Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 09/06/23

Also kind of annoying when back at headquarters, several Constellation members all start talking to you at the same time. How does something like that slip? (Or get ignored?).

Isn’t this stuff pretty consistent with previous Bethesda games?

I’m thinking some of the game companies treat testers as bug hunters as opposed to vetting design. Finishing the dialogue may be required to check off a flag.

What troubles me more from a design and common sense perspective is giving no detail from overheard quests. I had this whole bunch of quests from half overheard conversations which had absolutely zero context or even the quest location inside the quest log.

Because they are not quests. They are pointers towards quests. I didn’t mind as I happily fly across the universe to bring someone beer or coffee. But then I am with Barret as I love hyperjumping and seeing all the ship start/land animations so I just pick one and fly there. Of course it would be nice if they would at least say where I heard something. Not denying.

I ended up doing that tonight.

After leveling up the last skills for upgrading my shit, I needed to do 4 trips between the Neo Atlantis shop in the spaceport to buy resources and the Lodge where i was researching/crafting all, that meant…
4 loading moments exiting the Lodge
4 loading moments going to the Spaceport
4 loading moments going to the embassy district
4 loading moments entering again the Lodge

16 trips. And that’s with a mod that made shoppers refresh their wares instantly. Otherwise I would have needed to wait a few times 24 hours.

The person who makes a mod that adds a npc shopper in the Lodge basement and make the fast travel point of the Lodge to be inside the Lodge will get the ‘Mod of the Year’ award, no doubt.

I just finished Ryunjix questline now. But at this point I am tired of the game somewhat, and I didn’t even try to stealth in the last mission.
Time to play the main quest and finish this.

I had a funny bug in the big space battle at the end of the Pirate questline, my auto turrets wouldn’t fire on UC ships. I had to reload a previous save and change them to normal weapons.

Some other bugs that I have in the late game:

The game says I’m trespassing in some cities. But there is no reaction of civs or guards.

I have this status that is ‘stuck’, it shows 100% of the time, at any planet, city, etc:

I think that’s a bug and I’m pretty sure I got around it by restarting the game. It was right after I completed a quest that involved trespassing.

I’ve run into a similar bug where every time I go to Hope, there are two (and only two) guards who attack me. I kill them in the lobby, and then everyone else is like… “Oh, we’re cool. all good.”

I have a pet rock following my ship everywhere, lol. Or maybe it’s a very large tribble. It’s only cosmetic, and I find it pretty funny; probably not a high-priority bug-fix for Bethesda.

Different strokes for different folks. In general, I enjoy the voice acting in this game. I especially like Sarah and Vladimir, but I enjoy most of the other companions and NPCs too. I admit that Arjana is a bit halting, but she also has a certain charm. And I’m not sure what I think about Barrett and Walter. Overall, though, I like the acting. I do tend to cut voice actors slack because I have a close relative who is a voice actor, and I know how hard it is.

I do agree that for longer info-dumps, sometimes I’d rather skip the voice stuff.

I’m also impressed how well the mouth, lip and head motions sync with the voice acting. But again, my expectations may be lower because I rarely play first-person games like this, unless one counts WoW. Maybe the industry standard is much higher and there are other games with better head/mouth/voice synchronization.

Be careful with that rock. I had that once and after I landed in New Atlantis the next time the whole starport area of New Atlantis was stuck to my ship when I was in Orbit and flying. No way to get rid of it, had to load a way earlier save. Sadly forgot to take a screenshot.

Annoying, but low on my list because you can always click the thing to get a blue dot. Of course the lack of maps is very sad. And the irregularity of the pointer path is annoying too. It’s never there when I would want it in an interior maze but happily manifests out of doors when it’s totally unnecessary.

But of course all this pales in consideration with the real problem.

This is a game called “Starfield” that portrays space starfields as blank gray expanses of one-pixel stars. Every so often a weak blurred nebula that shouldn’t even be there at all. Come on now. This is how stars looked in some 1990 game. If you’re going to make a space game in 2020 or whenever they started, at least make space look good.

And don’t get me started on the useless fucking asteroids. If you’re going to deploy unrealistic dense asteroid fields, for pity’s sake, make them do something. But no, they seem to just be ugly irregular scenery. Just like those crazy debris fields that look like some gigantic space fleet was blown up in the area a few moments ago (because why are they all just floating there in place?) They are likewise extremely ugly and likewise do not offer any gameplay even in avoiding the odd spinning girder.

I think this game is weak on creativity. 90% of player activity is four minigames: finding NPCs to talk to, shooting pirate ships, shooting pirate people, and scanning scanning scanning for lifeforms. Even Cyberpunk, a similarly thin game, at least presented a stronger illusion of a city at first glance anyway. And it was even fun collecting the tarot cards. Starfield doesn’t even have collectibles apart from those stupid snowglobes (of which I’ve found a grand total of two so far)…

And yet withal the game is still somewhat engaging. It’s just sad they put so much effort into something so thin.

I’m enjoying the game though I’m very early. Went through the main mission until I completed the into the unknown and decided I’d wander a while. Wanted to do the Mantis line but saw my destination is 58 level and I’m around 10 so nope not yet. Did the go explore and save the stranded scientist and that entire mission was fun

At one point Andreja and we were getting overrun by bad guys so I used my “skill” I recently got and Andreja got very upset and left. I had to finish the mission alone. What’s up with that?

Also, I had to reload a save before that fight because she got killed in the fight. Can companions be killed? Is it permanent?

No, companions can either be healed mid-fight or they’ll pop back up once it’s over.

I believe you can easily do the Mantis quest at very low level despite the warning signs.

That’s what I expected but when I finished the fight and went to the next room she didn’t pop up and follow me.

Cool, we’re about to find out!

You can shoot at the asteroids for resources.

Okay, I take it back!

I actually found the asteroids useful early on for ducking behind to recharge shields or repair.

At some point though I picked up an extremely overpowered Vanguard shield — I think it’s 4x stronger than anything else even though it’s class A. It does take a fair amount of energy to run full strength, but even at 2/3rds energy level it’s still considerably stronger than anything else on the market. It’s basically made space combat easy mode. I probably should take it off.

For the trespassing issue, it resolved for me once I picked up my companion and fast traveled. Apparently not the only one with this issue.