Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 09/06/23

Not sure if serious…

Do you have a recent save you can load?

Sadly, no. Of course, perhaps they’ll add that in the DLC.

Sadly cannot fast travel anywhere. Everything is grayed out and no techs on the planet. The ship simply doesn’t exist anymore. Earlier save works for a bit but inevitably the ship disappears again. The icon is on the planet surface, when I fast travel there, or walk, the ship isn’t there and Vasco just stand on an empty plot of land.

Loading earlier save did work for a bit but inevitably ship disappeared again.

Forums say the fix is to hijack a ship.

Boost up into the air on the planet you’re stuck on, and while in mid-air open up the console and type this:

player.placeatme 00038D664

This will spawn a Renegade III ship on you - you jump into the air so that it spawns above the ground, and not clipping into it. (This is probably the best prefab ship in the game too, btw.)

The hatch to get into the ship will say “Inaccessible”. Open up the console again, click on the hatch while the console is open (you’ll see the item code for it pop up) and type “unlock”. This will unlock the hatch, so you can get in.

Fly the ship somewhere else, and see if you can get your ship back properly. The ship won’t be registered, so if you want to stay clean in your playthrough just register it and then sell it - the credit difference is negligible.

If you’re unable to fly this ship because of it’s reactor class or something, just google the code for an A-class ship instead and follow the same steps.


Heh, whatever works to save a 50 hour game!

The console command fixes don’t work for anyone on console, right?

This sounds horrible. I found a lot of threads on the subject in the Reddit sub, and this thread seemed to have more useful workarounds than most. I hope something in here can help. I’m curious: was the bugged ship a captured ship? That seems to be a common theme with this bug.

It was a heavily modified captured ship, yes.

Regarding cheats etc that’s all fine to get me off the planet but as I said the bug just happens again.

I will try an earlier save and stick with frontier for now and see if it happens with it too today.

After you get off planet, it seems important to go back to the shipyard to remodify and save it. Have you tried that? Sorry to hear of this problem, game-stopping bugs are a bane. I recall the missing car in Fallout.

As @Destarius says, I hope you can work something out. It just sucks to have so much time invested in a game and then see it go down the drain. Let’s hope Bethesda fixes this horrid bug soon.

Yes, I had the ship not travel with me a few times and had to make it reappear through a ship tech by modifying and saving it too. Never Fast travelling to a planets surface again!

I am not too worried. It’s annoying but it’s a Beth game so I will end up playing it lots anyway. Maybe time to make a good UC citizen. I always learn new stuff and since I have mostly dicked around and have not done any of the big questlines it’s frustrating but not breaking for me. I knew what I was getting into with playing a Beth game in the first six month after release. Still GOTY!

Oh actually Noel points you down there if you talk to her. The old meet the quest giver after doing the quest test.

So, how many of you have stopped playing this to go check out Cyberpunk 2077 2.0?

get thee behind me, Satan!

(although it is easier to stay the course in Starfield since I started and stopped a CP2077 playthrough within the last few months…)

Not touching that with my 1600X and 3060. That will wait till I upgrade. Haven’t even scratched the main story in Starfield yet.

Me. Except I have not really been able to ‘get into’ Starfield yet. Largely that’s BG3’s fault, but I went from futzing with Starfield here and there to immediately sinking 4 hours into CP2077 2.0 last night. Starfield’s lackluster acting/writing and standard Bethesda weirdness really look worse when compared to these other RPGs…

Hand is up.