Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 09/06/23

Wait, what now? I don’t think I saw any boardgames when I played! Or maybe I just didn’t realize they were boardgames. How could you tell they were boardgames?

Hmm, now I want to play an open-world game with playable boardgames. And I don’t just mean one playable minigame, like Pazzak in Knights of the Old Republic, Caravan in Fallout: New Vegas, or poker in Red Dead Redemption 2, but multiple playable boardgames the same way there might be readable books! Basically, developers, I want you to put Tabletop Simulator in my open world game and throw in some solitaire boardgames I can play to level up my character.

This was me, as well! I was running around with the “misc” category of my inventory full of single playing cards, hoping I’d get something if I collected a full set, like perhaps the chance to actually use them.

Bit of a double-edged thing. There’s like 3 laser weapons in the game, and one of them doesn’t scale all the way to the end (Equinox). The Solstice laser pistol is so-so, and the Orion doesn’t do full auto.

Critters and humanoid enemies seem to have much lower energy than ballistic resistances, which usually means they tend to die to a laser or particle beam far quicker than to ballistic bombardment.

For some reason that I assume is either Bethesda Magic or just a plain bug, the Laser skill ALSO scales up Particle Weapons, who have a skill of their own and get bonuses from the category (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun) as well. Those are pretty much end-game weapons, though, and put out terrifying numbers.

If I’d have to recommend a gun, most shotguns put out scary numbers, the range isn’t too shabby, particularly when using slug shot, and most of them can be turned into a mini grenade launcher using explosive slugs. The Coachman in particular puts out some scary fireworks properly modded.

Oh, and particle weapons with the war crime ammo mod. Those kill pretty much anything dead in short order.

There are at least 2, possibly 3 if the vaguely chess-ish looking one isn’t one of the 2 you see in a box. I grabbed them early on, and threw them on the ship, but are just props.

I think the question was about ship weapon energy allocation, not character weapons.

Yeah, I was disappointed when the same two board games kept showing up all over the shelves within the first two or three locations. I knew right away they were, as you say, just props.

There’s so much stuff like that everywhere and knowing that they’re props actually takes you out of the world more than it brings you into it.

Here’s 2 of them in this Reddit post:

Pretty sure I saw another. I’ll have to check my ship’s inventory when I play tonight.

Those are the two that are found everywhere.

Actually, yes, this.

Since the patch, I am crashing every 10-20 minutes. I have played this every day for at least 2 hours since release without a single crash. This is the first thing that bums me out. I want to play the game, but rn I cannot. First I thought it was just a single location but sadly, its not. I’m going to nuke the install now, remove all mods and reinstall and I hope that helps.

This patch very likely fixed the low-res texture issue that was causing texture blurriness in both DLSS and FSR2 from distance. If you are using any DLSS mod or even high-res texture pack, it’d be better to start with no mods first.

The other important fix likely is for the visual glitch where you could not see the sun/star at daytime on any planet when running an AMD card.

My Starfield progress is stalled because I recently bought AMD 7800XT which comes with Starfield premium bundle. Until now I had the gamepass version and while I can move the save files around (from Windows app to Steam) the achievements won’t transfer over. I may as well restart from beginning.

Reinstall didn’t help, there are no mods installed, and it crashes in various saves, characters and places between 5 and 20 Minutes. It has essentially become unplayable for me, and I have not changed anything in my system since yesterday. I have no idea what to do, I am seriously into this game, it’s all I want to play.

Try clearing your shader cache?

Another thing that has helped me in past Bethesda games, is to delete the main ini file (starfield.ini in this case). The game should create the one with default settings back on launch, or you can validate/verify installation in Steam/Windows which will add the file back too.

Neither helped :-/ I will go to bed and hope for a miracle tomorrow.

If you are on PC and don’t mind using mods:

Ugh. I did some Googling and have nothing to suggest. I hope you can work this out.

When I first read Tom’s post about boardgames, I thought of Gwent from the Witcher 3, but then I realized he wants a whole tabletop simulator in his open-world game. Still thought I’d give a shout-out to Gwent. It evolved into a capable online CCG; I enjoyed it for a while, and especially Thronebreaker, its single-player spinoff.

Also, this Reddit post has a funny grenade-misclick from Starfield. Couldn’t figure out how to link the video directly.

My game didn’t start crashing until after I modified my ship. Suddenly my screen locks up and a door in the ship that’s open appears closed. If the patch doesn’t correct it, I’ll have to go back a few saves to before I modified my ship.

I’m not an expert, but from 80 hours of play and my poking around with the ship builder, I don’t think the claim that one should focus ship weapon skills entirely on lasers is correct.

Laser weapons do almost exclusively shield damage and do relatively little damage to the hull. I think probably a good strategy is to have more weapons then you have power for, pump energy to the lasers and bring down the enemy shields, then switch your energy allocation to ballistic and tear up the hull.

I don’t think a ship strategy focusing entirely on lasers is going to work very well. There are some weapons that do both shield and hull damage, so you could focus on those.

Patch doesn’t seem to resolve my crashing problem on console either. Guess I’ll stick to cloud gaming for now.

Don’t focus on Laser Weapons for your ship. The most effective setup is this:

  1. Weapon Set 1: Particle Beam. Use 4 if they take 3 power each, or 3 if they take four. 12 power is the most you can allocate

  2. Weapon Set 2: Particle Turrets (2 or 3), facing forward.

  3. Weapon Set 3: EM Weapons. Leave these uncharged, unless you are capturing a ship.

Particle Beams all have great range (3k, up to 3.5k), and they damage both shields and hulls equally. They blow stuff up real good. If you’re trying to capture a ship, power the turrets off, then bring down the shields with WS1, before targeting the engines with WS3.

Missiles may also be good. I have not tried an all-missile lineup yet, but they have the best range and also damage shields + hull equally.