Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 09/06/23

You can get the quests for it from the constellation mission terminal and I believe that’s the way its introduced. Or talk to Vladimir. He won’t give a quest for it though. There is also LIST that gives such a quest but no location or guidance either. I can’t remember if it was introduced at all, I just did it from NMS muscle memory I guess.

Reading the status update on the project, I think DDD advice is very sensible.

This forum maybe the only place on the internet, which has an appreciation for old video games, and while Starfield isn’t a 1,000,000 times better than SunDog, it is still much much better.

I think the only games that I’ve gone back and play that are more than a decade old, that have I wasn’t really disappointed in have been Civ IV and Swords of the stars. Even the remakes of MOO1,2 and Xcom (Xenonauts) didn’t nearly grab me as much as the original. I think that is good thing. When I see things like 25 million people playing Starfield, I don’t think the explosion of popularity of video/computer games is because the rest of the world was just slow to catch on to the magic of computer games, that many of us discover 30+ years ago. But rather because the technology has advanced so rapidly that games are far more engrossing and entertaining than they were in the day.

It is great to see that D&D is still popular because I like to see people use their imagination. But I’m also feel sad for so many people who are 50+ who’s experience with computer games, is limited to pong, tetris, solitaire, candy crush, and the Evil Zynga games. They really don’t know what they are missing. For all of Starfield many flaws, the sheer size and audacity of the game is awe inspiring.

The basement of the lodge has a terminal with these tasks listed. I’ve done two. Surpisingly enjoyable :) I haven’t had any NPC refer to them I don’t think.

Yeah, I so wanted to love Elden Ring since it has that open world promise. But I also found myself searching for the next level 8 o 9 special smithing stone to upgrade my weapon more than just wandering around and exploring. I know, that’s on me. I also disliked the arcade feel of everything being repopulated exactly as it was before on every death or rest. The graphics are amazing, the game is no doubt incredible, but I just prefer exploring in a game like Starfield, Skyrm, or RDR2.

they are games released on different years so both can be GOTY :P

I wish there was a middle point between too hard games like Elden Ring, and games like Starfield where well, once you level up enough it turns trivial, even if you raise up the difficulty.

That’s sort of the Bethesda way, too; once you hit a certain power point, you are godlike. Which, really, I kind of like, though a better balance might be interesting.

That said, in my second NG+ run the level 94 Ecliptic dudes with the magshear death spitters can hurt. A lot.

It’s a bit of a Starfield-hater but as someone who just started No Man"s Sky and loves it, I thought it was interesting and sums that game up well.

There’s zero doubt that NMS is a vastly superior sandbox exploration game. Bethesda shouldn’t have tried that procgen stuff at all, it weakens the game substantially. That doesn’t mean the handcrafted areas aren’t fun as hell, or that there isn’t a ridiculous amount of human-made content in the game that I love, just that the generated stuff sucks rocks. Procgen will never be great unless your game centers around it, where you devote tons of dev time creating content to be randomly matched together and placed in the world. 100 pirate bases, not 2.

I do see a bright future for generative AI in this space. Imagine an AI creating a whole planet for you as you explore it, full of completely new locations to explore with individually placed items, items themselves generated to fit that sense of place, environmental storytelling, every enemy named with its own sometimes interesting foible. That could be very cool. We just aren’t there yet.

Killing level 8-18 dudes while I’m level 31 with awesome legendaries gets boring imo :(

I’m up to four separate blocked quests due to bugs. Ugh.

I have bugs in two side quests (but could ultimately be recovered) and a third one, Grounpounder, that I can’t fix.

Yeah, I ran into someone that was level 74 where he wasn’t expecting it, and it took a few rounds to put them down. At least now I know folks like that are out there. I’ve run into some ships that can put some hurt on the guardian as well.

Jesus fuck, I was upgrading a few weapons, I thought they would win 20% power, but somehow this baby got the DPS tripled??:

edit: also I didn’t comment before because it’s SO OBVIOUS but the tracking mat system is totally FUBAR

The normal thing would be to be able to search the component you are missing. But no, it marks everything.

A question for folks:
Are there cases where you are not able to dock with a disabled ship?

I’ve encountered times when I’ve disabled a ship’s engines, but it wouldn’t give me the option to dock with it. I wasn’t sure if it was a bug, or if some cases we just aren’t able to do it.

More basically… how do you learn about disabling systems? I feel I skipped a tutorial :/

I love when their jetpacks go off in confined spaces. Had to make this my home ship for a while, despite the cargo hold now sporting 7 times its limit, just so I could cruise around space with my new human chandelier.

Also fun: Raiding bases on low-grav planets/moons, heavy on the explosives. Every time I land somewhere, first thing I do is clear the shops grenade supplies out.

I run into lower level fodder occasionally, but I generally now get enemies from 30 to, well, 94 so far.

To disable ship systems, you need to invest a point in targeting.

Once you do that, then when you are fighting a ship, you’ll see a “Locking…” bar fill up at the bottom. It’s similar to what happens for missiles locking.

When that bar is full, you hit “X”, and then it slows down time and shows you the enemy ship systems. Hitting left or right on the cross pad lets you select and target a specific system, and then damage to the enemy hull will damage that system specifically.

Aha - thanks.

Also, if you’re tracking something like a weapon upgrade and then sell that weapon before you do the upgrade there is no way to stop tracking it short of finding another weapon of that type (if you can remember what you were tracking as it’s not listed anywhere) and then untracking it.

I have dozens of ingredients being tracked in one playthrough that I won’t be able to fix without buying one of each weapon and painstakingly going through every upgrade available trying to find out what it was I was tracking. My tracking system now is pen and paper.