Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 09/06/23

No, if you just have one it’ll stay mapped to the ‘Power’ key. I think.

Skipper’s rough rules that you need to know but can’t figure out when playing with it:

  1. Your reactor class determines the ship class. Other modules must be that class for them to work, or if you have a game-given ship, you -might- have a mixed class module that works.

  2. Knowing the classes, understand that A’s are nimble fighting ships, B’s are middle of the road, and C’s are gigantic and slower moving ships. Put all of that aside though because it really only depends on what modules you put on your ship.

  3. There are three engine types and it was confusing seeing that. “Grav drives,” are only used for the time/space jump you do between complete symptoms. The better your grav drive AND lighter your ship, the farther you can jump. Landing Gears are actual engines as well, only used for the vertical take off and landing. If you add too much mass to your ship, the warning/errors will tell you that you need more Landing Gears. That -should- make sense if you understand your ship is too heavy for taking off. Finally there are just, “Engines,” which make you go fast or slow for combat. However, fast in = fast out in this game, so engines also help determine how quickly you hop around, so from what I gather trying to build things, how far and how quickly you hop aren’t just a formula with the Grav Drives, but also your standard Engines.

  4. There are three weapon groups. Each group MUST have all the same weapons of the same name and model in them. You can completely remove all the groups if you’re insane, or trim them down to two groups, etc. You can have several weapons in a single group, but note that power applied to that group is all the entire group gets. TO SET A WEAPON GROUP, when highlighting a weapon there is a tab noted on the top right, select that tab, then set the weapon group(s.) Note, if you want you could have two different particle beam weapon types, one group for each (PAR.) Doing that would mean you only have to raise the Particle Beam weapon skill for better use of them.

  5. Many times you need a spacer (structural component) between objects. Note that objects and spacers and whatnot have connection points on them. A connection point with a square indicates it can connect to other habs, major ship modules, etc. A connection point with a circle means it can connect to weapons or other ship function modules (usually small.) You can also put your cursor over a mount point and on PC hit the G key, which will then show you only things that can connect to that attachment point type.

  6. Besides starports (New Atlantis, Neon, Akima, etc) there are also ship manufacturer sites where you can get custom parts that only that manufacturer makes. This makes it a pain to travel around the galaxy just for ship parts but it’s worth it if you’re chasing a specific look. Those include: Nova Galactic, Deimos, Stroud-Eklund, Hopetech, Taiyo, and a couple others I believe (bad guys maybe?)

  7. There are limits on length and width of your ship. Even before some of those limits, having a ship too long or wide sometimes means it cannot fit on a landing spot in some parts of the game. Be aware of that. There is also a ship height limit, but you don’t get into nearly as much of an issue with a tall ship versus a long ship.

  8. I’m highlighting this one because it’s insane how badly it needed to be highlighted in game. Many modules, including hab modules, have multiple models. You select the module and again in the top right a key/button will show that CYCLES THROUGH THE MODELS! This is how you get hab modules with research or manufacturing stations, etc.

  9. The red numbers that show up at the bottom are only differences to your ship from where you started off. They do not necessarily mean a building error. You can check for building errors as you go, be mindful of things you disconnected from your ship and left that way without reattaching or deleting them. Storage modules are a lot of mass. Being a pack rat has disadvantages for combat, ship speed, and jump distance. Be mindful of that.

If there was a Like function I’d be giving you a lot of likes for that. Copied and pasted it to have in my Starfield Tips folder. Thanks

Clarification: your reactor determines the maximum class of component you can use.

A C class reactor can use A class parts, but not vice versa.

This is important when considering thrusters, because you are generally going to want a C class reactor for high power output, but A class white dwarf thrusters have some of the best stats in the game in terms of thrust/weight ratio, so you can make some good configs by stacking a bunch of white dwarf engines.

What a great post. I’ve got my Frontier, and I have a gifted class-C Stroud-Eckland ship. I’m flying the latter now, but I’m not sure I like the narrow window out the cockpit. Do you have a favorite cockpit module?

Also, suppose I want to build a class-C ship from the ground up. Can I just buy the cheapest class-A ship available and then start swapping in components? I like my gifted ship, but I don’t love dealing with ladders, and I wish things were a bit closer together. But it works for me in combat, so I’m reluctant to mess with it too much.

Excellent correction, thanks for that, Timex.

Not yet, no. But note if you have a ship given to you, the cockpit is apparently what keeps it as that ship. If you change everything off the Razorleaf except the cockpit, it’s still the Razorleaf. If you change that, it’s no longer that ship for gameplay purposes. Beyond that though, I haven’t found one yet I love. Note there is at least one two level cockpit.

I realize i forgot to mention two big ones.

  1. Piloting skill eventually allows you to fly higher class ships ( B then C.) Starship design allows you to upgrade some modules with additional custom modules. Ship Command does nothing for building or changing your ship, it just allows you to assign more crew TO your ship, and only if your ship has room for that. Get extra kills for your piloting skill in the combat simulator, second quest under the UC Vanguard faction line. You can even stop doing those quests at that point and continue to use the simulator.

  2. Despite everything else, some ship modules are level and/or faction locked. This is true all the way up to level 60.

Also, the easiest place to build a ship is at your own outpost. If you build a landing pad, you’ll have access to 95% of the parts your level allows.

There are a small number of pieces that are only ever available at each company’s primary yard. You have to go get those.

Wow, thanks for that super-detailed post! Right now I’m around Level 12 and haven’t even thought about buying another ship or building one.

I gather that the Mantis mission gives you a ship, but it looks like the system where one goes to complete the mission is L30 and that seems like it would be suicide.

One thing you learn about the game is that you can kill things way above your level. They are just more spongy and take more shots. They are also a good time to get used to throwing grenades.

If i can do it at level 14, you can too.

I did it at level 11. Just be prepared for some tough robot battles including them rushing you. I did some hiding behind stuff, jetpack jumping up and firing while in the air, coming back down behind cover. Make sure your companion has a grenade - all she needs is one, and she’ll have unlimited ones. I’m not good and I did die once or twice and had to reload but it was mainly due to me doing dumb things. Definitely worth doing right now.

I’m on NG+, currently level 50 and having a hard time finding planets / systems where I can do battles against my level or above.

I’ve went to 3 Level 50,55 & 60 systems and all is baren. They might have a mining outpost with a mission board, but no other abandoned structures / etc in my scanner.

Most are just barren except for wildlife. I get a fair amount of XP killing wildlife, but it really doesn’t toot my horn. Looking for the 2 legged mercenaries in the abandoned areas.

I finally found one at a level 45 area and they were tougher, but looking for more.

Any ideas on why the upper level systems are barren? Am I being gated behind something?

I’ve read that if you make an outpost on a high-level planet or moon, and then build a mission board there, you’ll find very high level human enemies — level 90+. But I’m only level 28, so my outpost isn’t high enough to test this.

I like Spocks comment I may try that for NG+ but I’ve read that’s also a good time to up your difficulty if you haven’t already.

Is this your first NG+ go?

Is there an eye-dropper tool in the ship builder to capture a color on my hull? I’m getting pissed trying to match a hue.

While it’s not guaranteed high level I frequently run into my level or higher enemies from the ranger board in the Rock in Akila City. About every four bounties you get a mission to take out a crime lord that I have seen up to lvl 99. While I’m on a high level planet for whenever reason I also open up the scanner and investigate nearby structures. It isn’t unusual to find high level enemies that way. My biggest problem is flying to 5 different planets to sell the advanced and superior loot. I have the most fun building ships and that is an expensive proposition for high level components.

While in the system view look for three dots on moons and planets. This means you are aware of something. If it is a cryo station, abandoned xyz, military base, etc, you are guaranteed to find system level enemies in those types of places. Soon you will pick up on which ones are friendly vs enemy based.

Started getting ‘running out of save space’ errors in game this week. Not disk space, but space for saves because the game doesn’t like it, apparently. Well, if you let me clear them out easily in Windows instead of keeping everything hidden, Game Pass, I would have done what I always do and archived them before it even got to this point. Instead, I’ve taken to deleting them in the menu.

Sure, I save a lot, but maybe if I didn’t already have corrupted saves a while ago I wouldn’t be so paranoid. But you know, you do you, Game Pass Starfield.

I’m really glad you mentioned this because I save all the time and early on went through and cleaned out a lot of my saves. Since then I’ve switched to one normal save at the beginning of the quest, and quicksaves (F5) from then on until completion. That helps a lot. Still, based on your comment I just cleared 60+ saves out … again.

Excellent tips, Vogon, thank you!

Not that I’ve found, and man it needs it. However, it will keep the last few colors you use on the bottom bar. I used that to my advantage to pick initial colors, then just click on those buttons after selecting different parts along the way.

I hear @tomchick loves the like function

I’ve done a few bounties off that board. Grabbed a few more to make it 5.

I’m pretty savvy on how to find structures. The problem is so many systems are just barren. I use the galaxy view to find Level 50+ systems, go to them and zip, nada. It’s like I’m being gated some how because the only 3 dots are occupied (mines / settlements) and I’ve landed and traipsed around, and nothing showing up on my scanner.

I’ll keep hunting, but kinda getting boring.