Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot


I haven’t tried it with mouse/keyboard. It feels fine with my xbox one wireless controller that came with the oculus. Sometimes it does seem like it forgets that there is a controller, and you have to click something with the mouse before it realizes the controller is there again, but that has only happened to me with menu or dialog interactions, not in the middle of combat or anything.


I’ll agree with the rest; I love the action part, but I know it’s not for everyone and making a game more flexible for any given player is never a bad thing. If it doesn’t take up too many resources, I’d give it a go.

I recall the Sylandro probes of SC2 and how you eventually learned to auto-destruct them. That became a massive relief, because they weren’t very fun to fight. Just a thought, but maybe have a system where you “teach” your AI to fight, requiring one battle (win or lose) vs. each type to offer the option? Perhaps that’s too much, but just spitballing.


It definitely gets hard to remember where you’ve been and which planets and moons you’ve explored as the number of systems visited increases. I tried making little markers using the cross hairs, but it just wasn’t sufficient and hard to reference. I still use it all the time, but not for every little detail.

I’d LOVE it if there was at least a visual indicator of stars visited in the map, a visual indicator of planets I’ve already scanned, and a different indicator for planets I’ve landed on. I’d even be happy with something as simple as:


  • Star dots on the map become another shape (triangles?) if I’ve already been there

In a solar system:

  • Planets and moons get a visible line below them in the solar system if I’ve scanned them before.
  • Planets and moons get either a second line or a simple shape on the line (diamond in the center?) if I’ve landed on them.

Anything like that would be helpful, but more detailed notes in the captains log (or an alternate window) would be nice - especially if I can add my own. Oh, and searching. When the captains log grows huge, I wish I could have a little search box to find matching text.

Tagging @Brad_Wardell per @RichVR suggestion. I hope that’s the correct way to “tag” :)


As far as I can tell, it’s impossible to search for star systems on the sector map with a controller, nor can you zoom in/out on that map. I started the campaign with a controller, but switched to mouse/keyboard quickly. Fleet Battles is fine with a gamepad.


Right stick up & down. But yeah, you need the keyboard for searching, so I use both.


You should tag Brad in your post. I’d be interested in what he thinks.



No wait. +1 billion.

Several times now I’ve come back to the game and wasted time revisiting planets I’ve already visited looking for resources. It’s only going to get worse! For the systems I’ve been using the tags, but it’s busywork and I’d rather use those tags to note things of importance (which seems to be their primary function anyway).


I found planets Tomas and Chick next to each other. Then I chuckled. They are fairly tame planets though.


Were planets Deus and Ex close by? :)


I had a similar thought that I need to re-visit Vega and see if there’s a planet or moon named Vincent. 'cause reasons…


Well, there was an update, but it still takes forever to load the game…


Did you set an exception for the directory from Windows Defender? I can’t remember if you said that you had or not, but it certainly made a big difference in my case. Now takes less than 40 seconds for the main load, and anywhere between 10 seconds and a minute for a saved game depending on how it’s feeling.


I’ll try it. As usual, anti-virus programs cause more problems than most viruses…


Brad mentioned this on the Steam forums, Windows Defender doesn’t recognise the files as being certified or something and so it scans the entire directory every single time. He says they’re working on a fix but adding it as an Exception also works.


Oh man, yes, this. I am wasting so much time revisiting systems and planets.


I finally ran into that problem you guys were talking about above. I clicked on a system name in the Captain’s log, and got autopiloted there, and it took pretty much all my fuel. Now I don’t have enough fuel to get to even a neighbouring system. There’s lots of Tywoms in the system, but there’s no dialog option for getting fuel from them.

Do I have any options on sending out a distress signal for fuel? I remember in Star Control 2, I ran out of fuel once, and I think the Melnorme came to sell me some fuel. Hopefully there’s something like that when I finally tick down to zero.


Once you completely run out of fuel, you’ll encounter a solution.


Per Brad’s post on Steam, this Thursday’s update improves load times for non-SSD users.


Ages since I\ve posted here.
Got the game from Toms Patron, played it a few hours now.

Short points.

Its a mess, a lovable mess, but really…a mess.

Storyline is okay, I’m partially enjoying the fun, altough the main badguys are a bit ‘duh’ and I guess I’ll have their motives in a while …but right now…its just weird.

Few things
1)I can’t see what I’ve scanned or where I have been, this is a bit bothersome…an overlay map would be nice, I need to see what I’ve done…

  1. Gathering minerals is nice, a fun little game for a while, but djiz, you can’t leave us with doing it for hours and hours…I’ts not fleshed out for that kind of thing, it WILL wear out is welcome very fast.
    I meet some enemies, but my basic lander is just chugging along.

  2. Tech, I don’t find much on the planets exept reseources, but I in my homebase tech is popping up from time to time, okay, but that means I have to pay attention to EVERY single bay and check whats new for each…people WILL miss this…and not understand why that tech is there…

  3. Why am I keeping some resources and not others? My ship is half full with stuff I don’t know what is…will I suffer from selling it…or ? I have to return all the time to sell now because of this.

Some storage on home planet would be nice or something…

Combat is spot on from the original series, and feels nice and fluid, I approve…but honestly, that was the easy part.


Anyone else ever think the Menckmak are being voiced by Triumph the insult comic dog?