Stardock’s Cider Cloud engine

Something I’ve never quite understood about cloud computing that can offload a lot of cycles… who pays for this? Let’s say a game offloads a ton of computation cycles to the cloud, and also complex shadow rendering… and then a million people buy the game and they all play at 5:30 pm on weekdays. Who has the capacity to pay for this because unless there’s a monthly fee or onerous extra pay to win, that’s all cost that will always cut into a developer/publisher’s bottom line?

I don’t get his from them. Their games are hardly hardware straining titles. What is a mid tier developer going to make that requires that much hardware…

I’m trying to link their Star Swarm on Steam (above).

I want to know what Oxide is working on. Apparently a game of some sort, but not much info about it out there besides they are working on it.

It has to be collaboration on the next Sins game. IT HAS TO BE.

Hope they make sins 2 in this

I hope they make Demigod 2 with it, but this time with functional multiplayer.

I’d love to see that. I wonder who has the IP.

I’m not picky about the engine - just give me the game, Ironclad ;)

It eventually got functional, and pretty good, but by then the splash of players was diminishing. Had some great matches however. I really liked that game.

Yeah, you are off base- Ashes/Oxide was the first 64-bit, multithreaded gaming engine which leveraged multiple CPU and GPU cores:

Ashes of the Singularity is without a doubt one of the most hardware-intensive titles we’ve had on our test bench. The RTS title requires at least a dedicated GeForce GTX 950M or similarly fast graphics card to be playable.

It’s too bad the gameplay was lackluster.

Yeah, it has improved over time, but it is still lacking.

I had a good time with it before the bifurcation and re-unification. I’ve been meaning to get back to it, but don’t have the office finished yet for PC Gaming, so I’ve been mostly console with some low intensity PC gaming (Dominions/MTG: Arena).

The only time I ever hear that game mentioned is for benchmarks. Apparently it’s supposed to be a game I’ve herd.

The new Star Control uses the Oxide engine and performs horribly for the graphic detail it has.

I mean, surely the engine seems to strain my system, it just does nothing apparent with that straining. Ymmv

I never understood what was going on in SC:O to cause that, because it shouldn’t have been as punishing as Ashes to a system I think. IIRC it seemed to struggle when you were flying in that hyperspace mode or whatever it was.

What? Did I miss the secret Cow level? Damn!

Are there any non-Stardock developers that have actually licensed any of these engines?

My wish is for an Elemental hero-based RTS. (Not a MOBA, but heros leading units)

As far as I know the only other thing is whatever Oxide is working on these days, and I have no idea if that is also a Stardock title. They obviously don’t have to license nitrous since they made it so they probably don’t count.