Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 11-11-22

Skyrim is TEN YEARS old, and people are still playing it. It’s a pretty great game.

I will absolutely buy Skyrim in Space on day 1.

So… Like Skyrim with laser guns?

Hell yeah!

I even break from the Fallout 1/2 purists that dislike the trajectory the series has taken (understandably) and I have really enjoyed Bethesda’s recent Fallout entries. I enjoy the Stalker-like nature of just wandering around atmospheric levels getting into random encounters, crafting weapons, and trying to survive on challenging difficulties.

Oh yeah I really enjoyed Fallout 4 as well, although I never finished it. I have “beaten” Skyrim twice and just can never get enough. Admittedly, high fantasy is my go-to, but I’m really interested in the vibe that trailer is showing, and I genuinely always enjoy Bethesda RPGs.

I’m their target audience, but they’ve got me. (Also, gonna drop on GamePass, so I don’t even have to PAY for it.)

I love Skyrim to this day. On the flip side, Fallout 4 was a real step down to me. The simplification of the dialog, the goofball way the critical hits worked, and the focus on crafting and base-building over plot really got in the way of my enjoyment.

Unfortunately, I expect Starfield to be more Fallout 4/76 than Skyrim despite the way Todd describes it.

That’s a shame. Fallout 4 was pretty much dreck. But I mostly hated it as a Fallout game, maybe a Fallout 4 type game without the context will work better.

I liked Oblivion much more than Skyrim.

One big question is - what will they do with next gen power?

I read some comment about just that. The issue is how many players will actually have the latest GPUs by that time. The timelines for shipments of those have been pretty piss poor.

Doesn’t matter that much from a design perspective does it? Regardless of how many they ship day one, they’re not accommodating the old potatos.

I think you’re right, it really shouldn’t. Build for the future not the past, right?

Really? That’s a hot take to me. Not that I DIDN’T like Oblivion, but aside from it just looking better, I’m not sure I even liked it as well as Morrowind. Skyrim does A LOT of things really well.

Oh man I hope not. I mean, like I said, I liked F4 just fine, too, but there are definitely areas I hope they stick more to the Skyrim side of things.

Worth noting: He did describe it as “Skyrim in space,” not “Fallout 4 in space.” Seems likely they heard people’s complaints, such as the things you mentioned, and maybe are not going to repeat those decisions? Hopefully, maybe.

Stolen from RPS… No idea about accuracy.

The Internet has done some impressive sleuthing via the trailer, the first behind-the-scenes Bethesda put out (which had a surprising amount of not-blurred-out-stuff on dev screens) and the interviews they’ve done in the last two days.

The game’s set circa 2325, your starship is called the Frontier and was built by Nova Galactic. The ship is armed with two cannon systems and a missile launcher. It is powered by a GFLA (Graviton Field Loop Array) which propels the ship to FTL speeds by harnessing gravity waves (it’s basically the Alcubierre warp drive). There are no FTL communications, however.

The ship’s big navigation table has around 20 star systems visible. It’s unclear if the map is the only map available, a zoomed-in version or if all the systems are visitable in-game. Named locations include Cheyenne, Sagan, Lunara (on the moon?) and Narion. The city or base New Atlantis is located on Jerrison in the Alpha Centauri system. Cydonia might be a city on Mars. Ferrera 4 is also mentioned.

The dominant space government is the United Colonies, which has two military wings: Vanguard and SysDef (System Defence?), presumably for offensive and defensive actions. The UC might be ruled over by MAST, the Military, Administrative and Scientific Triumvirate. There’s a rank called “Ranger,” which might be the player’s starting rank in Constellation.

I like the prospect of playing a relatively ‘low-tech’ science fiction game, at least compared with something like a Mass Effect. I’d love to see a true pioneering spirit in the game, the opportunity to really cast out for places no human has ever set foot. This is the kind of stuff that really fires up my imagination.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you could upgrade the ship with new engines, weapons, etc.

On the contrary – I would be surprised if that option WEREN’T included.

Hmmm … ship weaponry implies ship to ship combat …

Quick, Bethesda, sell jpgs!

I… don’t believe that’s a contrary statement, but now I’m confused so I could be wrong.

Okay maybe the “on the contrary” rang wrong.

His statement sounded like “There’s a possibility that this might be a feature.” Me, I would be shocked if it weren’t in there. That’s almost an expected feature.

Nuance is all, and I wasn’t trying to be argumentative. I think the thing he said “could be” in there will almost definitely be included. Not that I have any insider information, just…it seems like a given for any spaceship game.