Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 09/06/23

Yeah dude, you are allowed to not like a game and tell folks. Unless you are taking prior they can’t like the game, it’s cool.

The main story arc is ok, but honestly, it’s not the highlight of the game. I like the faction quests, and all the other weird side quests, much more.

The companion quests are interesting too.

You killed 30 guys to get up there, so maybe he was afraid you wouldn’t let him go :)

Thank you for this tip! I had the quest and had been ignoring it. I’m now very glad I did it.

That first mission you’re talking about (at the research facility, right?) was one of the longest ones I’ve encountered in Starfield. Like you, I try to avoid sustained FPS combat – in my case because it hurts my hands. Since that quest, mostly I’ve found that combat has come in shorter spurts. I avoid most POIs because I don’t want to tire out my hands. I have done all the Ryujin quests, but those were mostly stealth missions. You might like those. In one of them my stealth broke down and I had to finish by fighting, but even then I was using a stun weapon.

The UC faction quest has more combat but so far nothing nearly as long and tedious as that research-station combat. The main quest hasn’t been as combat-heavy as that first mission, but I’m not finished with that yet either. I’ve made a lot of my 27 levels by exploring, doing side quests, picking locks, crafting, using the flight simulator.

All that said, please feel free to criticize the game all you like here. I appreciate hearing different points of view. It doesn’t spoil my enjoyment of the game, because I really enjoy it regardless of what others think, and it’s interesting to hear why some things don’t work for other people. Me, I love the exploration, procedurally-generated terrain, outpost-building, ship-modding, and the random things that happen while wandering around.

Also, that’s an awesome photo! Did you take that? That hydroponics module is one of my favorites.

Which reminds me: I’ve started seeing my own photos as loading screens. I didn’t notice until tonight. Have I just not paying attention, or is that a new thing?

Using your own photos as loading screens is a neat little bit. On the other hand I don’t want to take any photo mode shots now because I see them often enough to notice all the poor composition and lighting.

Yeah, I find that was my take on Skyrim. Loved the game, played for hundreds of hours, mainly exploring and discovering every inch of the map (never fast traveled or used a horse) but I barely remember the main quest, and I did every faction line and remember very little of them. I just loved the open work they gave me to create my own stories.

Starfield’s photo system has some nice tools – depth of field, field of view, filters. But I’m usually too lazy to spend much time with them. Now that I’m seeing my own work as loading screens, I might spend more time on nicer photos.

Its like I am playing a different game. :D


Planets are the worst.

Among other changes, I’d want some jetpacks to be like Anthem or Ironman, ie continuous flight.

Then you could get round the planets more easily, while not changing things up too much.

Then I’d think of a reason why you’d want to do that.

I’ve been meaning to give kudos to Wes Johnson for hamming it up in his role as Ron Hope. I half expected him to break out in a “NOT ON MY WATCH” line from Oblivion during my conversations with him.

Played around just a little with the ship builder. Wow, this thing has terrible usability. I don’t understand which components allow extension to add more modules and which don’t, as the little interface blip things that seem to suggest expansion is possible are apparently mostly lies. I suppose I could watch some tedious video about it, but I feel like it shouldn’t require training to use a core game system.

At the moment my Razorleaf has this blocky reactor growing out of its back like a huge cubical tumor because it provides 6 more power than any of the other reactors at this port…

These are the voice actors for Sarah and Andreja. Guess who plays who.

What does it mean when I have a question mark next to an item in my ship inventory?

Is not a magnifying glass? Those mean its flagged for a crafting recipe.

Yep, I’ve decided to roll a NG+, but I think I’m gonna replay the story and pay closer attention to the Constellation peeps and to the world itself. I was so overwhelmed last time. I’ve also decided to immediately exchange the Starborn ship and stole some clothes out of the spaceport cafeteria to give myself something to wear. I’m in the Well right now selling some goods to get some scratch before heading to The Lodge.

I settled back in to Starfield because, to be honest, Cyberpunk just feels too loud and obnoxious coming off of this game. I’ll jump back in to Night City eventually, but for now, I’m gonna stick with New Atlantis.

Ahhhh. So it is. Thanks.

I’ve found myself caught up in trying to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet. Which should be interesting since I am now (insert dramatic music) The Mantis!

Oh the first time I went to Cydonia, main mission, there was a guy arguing with some guys on a platform. I ignored him. I read later there is a cool mission associated with helping him. Any way to find him again?

Edit NVM found him

Did your save game start its life as a Game Pass save or a Steam save?

My CPU is also just below minimum required spec BTW.

No that save game was a pure Steam save. After moving to Gamepass it worked fine.

I’ll hit my 200th hour mark playing this tonight most likely. I’m still having great fun, I still feel like I’ve only glimpsed what this game has and I’ve only completed 2 and a half faction lines. I am, however very far through the main quest and a bit stuck based on ship requirements.

This tracks much longer, and larger than Skyrim and man I CANNOT wait for the Creator Tools to be released and really see what the community does with this. If nothing else, there are so many subsystems in this game I find amazing, shipbuilding being one of those. Just exploring your creations after making them is quite fun, as is customizing them as you achieve higher levels and unlock more things for them.

I hope others here are enjoying it as much as me. I see a few on my friends list around or even beyond the playtime I’ve put in. I’d be interested in hearing more from others.

Me too mate. It’s amazing. Not at 200 Hours yet simply for lack of time but as soon as I can I want get back at it.

Shipbuilding is fantastic and my favourite subsystem. I am constantly broke from rejigging the ship.

Basebuilding looks fun but my first attempt at a proper one was swarted by trees spawning inside the buildings. Good old Beth Bug.

Awesome. I’ve been wondering whether they made their NPC dialogues by motion-capturing them as they speak. I’ve tried animating facial muscles and speech, and it is hard.

I sure am. I’m at 101.8 hours, and about to fire it up this evening. I’ve finished the Ryujin quest and I may be closed to finishing the UC quests. Both very enjoyable. I’m not sure how far along I am on the main quest, but I’m in no hurry to finish it, as I’d like to keep building my empire of outposts. Also, I just got a big Class C ship and unlocked piloting for it, and I’ve finally started messing with shipbuilding. But I need more skills to do both that and outpost-building right, so after I finish the UC quest, I may do some side quests for a while – and explore.

I know some people don’t like the planetary exploration, but it is one of my favorite parts of the game. I like jetting off to find new star systems and planets and moons. Once on a planet, I enjoy cataloguing the resources, flora, and fauna, and I like finding the special traits. I mostly ignore the POIs with enemies, though.

I love it so far. Do you have any thoughts on design goals? I have a Stroud-Eckland class C ship, the one you get for free from Walter , and I did mod it for EMP so I could fight a certain NPC, but other than that I haven’t fussed with it. It’s got a big bridge, and it sure is fun having my whole crew in the cockpit shouting advice to me as we fight. But I’m not sure I love the sight-lines in the cockpit. Any advice on an alternative bridge/cockpit?