Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 09/06/23

Haha. Wait until you get to the job interview. McDonald’s applicants get asked more questions.

You will massively spike in CP after level 10 or so, it just takes a mixture of two or three skill ideas and a few weapons. Stealth especially combined with hacking is silly, though way earlier in the thread someone showed off a time slow ninja build that was just as broken. It just starts a bit slow.

It’s a great questline if your character has a decent mix of stealth and persuasion skills. Along with the UC Vanguard series, the Ryujin quests are the ones I repeat every NG+.

If you’re a “guns blazin” player, it would be a very bad time.

You can go guns blazing, well if not blazing, at least spilling a fair amount of blood in some of the Ryujin stealth missions too. Just hide a minute and all is forgiven, after all. The requests not to kill and to avoid notice are merely nice-to-haves for Ryujin…

I haven’t played this in almost a week, whatever Bethesda magic that had me enjoying their previous games, seems lost to me in this one. Sadly bored with this after 25 hours of playtime. :(

I think I am going to revisit Night City this weekend. :)

So many worlds and not one river.

Why would they need water in the future?

There are rivers though. They are just rare.

I got very frustrated yesterday night wandering a toxic, gloomy rainy mess of a world for hours trying to find that final species to 100% it. Its a mission. I should be in the right biomes, as it’s the last bit, anf it doesn’t say biome complete, and the biome is at 90% in the scanner. Infuriating!

I feel your pain, it’s thoroughly frustrating. From some other threads, maybe the species is in water and is actually not entirely in your biome, or it’s one of those scavengers and you need to hang around after some predators eat a few prey. Aside from that, trying to scan to find the final species or anomalies are a total PITA.

Yeah, they really should have reduced the number. If it had been 5-6 that would have made the entire experience much less frustrating. I know you can reduce the number via skills, but if you’ve already been taught to hate scanning planets, you’re not particularly inclined to take those skills.

The Ocean critters are also really annoying. Both because there a bit hard to scan, but what’s worse is, AFAICT there’s just no way to really put your ship down near the ocean.

An aside to the game itself, but has anyone noticed that those Microsoft points are rewarded even when you haven’t played anything on Game Pass yet that day? Ever since Starfield was installed, I’ve been getting the reward pop-up shortly after I’ve woken my system from sleep. The Xbox app is usually still active unless I’m rebooting, so it has something to do with that, but it’s weird that it’s acting like I played even though I’ve not.

I was thinking that perhaps Starfield is reaching out into the void even when not started, as if it’s running in the background, but I’ve not spent any time verifying it yet. Not a big deal, unless it’s also thinking my game time is higher than it should be.

I came in here to post this very thing. I just don’t feel compelled by anything, even though it’s such a cool concept. The guns are boring, the travel is boring, the spacefights are boring. It’s hard to put my finger on what’s missing, maybe the whole skill tree? I went for research/flight and neither are really moving needles.

It’s amazing to me how a game can be “boring” to some but so much fun and exciting for me. Love the gun variety and gunplay. Love building ships and dogfighting against groups of enemies. I am probably low skilled enough that even on normal things can get challenging. If you are “better” at the game and play higher difficulty I can see the spongyness prolonging everything and making it boring. Maybe that’s it?

Nah, I suck, it’s just that everything feels a bit shallow for what it is. The FPS bits feel shallow because, for me, it’s just too same-same. Humans and the occasional bots, dump a mag, get behind cover and heal, go out and dump another mag. Ship to ship, run at each other spamming lasers and then weapon 2 and 3 when the shields are down, heal, turn to do the same to the next ship. Walking simulator on planets is punitively bad, give me a friggin’ rover!

Upgrades don’t feel like they do anything, the resource game is annoying, the outpost game seems completely unnecessary. I’ve enjoyed my time in the game, but in the same way I enjoy a peanut butter sandwich. It checks some boxes but I’m not going to remember it later.

You are not wrong. It reminds me that one of the benefits of not using mods in games like this is that I can give an impression of the game as the devs designed it, and not enhanced so I can remove the frustrations or annoyances. I wonder how people who use the QoL mods would think of the game if they had to play without them? I think Bethesda gets a pass on some of the garbage decisions because people really into the game mod out the stuff they don’t like.

Now, boring is really subjective, and there’s a substantial amount of exploration in Starfield that is definitely boring to me. That’s sad because I’m an explorer first and foremost when I can tell what I’ve explored and what I’ve not. When I have no idea, it kind of pushes me to ignore it. I’ve been on countless planets with markers indicating that there’s something just over there and, well, I don’t bother investigating. Maybe I will one day, but right now, I’m more keen on following the mission directives than random exploration.

Have people come across interesting locations that maybe I’ve just missed?

I know in Fallout games any time I found a Vault I knew I was in for a special hour or two of gaming.

At 25 hours of play time with Starfield the only cool location I enjoyed exploring was during the the Mantis quest.

Meanwhile that casino quest location felt extremely under developed.

I love this kind of diversity in thought, personally. I mean feels like 95% of the forum is going nuts over a game that looks like yet another D&D dungeon crawl to me but that’s why I keep coming here, never know when you’re going to get turned on to something amazing you might have overlooked.

I’m still interested in Starfield but I’m slowing down. Partially that’s intentional, I always planned to take a “stop and smell the roses” path through the game since that’s how I usually enjoy Bethesda games most. But I’m also running into a problem, if you can call it that, with the game’s systems. I enjoy tinkering with ship construction and I’m starting to dabble in base construction but they almost feel like whole other games to me - when I’m out gallivanting around the Galaxy I’m not thinking about my ships or my bases, and when I’m tinkering with those I’m not thinking about how they’ll move me forward through the story. It’s kind of a weirdly segregated game, for me. Doesn’t totally gel into one over-arching experience, at least not yet.

I can totally get that. They are separate “games” within the game. The basic Frontier ship will get you through the story fine, with a few upgrades. I don’t think you ever need to build a base at all. So yea it’s never meshed for me either but I love it stil. Would it have been better if it’s all one gameplay loop experience? Sure but this is as close to a traveller RPG as we ever where.

What really kills the combat for me is the copy-paste encounters. The moment-to-moment infantry shooting is fine, certainly the best for a Bethesda modern open-world RPG, but by level 20 or so I had seen the same mines, outposts, and refineries dozens of times. Those POIs have the same enemies in the same positions without exception.