Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot


Some random thoughts after around 29 hours with it according to steam.

1 - There’s a trigger event that significantly ramps up difficulty in my game.

Triggering Event Spoilers

If you have a mission to visit a secret Scryve facility with a special code that you obtain elsewhere, I’d recommend avoiding this task until you’re truly ready for a spike in combat difficulty. I triggered this without having advanced my ship tech far enough and it was not good. I reverted to an earlier save. I’m now delaying this task as long as I can.

2 - YMMV, but I find that I really need to visit a lot of planets and at least take a look at them close up to determine their value. I limit the planets I land on to those with gold, green, and pink minerals

3 - The gameplay loop which is fun, can be summarized as:

  • Visit planets, check value, “mine” planet if worth enough
  • Combat
  • Follow missions to: gain alliances, unlock more tech, buy better stuff
  • You also occasionally find new tech from visiting planets too.

4 - I’m stuck on the Lexites quest line. I’ll keep exploring, but here’s some spoiler details.

Lexite Spoilers

I’ve visited a lot of ruins, I also paid 5K for Lexite info at a space baazar (it was directions to a location I already visited on my own), and I’ve received clues that they’ve headed towards the inner spur. The trail is cold now. Maybe I’ll stumble across another clue somewhere or an explanation of where the “inner spur” is on the map. I feel like I need to advance this quest to the end or near it to get enough tech to survive the triggering event I mentioned earlier.

5 - I find that I’m not too fond of dealing with the fleet of ships. They haven’t been worth the effort. Many ships don’t heal or resupply when you visit Earth - especially the couple I’ve encountered that are pretty good. Compared to the main ship, it’s just not worth it. I’ve discarded my extra docking bay now and just work on upgrading the main ship. This strategy may not work later, but it’s been great so far.

6 - I have a UI wishlist that’ll have to post when I have more time. I’ve also found a new bug that appears when using SHIFT for speed boost and the numeric keypad for lander controls. You can get it stuck in a turn or movement that requires repressing the same turn or movement key while not touching SHIFT to disable the “spin”. In the meantime, I’ve moved the boost key to numpad 0 which seems to work reliably.

I’d like to write more, but I’m out of time for now. Overall, I’ve enjoyed the game.


Ever look at the options? :)


Um. Hm… How about that!? :)


Question for those of you far ahead of me (over 20 hours!?? Man, I played ever minute I could, but I have to watch my son, and playing a game like this on the computer chair while holding him is impossible, so I have to wait until he’s napping or playing with his mom).

I mostly collect all the minerals if I’m going down to a planet anyway to investigate a signal. Most of the time, the signal turns out to be a ship or a trading post. Trading posts are useless right? And the ships I find sadly, so far, have seemed pretty useless too. So what about resources? I usually go back to Earth and sell the conventional resources. But I’m hanging onto the others so far. Should I be? I know we used some Uranium at the start of the game, so I’ve hung onto unconventional resources from then on, but haven’t found any other use for them in many hours. So I was thinking, maybe selling them will mean I’m not always low on RU?

I’d love to be able to buy that advanced nuke for my main ship, but it’s really expensive, and I usually haven’t been able to find those kind of RU out there.

EDIT: By the way, the ships I find on planets don’t seem to be in the Fleet-battles mode. I tried looking for them to get some practice in using them in combat, but when picking ships, the only ships I recognize from the game are three races I’ve encountered so far. But none of the ships I’ve found on planets seem to be available as options for Fleet battles.

I guess I need to go to the Sol system and practice using them at the training facility in the system?


I’m going to admit that I’m playing on easy. I want to enjoy the game, not rage at it.


I don’t know about Trading posts. I buy and sell at the following types of locations:

Allied aliens’ home planets, space trader vessels, space stations, a space bazaar I found and used a couple times, and Earth

On resource types to keep:

I also found that I needed 100 units of Francium. Hang on to those too. There may be others I haven’t yet had a request for in missions.

Try using the “Recruit” page on the fleet management screen when docked. That’s where I find the ships I’ve collected. If you collect a ship and don’t have the fleet points for it, it will also show up there. Be careful not to accidentally spend cash if you don’t intend to. Look for the ones with 0 cost.


Yep. Already on that. I didn’t find a way to see how many fleet points I had. It’s probably somewhere obvious and I just am not seeing it. But whenever a ship shows up as Zero points in the recruit page, and I can’t add, I add another module to the main ship so that I can support it.


I believe it’s on the same Fleet Management screen. Somewhere in the middle you’ll see a number/number. First number is currently used and the second is the max.

Btw, I find it irritating that you have to add the new ship before you can see what its primary and secondary weapons are instead of seeing them when hovering over it and viewing that piece of information on the selection screen.


Yeah, that’s a good point. As an aside, I’ve found a couple really nice ships on planets thus far … and a couple stinkers, relatively speaking.


There’s a couple of mercenary ships you can also get at various points of the game that are extremely powerful.

AI module update is in QA now.

Re why even allow the option? The reason is that some people would prefer to focus on the story. A big challenge with Star Control is that it is an action arcade style game mixed with an RPG. What if the player doesn’t like the action part?

I’m considering requesting an auto-resolve option even for those players but I’d be curious to hear what you guys think.


Auto resolve is always a nice option when you just want to ‘get on’ with it. Like in Total War I use it when I do not have time to fight the battles, although I would think that Arcade fights in SC:O probably do not take upwards to an hour as the TW battles do.

Still haven’t had time to try this out, but hopefully soon :)

There’s a beta-channel on Steam for updates btw?


I like the option. This could also avoid AI pathing, targeting, and general ineffectiveness issues for those that just want to use the AI and not waste their time watching. I don’t see any downsides to adding it.


If you’re polling for opinions, I like the combat but I can see a time coming when I just kind of want to get on with things. An auto resolve option would be handy.


Many reasons to add it as an option. No reasons (that I can see) not to.


I’ve found a couple of powerful ships like that. I forget their exact point values, but one was maybe 20 or a bit more and another time I got 3 ships at once with one of them being around 20 points. The problem I encountered with all of these is they didn’t refill/repair their health at Earth or any other location I visited with them. Handy for a fight or two, but then I’m back to the same pile of mostly-useless ships. This is, in part, what sent me down the path of ignoring the fleet and just focusing on the main ship.


Yeah, the other ships not adding crew is painful. At least you can stock up some of them by visiting their homeworlds.


I’m somehow loving this game. I have not played a StarControl game before and I guess I like the formula. Combat’s fine to me, resource gathering is relaxing (although: planets do have real potential that isn’t quite used). I also like the ship movement on the maps - feels like a real journey ;)

So things are great BUT there is no situation in which entities travel through the stars and their only mapping tools are eight different colored crosshairs! : \ I want to know: on which planet I have already been, which solar system with which outcome I have already visited. I want to take notes and I want to make this the easy way! Best would be my advanced technology would take some notes for me. That’s my only main gripe.


@Brad_Wardell question Is the mission that asks you to follow clues to beta llovren [sic] just about contacting the Free Trandals? I’ve already done the Free Trandals stuff through some other means, including the virus clean up, so don’t know if this mission is about something else or can be ignored. Also those Harmony ships. Ouch!


Just a suggestion:
Add a Steam achievement for going into every options page.
Might get people to notice stuff they have otherwise missed :)
on the other hand, I suppose Achievement hunters already know how to use ‘options’.
So guess no reason to.
I’ll get my coat.


So is the game better with keyboard controls or a gamepad? (I have an Xbox controller I can plug into my PC.) I’m asking as someone who isn’t great at arcade combat but isn’t averse to it either.