Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 09/06/23

Yeah, that’s one reason to get SF out the way before returning to Night City :)

Eh, Cyberpunk’s waited this long for me, it can give me another month or two.

That game can go step on a rake for all I care. They can call it whatever they like, but cyberpunk it’s not.

EDIT: I’ll quote Rule Zero from the excellent CY_BORG RPG to illustrate my issues:


RULE #00

Player Characters cannot be loyal to or have sympathy for the corps, the cops,or the capitalist system.
They might find themselves reluctantly forced to do missions for them or their minions. But make no
mistake—they are the enemy.

It lacks “punk”. Gameplaywise, it got the “Style over Substance” part right, at least. And that isn’t a compliment.

Cyberpunk felt pretty cyberpunky to me!

I’m not getting back on that train just yet though… I have way more starfield to do, and also Lies of P, and potentially other stuff on gamepass.

Since all that stuff is free with gamepass, I don’t realy need to buy back into Cyberpunk for this expansion yet, although I feel like I will at some point.

I won’t be dropping Starfield for CP2077, even though I kinda do want to try it again. I bounced off of CP2077 even though it was my first major game for the PS5, only got about 5+ hours into it, I think, before I moved on. Gameplay (combat) didn’t work for me. Starfield, like other similar Bethesda games, have this tendency to get you to the point where you feel very OP when you go stealth/sniper and I just love that, even if much of the game has faults.

So, I don’t want to give up the solid enjoyment I can get in Starfield for the anxiety-inducing frustration that was CP2077. I need to take my time and figure out a way that’s not going to bug me so I can enjoy the world they built.

I’m going to boot up CP2077 just to check out DLSS 3.5, but I’m not going to play Phantom Liberty for a while, if ever. I only completed the base game a few months back.

I bounced off CP2077 several times, whereas I love Starfield, flaws and all. I might try CP2077 one more time after I get my fill of Starfield, but not before.

Like I said earlier, I paused Starfield just because I need Bethesda to patch a bunch of quest-stopping bugs. Then I’ll go back. So back to Cyberpunk I go. I only did one play through back at launch 3 years ago, so it’ll be nice to revisit. They patched a ton in the past 3 years, not just the 2.0 patch.

Two factions questlines done, Ryunjin is 90% done, now to do the Pirates one, and finish the game.

I really dug the Ruujin quest line, mainly because I enjoy stealthing around stealing stuff and totally not killing people. It’s the most “immersive sim” like this game has felt to me.

I haven’t responded to that one at all because the lead in is so unappealing. I’m supposed to get another job? From some box on the street in New Atlantis? I mean why? Someone just gave me spaceship for god’s sake. I don’t want your job. That applies to you too Sgt Yumi.

Haha. Wait until you get to the job interview. McDonald’s applicants get asked more questions.

You will massively spike in CP after level 10 or so, it just takes a mixture of two or three skill ideas and a few weapons. Stealth especially combined with hacking is silly, though way earlier in the thread someone showed off a time slow ninja build that was just as broken. It just starts a bit slow.

It’s a great questline if your character has a decent mix of stealth and persuasion skills. Along with the UC Vanguard series, the Ryujin quests are the ones I repeat every NG+.

If you’re a “guns blazin” player, it would be a very bad time.

You can go guns blazing, well if not blazing, at least spilling a fair amount of blood in some of the Ryujin stealth missions too. Just hide a minute and all is forgiven, after all. The requests not to kill and to avoid notice are merely nice-to-haves for Ryujin…

I haven’t played this in almost a week, whatever Bethesda magic that had me enjoying their previous games, seems lost to me in this one. Sadly bored with this after 25 hours of playtime. :(

I think I am going to revisit Night City this weekend. :)

So many worlds and not one river.

Why would they need water in the future?

There are rivers though. They are just rare.