Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 09/06/23

Yeah, it’s almost like the game engine simply wasn’t up to doing anything close to decent space combat, so they fudged it. Pretty effectively, to an extent, but it’s by far the weakest part of the action in the game IMO.

Well, you read it’s only about 30 minutes long (which is correct) so what more do you need to know? Doesn’t that kind of answer the question already? If I were to buy a CC, I’d buy the mining one. It adds more to mining and the developers have plans for a lot more - NPC’s, quests, etc. I think when it is completed it will be the equivalent of a mini-DLC.

FYI, they had to tone the AI down because it was too much for most players

Since I was a bit thrilled by the new update, and hadn’t played since release, I booted it up, started a new game, and…yawn…I made it out of the mine, but simple didn’t have any interest in continuing after that. Its all so boring and bland and meaningless, even the graphics are bland and boring.

I just don’t understand how you can mess this up!

So, I uninstalled, and I’ll maybe try again when the DLC launches, but I suspect I’ll stop at the exact same point in the game again, and just write off this game.

Or maybe - and this is just a thought - push through until you get to The Lodge in New Atlantis, which is when the full game really opens up. It’s the equivalent of getting out of the dungeon in Oblivion, or escaping the dragon in Skyrim. Or leaving the vault in Fallout 3 or 4. Or, now that the CC is out, wait until someone creates and alternate start mod (which, btw, if you ever made it to a NG+, you’d never have to play the beginning bits again).

I mean, I definitely don’t agree with your opinion on it being boring and bland, but hey, I bounced off of The Witcher 3 for a long time, so I wouldn’t argue you’re wrong as a lot of people disagreed with me about that. But, I’d say maybe not judge the entire game on only the intro - and unlike past BS games, the intro you’d only be forced to go through once per New Game, since NG+ gives you the option to skip it.

I have about 50 hours in the game from when it released - sorry if that wasn’t clear :slight_smile:

So, I understand what will happen from that point on. I just didn’t have the heart to push on through, seeing how little enjoyment I found, even knowing what was coming up.

Thanks for the push, though!!

I really do want to play Starfield again at some point, but the really need to address the boring exploration. If they ever do that, then Ill definitely give it another try.

The problem with this DLC is that it is attached to the rest of the game, which for me gets boring outside of the major missions.

Finally we will have our snakes themed DLC.
Happy about that.

I have not been following the game, but I heard that received many fixes and upgrades, thats always great. I guess we have time in our favor this time :smiley:

No doubt; AI for spaceships is trivial, after all. But that doesn’t make the underlying gameplay more sensible or enjoyable.

Indeed. Part of the problem though is that the ships we have are in that uncomfortable zone between nimble X-Wing type fighters and bigger fleet-type units. You are treated like you are a fighter pilot, but you are often flying a lumbering cargo ship (Millennium Falcon vs. Nostromo more or less, and even the Falcon is no X-Wing). The best approach in many ways to load up on auto-turrets and set it and forget it for combat.

There is no sense of position. Admittedly, these sorts of space dogfights are dumb as hell from a realism/physics POV, but it’s a convention, one that Lucas of course aced with his WWII-inspired approach. But to do that in a game you have to give the player a sense of flight, which this game totally lacks.

The two Earth-reality models for space combat are fighter plane combat (for smaller ships) and naval warfare (for larger ships). Both require a sense of movement, momentum, and control over mass and velocity. None of that is in this game at all.

All games with space combat are silly WWII combat-like sims. Even in modern air combat today, battles are usually beyond visual recognition, with the radar being the key factor in terms of finding and locking onto the bad guy before the bad guy locks onto you, then firing a missile and letting it find and destroy the target. I remember laughing when the first Star Wars moving came out at how they were using WWII combat; you can jump through hyperspace but you still have to get close behind an enemy fighter and shoot it down.

That said, I rarely worried about mobility of my ship in Starfield. I got the top weapons and just locked on and targeted their shields (or engines if I wanted to board, which I did a lot in the later part of the game) in that lock mode slow motion. Then pushed my fire buttons as fast as I could. If they broke lock I just turned to where they were and washed and repeated. The only time I felt in true danger was when there were a lot of bad guys at once.

Exactly. Ship combat was too frequent, too rote, and too boring. Even when you are outmatched, there is none of the thrill of trying to skill your way to victory against the odds. It is all so, well, bland. I like the game overall quite a bit, but I find myself avoiding space fights even when I’m super-powerful. I like starship design and stuff like that, but the actual combat is so meh.

Yup. I made it more interesting later in the game as I decided I was going to make hijacking ships my occupation. Every time I entered space combat. my goal was to destroy the smaller ships then disable and board and take over the last one. The tip on how to sell stolen ships without registering them made it very profitable plus I got to fly some very odd and cool ships.

The problem, of course, is when I got back to my home ship it was suddenly filled with a ton of folders and other misc. crap that automatically gets moved from their ship to yours. That said, one thing I like about truly open world games is they let me decide to pursue my own path. I was planning on which planets/moon to go to to have the best chance to steal a high value ship, like the Varuun (sp) ship that is the size of a shopping mall, huge ship with multiple levels, shaped like a box.

And that leads to another question, why they did that fill-your-ship-with-garbage thing in the first place. It doesn’t make a ship look more realistic to have the half-eaten sandwich object in it, it just makes every pilot in the galaxy look like a slob…

Well, not just pilots. Every POI is filled with meals left out all over the place.

I think the idea was to let you personalize the ship how you wanted and give you some control over the details. So, you could collect plants or sandwiches (or whatever) and put them around your ship. I usually sold all that junk when it ended up in the cargo hold as you swapped out modules. The problem is that the game can’t distinguish between what you put there and want to keep vs what they put there, so it stores it all be default.

That being said, now that you can choose empty modules and build them up, I have to admit that it really does take away from the lived in look unless you put in a ton of time to find and then place items. I’ve actually found myself moving to a mixed approach where I put in some empties and some fully furnished. The empties can give your ship stats like increasing crew stations without you feeling like that giant computer center is wasting space.

Just started playing this on Xbox and seems pretty easy so far. Playing on default normal difficulty settings and I died maybe 2 times thus far having reached level 25. Don’t see any need to craft anything or build outposts. You get all the resources and supplies you need and then some just completing missions and looting. No need to buy another ship either, only upgraded the starting ship’s components.

You will have to upgrade your ship to reach the farthest areas of the map, I think, and eventually, if you play long enough, you simply won’t be able to fight in the starter ship without a ton of investment in it, if then.

But then, the point of starship design/acquisition has nothing to do with combat. It’s all about cosmetics and making stuff, mostly.

Well, higher tier reactors, shields, weapons, etc are locked behind Starship Design levels. It’s not all cosmetic stuff.

EDIT: Nevermind. You’re talking about the concept, I was talking about the actual perk.