Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 09/06/23

Man… you are so on the nose with this. TARS and CASE were every bit as good as ol’ Matt McConaughey in that movie.

I’ve got a couple outposts with some hab modules up, but not yet impressive enough to photograph and post here. Soon! I’ve also saved up 120,000 credits to build a new ship, so that will be up soon too, I hope!

The XBox does permit you to show all quest targets, @Dejin; I use the XBox controller sometimes when I play. It’s one of the two buttons flanking the XBox button. You can see it (“Show all targets”) at the bottom of the second quest screen you linked.

The front page of the Style section of today’s Washington Post has a nice feature on Bethesda, whose HQ is in the Washington area, but the electronic version is behind a paywall. TLDR: Bethesda’s first new IP in 30 years (at least I think it said that); they’re especially proud of the main quest, the universe and lore, and NG+.

I know some people here don’t like it, but for me, Starfield is my GOTY.

I don’t know if I’d go that far. I think Elden Ring has it beat. But they’re different games, and I don’t need to pick one or the other.

I’m very much enjoying Starfield. It’s got all kinds of Bethesda jank, but I expected that, and I kind of feel like this is the best game they’ve ever made. I’m very much on board for this stuff.

Wasn’t Elden Ring last year?

I’ve gone back and forth on Starfield. At the moment I’m loving it, but I’m steering clear of heavily scripted stuff for now. 50 hours.

I’ve got a couple of characters going and finally stopped playing one of them until some patches come out or I start modding. That character is my surveying and outpost building character but I realized that nowhere in the interface is it listed which biological resources are available on any given planet.

I wanted to start domesticating critters and doing some gardening but even after doing a 100% survey there’s no way to know what is on any given planet unless you wrote it down somewhere yourself. I’ve fully surveyed a couple dozen planets now with that character and have no idea where to find biological adhesives, microbials, etc even though I know I’ve found several planets that have them available.

I would have to go back and find each animal again, only now it would be worse because I don’t have an indicator of how many fauna or flora of each biome I haven’t found again. Were there 4 critters in the savannah? No idea!

So that character is shelved and I’m just playing the one that is progressing through NG+ until I’m ready to begin modding. I want to hold off on that until Bethesda releases a couple of patches which will certainly mess up a significant number of mods. Once the official patches slow down (although they feel plenty slow already) I’ll start messing with stuff.

I’ve got about 20 hours in and I haven’t built anything. I probably will at some point just because, but it really doesn’t seem like it’s meaningfully integrated into the other systems (or at least weapon modding and research is so irrelevant that it’s not worth it for the systems it does engage with).

Uh, 53 hours without a crash, and now in the last 90 minutes I had two. I hope it isn’t a trend.

In case no-one else knew either… holding Q lets you orbit the camera around your spaceship and enjoy the view.

Ah, different strokes then. I just finished her companion quest and disliked it. There’s s a solid concept behind her character, just that the execution is terrible.

For a strong character, there’s too much “-Oh I know I shouldn’t dwell on this past event, but I can’t help it! -We’ll always be friends! I support you!” type dialogue, and it jumps into an implied closeness that feels unearned. Also, she waited 20 years to look for survivors? You have a ship, you have an organization, you couldn’t do this earlier?

(yes yes, that’s how game companions/romances usually are, but this one I can virtually see the quest stages being ticked off.)

On the other hand, also polished off the UC Vanguard missions, definitely the high point of the game so far. Also liked that each of the core companions had something to say about what went down - I think that’s new for Bethsoft companions (where they’re not directly involved in a quest)

I’ve had increasing numbers of crashes on Xbox Series X since the last patch. Could be patch related, or could be I’m much further into the game. I think I’m about 70-80 hours in.

Typically game starts really bogging down, starts to get increasingly unresponsive, and then ultimately crashes. Usually I get about 3-5 minutes of warning, but last night it all happened within about 15 seconds. Started getting unresponsive, I tried to bring up the menu to save, no files listed (I tried to see when I had saved last and nothing came up in the Load menu), crashed a few seconds later.

Holy shit there are 1708 moons and planets. That’s a crazy number.
How did some one collect all that data?

I love Sarah’s accent and I’m completely agree with you, she is guilt free romancing for us OGs.

After a dozen frantic emails and phone calls, I finally got my new computer so I can play Starfield, yesterday. It runs very smooth at high resolution, my idea of graphics in a computer game is Distance Worlds, Rule the Waves or Rimworld. So I’m happy camper in the graphic department

The inventory UI is as bad as you all complained about. What’s the the best mod to fix it?

I’m in the Undercover pirate mission and so far enjoying the game, but I’m feeling the ratio of talking to shooting is out of whack for me roughly 5-1 now.

i got a nifty gun from the “kids stuff” trait so that was pretty unexpected.

It must be nice to be Bethesda and know that army of adoring fans, youtube influencers, and gaming website,will create a ton of tutorial, guides and such. So that we can concentrate on making 1780 planets and moon, because it is absolutely critical that you have more planets in your world than yards in a mile. My hats are off to anyone who’s played this game without using a ton of outside hints.

I remember Oblivion and Skyrim were more crashy as you played more and you save game increased. Maybe it’s the same?

Here you go:

Thanks @_aaron and @Spock that was certainly an eye opener.

Somewhere out there though there’s a poor ship of colonists that needs 20 units of lead to repair their grav-jump drive. I didn’t have enough and went back to New Atlantis to pick up some units for them and promptly got side tracked. They don’t seem to be on the quest list, so hopefully they aren’t still stuck out at some random uninhabitable planet. I don’t remember where I ran in to them.

Is the the article you’re referring to @Spock? I couldn’t find another recent Bethesda article.

Gift Link: A ‘Starfield’ post-mortem with Todd Howard and Phil Spencer

Yeah, I came across a busted spaceship with a bunch of kids and their teacher on a field trip. They needed something like ten space ship parts, which I didn’t have so presumably they’re just floating out there in space learning math or something.

For me it was 20 units of iron, and, um, yeah, I forgot about them too.

Man, I wish I loved Elden Ring as much as the rest of the planet. Wife got it for me for Christmas and I really tried to enjoy. But I found myself grinding constanly and going online to find out how to grind constantly to make a better build. I just wasn’t having fun at all. Starfield and games like it are my bag.

Ugh. Hit a ‘failed to save game’ bug with the Game Pass version on PC. Fortunately, I don’t overwrite my saves and was able to delete the offending ones and load up the game from only minutes before. But now I don’t know if I want to exit the ship on this planet until I can be sure whatever caused the problem isn’t going to happen.

I usually backup my saves then delete a swath of them to clean up the folder they are in, but Game Pass saves seem to be invisible. Annoying.