Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 09/06/23

You should hear your nickname back at The Lodge!

lol. I do tend to lead from behind. Saves on med packs!

I tend to run ahead when the shit hits the fan. I know my companion will always find a way out, unlike in FO4.

It’s difficult trying to be all stealthy with Sarah around. She’s always popping her head out at the wrong time.

I’ve taken to leaving her near the entrances to abandoned bases so i can clear out enemies first (and level up my stealth skill) and then coming back for her later. Missed opportunity that you can’t issue her a command “via radio” or something so she can find you instead of having to walk to where you left her. Lots of little annoying things like this in the game.

That is probably a good approach. I have been equipping Sarah with a longer range rifle and grenades, but I tend to rush ahead with close quarter weapons - invariably winding up with a grenade to the back of the head. I’ve been hesitant to put Sarah in harm’s way or hit her with friendly fire.

Now that the honeymoon is over (figuratively and literally as we just left Paradiso in wedded bliss), I’ll probably equip her with an axe, knife and a handful of explosives and let her charge ahead attired in her Paradiso swim suit.


00005986.moveto player

It’s a Bethesda game, you are a god.

I’m a mere mortal on the Xbox.

The nerve of you peasants, speaking so to your betters!

Does VASCO have a full set of dialogs and missions, same as the other Constellation members?

Just got hit by a nasty bug where your ship disappears. I am stuck on a planet without a Technician so can’t us the workarounds to get it back (recolor a part and it reappears). So I guess my 50 Hr game is dead for now. Bethesda, never change!

You can’t just open the map and fast travel somewhere?

Use the console to spawn one of the prefab ships technicians sell, and use that to get off planet.

Yeah, I recommend you try using the map to move to another planet… that will usually fix things.

also, if all else fails, you gotta have a fairly recent save, don’t you? Presumably just reloading would fix it?

Thanks for the spoiler!

Not sure if serious…

Do you have a recent save you can load?

Sadly, no. Of course, perhaps they’ll add that in the DLC.

Sadly cannot fast travel anywhere. Everything is grayed out and no techs on the planet. The ship simply doesn’t exist anymore. Earlier save works for a bit but inevitably the ship disappears again. The icon is on the planet surface, when I fast travel there, or walk, the ship isn’t there and Vasco just stand on an empty plot of land.

Loading earlier save did work for a bit but inevitably ship disappeared again.

Forums say the fix is to hijack a ship.

Boost up into the air on the planet you’re stuck on, and while in mid-air open up the console and type this:

player.placeatme 00038D664

This will spawn a Renegade III ship on you - you jump into the air so that it spawns above the ground, and not clipping into it. (This is probably the best prefab ship in the game too, btw.)

The hatch to get into the ship will say “Inaccessible”. Open up the console again, click on the hatch while the console is open (you’ll see the item code for it pop up) and type “unlock”. This will unlock the hatch, so you can get in.

Fly the ship somewhere else, and see if you can get your ship back properly. The ship won’t be registered, so if you want to stay clean in your playthrough just register it and then sell it - the credit difference is negligible.

If you’re unable to fly this ship because of it’s reactor class or something, just google the code for an A-class ship instead and follow the same steps.