Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 09/06/23

Yeah, I need to go back and figure out how you get to there on controller). I thought it was something about hitting x once you have a lock, but I’m not sure. I’ve ended up with something on the screen a couple times showing their messed up systems in the heat of battle, but I haven’t took the time to go look it up. I just kill them and move on. I should figure it out, and board them though as that is supposed to be better loot.

@Timex locking at the bottom of the screen, or the hud stuff right below the enemy ship? I’ve probably been equating the missile lock to being both.

It’s not the red “LOCK” that’s actually on the target if you’ve got missiles.
It’s a blue bar that’s on the hud, kind of near the bottom of the central HUD circle. You’ll see it filling up if you have a ship targeted, and they are in the center of your view and close enough to target.

One case I know of is when there are enemy ships remaining - you can only dock with the last ship in an encounter.

There are a couple of wrinkles from what I’ve observed.

  1. Targeting engines to disable the enemy ship still depends on facing. If the ship’s engines are in the aft of the body and it’s nose is towards your ship, then you aren’t actually just hitting the engines. You’re shooting into the front of the ship anyway, so you won’t actually disable them that way. You’ll likely blow the whole ship up before the dock button pops up.

  2. Enemy ships can also repair damage, so you don’t have forever to dock with a disabled ship.

  3. If you have a really strong weapon on your ship that does a lot of damage to the enemy shield and hull at the same time, then you’ll probably blow the ship up before you get the dock prompt. Try switching to a different type of weapon.

Excellent post, @Telefrog . I’d been wondering why I keep blowing up ships even though I target their engines. Your post explains it.

@vyshka @Alistair By the way, on PC, you hit the “R” key once the blue bar fills up to enter targeted mode. As you all said, it’s the X button on the X-Box controller.

Just a note, that’s what EM weapons are for. You can shoot from every angle, and it won’t destroy the ship. You have to get rid of the shields first, though.

Third CTD, just near the end of the big fight on the Sam Coe’s story. :(

Yup EM weapons work great to disable, but like you said you have to whittle down the shields first. The issue is that lasers still do some hull damage, so if you have some beefy laser banks on your ship, you may never get to disable. You’ll just go straight to explosion.

I wonder if dialing back the allocated power would work…

I don’t think that affects damage output, just rate of fire. Which I guess indirectly affects damage, but probably risk getting blown out of the sky before you take their shields down.

I don’t think so, I believe that is only relevant to how quickly they regenerate, or in the case of shields also how far they can regenerate, I’ve seen shields only go to 75 when I only have 3 bars allocated to them.

Ah… This is good to know. I suspected, but wasn’t sure.

Just too many damn quest-stopping bugs. I’m going to take a break. Cyberpunk 2.0 comes out tomorrow, anyway, and I’ll start a new game. I’ve only played through once, and it was real easy because, frankly, combat was a joke (just spam the heal/medicine button). So it’ll be nice to play the game as it’s meant to be played.

Hopefully Bethesda will fix these damn bugs.

Spoilers man.

That would be true for the small ships, but who wants to board the small ships anyway ;-) The Big ones should be easy enough to handle. Biggest problem are allied NPC though as they will kill everything.

I will say the game is starting to throw me some better fights (with enemies levelled up closer to my level, or even superior).

I had to move down from “Very Hard” to normal as some of the wildlife became incredible bullet sponges. By and large the humans are much easier to deal with.

I recommend this mod for enhanced combat AI, night & day.

Also, it reduces the HP bonus per level for NPCs and the player.

I noticed the same, then again I have several thousands of ammo…

Is there a way to change companion behaviour? Something along the lines of “stay close/keep distance/defensive/offensive”? I can’t recall Bethesda doing that in their previous games.