhile, the tiny little hobby game company, Starlock grew to over 100 people but I continue to hang out here with the same not ready for prime time public relations skills but relatively hidden by the marketing masters who would have me killed off if they knew I was posting here (Spencer is sworn to secrecy – don’t worry, his family is safe…)

So I still post things here that I absolutely shouldn’t on a wide variety of issues including very very early screenshots and video that has no business being made public, especially now that it’s so popular.

So here’s some new screenshots"

Worlds with life continue to get nicer.

Now, the thing here is that Star Control: Origins involves many dozens of species with hundreds of different ships that you may run into. It’s a big galaxy. The main story might involve a handful of major powers but there’s lots of other powers with their fingers in the sector (I won’t spoil the reason why this is happening).

So in the stand-alone Fleet Battles, you might have, tops, 20 ships to fight with that are “canon” (balanced), in the main game, you will see lots of various ships of various weapons and defenses and abilities that you can recruit or fight as you try to explore the galaxy.

This is mainly for those who have known me for many years. So, Stardock has made many strategy games over the years but not RPGs. This required a lot of hiring and a lot of time to get this right because the talent that might be good for crafting a strategy game doesn’t lend itself to story and writing. And frankly, Star Control lives and dies on story and writing.

The best way I can think to put it is that you’re playing Star Trek or something like that where there’s lots of adventures and stories that need (or want) your attention. You can affect a very large area of space but you are, at the end of the day, one man.

Very mild spoiler.

The game takes place in the year 2088. This matters because, well, I guess the question is, do you guys on QT3 think we’ll have FTL in 2088? In the Star Control universe, the answer is: no.

So along the way we acquire a hyperdrive module and so we’re flying our ship around with a hypdrive attached to it. Which is akin to attaching a jet engine to a carriage. It’s ridiculous but we humans are under a lot of pressure to do whatever it takes.

Which begs the question: What would we do if we knew our world was under the threat of imminent hostile destruction? What are we capable of? The game doesn’t judge you. You have a mission. How do you go about accomplishing it?

Everyone talks about being heroic. Fine. How heroic and noble do you think we’d be if our entire species was under threat of extinction? Maybe players will be the hero of the story. Or maybe they’ll be ruthless and cunning. It’s not our job to tell people how to play.




Heh. Wherever Tom is now, he’s in a better place…


We’re having a Fleet Battles livestream today with Callum on our Twitch channel at 4pm ET.


New developer interview video is out today. :)


We’re headed to E3 next week and we’ll be part of the PC Gaming Show! We’ll be showing off a new trailer and have some exciting news to share. :)


Hey guys.

I won’t be at E3 this year but a bunch of Stardock people will be. We actually have an E3 booth this year in the PC Gaming area so if you’re going to be at E3 make sure you stop by and check out Star Control: Origins.

Just another comment about the ship… :)


Happy 25 year anniversary :)


Few screenshots, and don’t forget the PC Gaming Show at E3 is tonight with the new trailer!


Check out the new trailer and the September 20, 2018 release date announcement!