Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 09/06/23

I suspect that for a while at least the paid mods will be lower quality than the free, as people try to fish for credits with lazy mods.

People need to remember that this is the ONLY mods available for the console side, so the value proposition for PC users is never going to be the same since we have access to free versions of everything. On the other hand, letting modders make some money on their work isn’t something we should be acting like is some terrible thing. To me the biggest issue with this approach is Bethesda themselves selling things as well, as it veers into microtransactions by the dev/publisher. Assuming you partake, anyway. I don’t see anything here, though, that you have to have.

Wow, Starfield modding seems to be taking off. Before the CK came out, there were about 6 to 12 mods per day on Nexus, and it has been at the lower end of that range for the last few months. But today, less than 24 hours after the CK came out, we have 35 mods. So far so good, we’ll see if it holds up over time.

For those using the script extender, the new version release is not far off:

"2024-06-09: Game update 1.12.30 has been released, and is being analyzed. This takes many hours and may not finish until late tonight. To be clear: I will probably need to sleep before the whole thing finishes. "


Also grabbed the Unofficial Patch, Better Companion Behavior, and Smarter Spacesuit Hiding

You should.go with community patch instead of Unofficial Patch. When I was porting mods for Skyrim to Xbox I talked to some modders /porters and the UOPs where generally disliked as the dev is a) a dick and b) He would add or removes stuff that has nothing to do with a patch but rather their personal vision of the game and c) won’t acknowledge any issues with their patch. It is so bad Skyrim runs much more stable without it on consoles. So yea, I highly recommend the community one as that’s made by some former UOP members that left because all the issues with the original dev. They stick to actual patching and that limits issues down the line.

Some context can be found in comments here:

Thanks for the tip! Uninstalled and went community patch.

I gotta say, this was a pleasant surprise today. I’d forgotten that Bethesda combined everything into “Creations” so seeing all the talk about it only registered as “Creation Club” stuff I’ll never buy in my brain, not mods as well.

Some of the Nexus stuff like Starvival is exactly what I wanted from mods for this. I’ve been playing a bit of Ostranauts lately and I just want that, in Starfield.

Hey dude, there’s a Batman suit in the Creations for you…

If you care about achievements, I know that at least one of those (the spacesuit one for some reason) disables achievements. If it doesn’t say “achievement friendly” the top of the description it will disable them.

Thanks for the heads up, but I’m not a trophy/achievements -type gamer. I also noticed that some of the Creations have checkmarks and some don’t. Not sure what that’s about.

I think that’s just a verified creator, whatever that means.

I loaded this up again to try and get into it and man, this game is just so bland, at least in the opening hour. I mean I’ve barely played an hour (just got through the pirate outpost or whatever) and it’s just the most bland and boring opening in a Bethesda game that I can remember. It’s such a sharp contrast with (say) the opening of Skyrim (beheading segues into huge dramatic dragon attack), Fallout 3 (the moment when you step out of the vault and behold the capital wasteland for the first time) and Fallout 4 (the nuke).

It is bland; a new beginning is something they should definitely patch into the game. Maybe have you start the game in ship combat, have your ship shot down and crash land into a planet in a very hostile area you need to find your way out of, and then coming across one of the artifacts there.

Maybe have it so you run into one of the Constellation people there.

I mean, that’s (as with everything) totally YMMV, but Skyrim’s “hey look, you’re a prisoner. Again” didn’t exactly thrill me, and if you think stepping out of the vault in Fallout 3 was the opening, then you’re forgetting about playing as a child and attending a birthday party before all that, I think.

I think the whole prisoner thing just became a traditional ES thing after Morrowind, but I agree it’s lame. And that Fallout 3 opening was so tedious. I’m sure it’s been patched out on PC.

I actually liked the prequel parts in the Vault in Fallout 3. It made the reveal when you left sort of a Wizard of Oz jump to Technicolor moment.

Have to say I enjoyed it, as well. Probably didn’t age well, but it was fun for at least a few times through back in the day (it wasn’t patched out, but there were mods to skip it).

Oh, of course it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. But the Vault section was comparatively swift and it had that payoff moment, at the very least. I played like an hour of Starfield last night and there was… nothing. Boring mining tunnel sequence. Boring little skirmish with pirates (which, frankly, did not at all sell me on the space combat). Boring little jaunt to pirate base. Even the basic setup: oh you found a space magic foozle? Here you can just have my ship so long as you promise to go talk to my friends is just… meh.

Speaking of Starfield space combat, I really enjoyed what is basically shooting a swiveling mobile turret tracking enemy ships… back in the day. It was great in the early Wing Commander games in the 90s.

But it’s a bit silly today to be implementing space combat as what feels like an arcade implementation of WWI-era dogfighting except with no air… Can’t there be something more to it than just finding optimum range and swiveling around until the enemies are dead? I mean, yeah, AI is bad, m’kay, but at least you’d think it would be able to keep me locked on automatically. This is the year 2000 or whatever!

OK, question for those of you who spent the 700 creation credits (or whatever they’re called) for that one tracker mission - is it worth it? I’ve read it’s only about 30 minutes long, and before I dump 70% of my credits (I’ve never bought a mod for any BS game, and I won’t start with this one), figured I’d ask. I mean, I’ll use them at some point - just want the most out of the credits (which, given that it opened up all of 2 days ago is hard to determine, but…).