Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 09/06/23

What does it mean when I have a question mark next to an item in my ship inventory?

Is not a magnifying glass? Those mean its flagged for a crafting recipe.

Yep, I’ve decided to roll a NG+, but I think I’m gonna replay the story and pay closer attention to the Constellation peeps and to the world itself. I was so overwhelmed last time. I’ve also decided to immediately exchange the Starborn ship and stole some clothes out of the spaceport cafeteria to give myself something to wear. I’m in the Well right now selling some goods to get some scratch before heading to The Lodge.

I settled back in to Starfield because, to be honest, Cyberpunk just feels too loud and obnoxious coming off of this game. I’ll jump back in to Night City eventually, but for now, I’m gonna stick with New Atlantis.

Ahhhh. So it is. Thanks.

I’ve found myself caught up in trying to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet. Which should be interesting since I am now (insert dramatic music) The Mantis!

Oh the first time I went to Cydonia, main mission, there was a guy arguing with some guys on a platform. I ignored him. I read later there is a cool mission associated with helping him. Any way to find him again?

Edit NVM found him

Did your save game start its life as a Game Pass save or a Steam save?

My CPU is also just below minimum required spec BTW.

No that save game was a pure Steam save. After moving to Gamepass it worked fine.

I’ll hit my 200th hour mark playing this tonight most likely. I’m still having great fun, I still feel like I’ve only glimpsed what this game has and I’ve only completed 2 and a half faction lines. I am, however very far through the main quest and a bit stuck based on ship requirements.

This tracks much longer, and larger than Skyrim and man I CANNOT wait for the Creator Tools to be released and really see what the community does with this. If nothing else, there are so many subsystems in this game I find amazing, shipbuilding being one of those. Just exploring your creations after making them is quite fun, as is customizing them as you achieve higher levels and unlock more things for them.

I hope others here are enjoying it as much as me. I see a few on my friends list around or even beyond the playtime I’ve put in. I’d be interested in hearing more from others.

Me too mate. It’s amazing. Not at 200 Hours yet simply for lack of time but as soon as I can I want get back at it.

Shipbuilding is fantastic and my favourite subsystem. I am constantly broke from rejigging the ship.

Basebuilding looks fun but my first attempt at a proper one was swarted by trees spawning inside the buildings. Good old Beth Bug.

Awesome. I’ve been wondering whether they made their NPC dialogues by motion-capturing them as they speak. I’ve tried animating facial muscles and speech, and it is hard.

I sure am. I’m at 101.8 hours, and about to fire it up this evening. I’ve finished the Ryujin quest and I may be closed to finishing the UC quests. Both very enjoyable. I’m not sure how far along I am on the main quest, but I’m in no hurry to finish it, as I’d like to keep building my empire of outposts. Also, I just got a big Class C ship and unlocked piloting for it, and I’ve finally started messing with shipbuilding. But I need more skills to do both that and outpost-building right, so after I finish the UC quest, I may do some side quests for a while – and explore.

I know some people don’t like the planetary exploration, but it is one of my favorite parts of the game. I like jetting off to find new star systems and planets and moons. Once on a planet, I enjoy cataloguing the resources, flora, and fauna, and I like finding the special traits. I mostly ignore the POIs with enemies, though.

I love it so far. Do you have any thoughts on design goals? I have a Stroud-Eckland class C ship, the one you get for free from Walter , and I did mod it for EMP so I could fight a certain NPC, but other than that I haven’t fussed with it. It’s got a big bridge, and it sure is fun having my whole crew in the cockpit shouting advice to me as we fight. But I’m not sure I love the sight-lines in the cockpit. Any advice on an alternative bridge/cockpit?

Gameplay tip:

When you enter a system check your star map for icons in space - not planets - that say things like “unknown contact”, “hostile activity”, “ship” etc. Those can point you to various random space derelicts with some great environmental story telling and various “hazards”. Be prepared for some real tearjerkers though.

I’m really hoping that the game has a good tutorial for that when the time comes.

Well, you know…hope in one hand…

Unless there’s an actual shipbuilding/modification quest that I missed, which is totally possible.

Actually, Andreja is on the left.

Wow, really?


Blimey! That’s amazing. Well, now I’m even more curious about how they developers get face and mouth movements to sync up so well. I gather other games do it even better.

For what it’s worth, I much prefer Sarah’s voice acting to Andreja’s.

I did finally build a semisatisfactory little ship, but starting from scratch having deleted all modules because of weird errors that wouldn’t resolve. At the moment my only weapons are 4 particle beams but they can kill any enemy ship I’ve met quite quickly.

Hahahaha. No. It’s all pretty much unexplained and all trial and error. Took some YouTube Videos to grock it. But now it’s easy breezy even though the interface is jank.

Aber natürlich!

Why would I expect anything else from a Bethesda game? :)

I took the main story through Into the Unknown, and since people have already talked about powers here I’ll say I have the first power but forget to use it. It’s pretty handy when getting overrun. It doesn’t seem to work on robots?

I keep chasing squirrels. I completed the Mantis story which is cool. On the way there, since I didn’t have the reach to get to that system, I stopped at a planet and saw a ship without power and not answering circling the planet. Went back there after the Mantis mission and got that story going. Didn’t have the money to complete one part so went exploring. Landed on a pretty desolate moon by mistake and figured while I was here I’d explore. Stumbled onto what looked like and abandoned military outpost and Andreja said hey this might be a place for stored arms and ammo. Cleared it out but the arsenal appears was behind a door I didn’t have the level to unlock. Went to a place where I seemed to have read there were a lot of locks. Ran into a hostage situation in a bank. Talked to the Ranger and did my thing there. He said I should join the Rangers based on what I’d done. Did that. Picked a mission from their mission board. Oh I’d also picked up a cool side mission on the planet near mars I’d forgotten about. Now I’m about to do the Ranger mission. But want to go back and finish the story with the stranded ship. And …….

Do I get tired of Andreja and Sarah talking to each other while I’m on the ship? Sure. Do I wish the inventory was better? You bet. But I’m having a great time.

Question: do the locks on the lockers in the bank reset after a while? And I only have one power do I have to have it take up a slot on my quick pick bars?