StarDrive - Spacey Action/4X Game

Unlocks on steam on April 19. It will be $29.99. Preordering gets you 15% off, so $25.49, plus beta access.

Anyone take the plunge?

Someone notify me when a developer finally invents a 4X space game without unit customization.

Yeah, I wrote a preview of it way back, and really liked it. I’m gonna do an updated preview based on this latest beta soon.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…catches breath…hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, you’re funny.

Seriously, there are games where this is purely optional, like Distant Worlds and such.

Figures you would have… :D

Heh, I’m only one man but I do what I can. :)

I’ve played for a few hours, but am very much still in the learning curve. I can warn you not to take the threat of Corsair Raiders lightly. I can also tell you if you don’t mind figuring some stuff out the hard way (it is still just a beta), this game does look really good. I have a few quibbles, but am hesitant to be negative as I may just not know what I am supposed to be doing yet.

I do have a pretty good grasp on the economy and like the way they have handled it. I know some aren’t nearly as happy
with sliders however, so be warned it is very slideristic.

I really wish all games would be this slick, smooth and stable at release, as this one is one month before release!

Tried it, and coming off GalCivII it’s a blast. Right now it just needs more stuff (more research, races etc.), but already fun. On the forum modding has already started … and it’s still in beta!

I enjoy GalCiv2 very much, in what ways is it an improvement?

I primarily like TBS games - do you think it would be hard to switch - this looks like a bit of a hybrid?

I never really played SOSE (not good at RTS) - but willing to try something if the AI can control the battles etc.

You can run the game at several speeds, and issue order while paused. Plus, I think leaving the main screen to go the research, empire management, etc. screens also pauses it.

It pauses in the Empire Management screen, all the rest can either be studied in real-time or while paused.

So I gather the hivemind endorses this? Take the plunge?

I was a bit confused because people said it was like Endless space, only better. I bought it, and man the UI is bad. One thing that ES does very, very well, is its UI so no, its not better than ES in that regard at least. I tried it briefly after that, but frankly the shoot-em-up style combat doesn’t do much for me, neither does the fact that its Realtime. I’m not the biggest Distant worlds fan though, so take from that what you will.

The only realtime space 4x I played was SINS which I found way too rtsy. Is this better?

Sins is, in my mind, a brilliant game, but thats very much an RTS yes. This seems more like a 4X game with a broad focus that those normally have

Thanks. I almost clicked the buy icon. So I guess I’ll still stay on the fence.

Same here. I’m more looking for the next SEIV.

Every time a new 4X game is announced we go through the same cycle I feel.

I will sit this one out I think, although I WANT TO BELIEVE.

…still searching for that 5th X.