Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 2023...?

To be fair, the original point I was making was that the lack of smooth transitions between atmo and space is a fair thing for journalists to critique. That’s actually all I said, and then folks jumped immediately to the defense of a game we still no precious little about and only based on the pedigree the name Bethesda brings. That’s where I get a bit confused. I think it’s possible the transitions won’t have provided anything meaningful, but I think it’s also possible not having them will be a misstep as well. Either way, it’s fair to see articles like the one that was linked originally.

I myself am happy to keep an open mind, as I always try and do, but I will not bring blind adoration into this until I at least see someone playing it. I feel like Fallout 4 was only “okay”, especially compared to and on the heels of New Vegas (Obsidian). It felt like a path diverging from what I enjoyed with Skyrim. And then Fallout 76 was going even further along that same path. So yes, I do have concerns that we’ll have more of what I don’t like about recent (FO4/F76) Bethesda games and less of what I love about Skyrim. Again, I’m trying to keep an open mind, I’m sure I’ll be super hyped as we get closer to this release date.

Honestly, I’m just happy they actually showed SOME game. For so long they were showing those dumb videos without showing any gameplay or anything, and it was driving me nuts.

This, 100%.

I’m happy to approve the plans but I don’t want to have to lay the sewers myself. Much like in real life.

Yeah, base building in FO4 and especially having to baby sit them was a PIA for me. I just wanted to be the loner badass roaming the post apocalyptic world. I’d be the same way in this game; let me explore, don’t make me become a city planning manager.

I had fun in FO4 building a gigantic tower, but then lost interest when I hit the height cap and it wasn’t that high.

Fallout 4 has lessened my excitement for any new Bethesda game that isn’t Elder Scrolls VI.

I tried to get into FO4 several times and it just didn’t grab my attention. I think what turned me off was how they further simplified dialog. The other thing was I did not care for the whole base building aspect.

I really hope Starfield is good, but I think I just feel rubbed the wrong way by what Fallout has become, and that includes Fallout 76, which I have not played but read enough about in its first 6 months of release, that I am left wondering why Bethesda is fucking around and we haven’t seen a sequel to the series that defined them.

My memory of Fallout 4.

That is really well done. The way that lady is walking really matches their animation so well.

For the love of all that is holy, this is so tiring hearing this complaint. Base building is totally optional in Fallout 4. You can even totally ignore the Minuteman crew in Concord, never rescue them, treat them as they never existed. You can completely play “the loner badass” if you want - I have done so myself, completely ignoring the Minuteman quests.

But can you play as a completionist, if you merely don’t play the parts you don’t like ? :P

Personally I did the basic stuff to have some of the ‘perks’ of having the base, I put some basic defenses, and I was done with it.

I have mixed feelings about the base building in F4. I liked the idea of it, but hated the helplessness of the settlers and the, in general, uselessness to the player for each settlement.

I would have much rather had a system where there were far fewer settlements, but each settlement would grow on its own, and provide useful goods and services to the player. Maybe they could provide some quests to help them grow faster, but they would grow nonetheless if you did not help them any further.

The quests would be simple things, like build X is full of supplies we need to build a water plant, but its also full of super mutants, so can you fix this for us?

Only played once and did not know this. Sounds like I need to get it again on my PS5 and start a new game.

It’s not “totally” optional if you want to follow the main quest. There are a couple of bits where you must build stuff to get past the mission checkpoints. They aren’t complicated and the stuff you need to build isn’t particularly involved, but it’s there.

Not totally, but it’s optional to the point where someone who has zero interest in base-building like myself didn’t mind it. So long as Starfield continues that level of optionality, Todd and I are cool.

Yes, I did the first base building tutorial, and did build some stuff in the original base from time to time, but other than that I mostly ignored it. I also liked the idea of a Fallout game about rebuilding civilization, literally by rebuilding it yourself, but when I was in the game itself, I found I would much rather just wander the wasteland most of the time rather than rebuild civilization.

My preference would be for a two-tier building UI. High-level, you pick which buildings and features you want and slot them together modularly, taking maybe 5 minutes for a full-featured base. That’s where I would be.

Then if you want to go low-level, you can customize everything and make something amazing so you can put screenshots on Reddit about how you repurposed an ottoman and the lower half of a hovercraft to put a chimney on your little cottage.

Settlements are totally optional. You need to build a sort of transporter to get into the Institute, but you don’t need to build out a settlement to do that. You need that device and something to power it. But that is pretty much it.

I don’t know who Bobby Lee is but I like where his head’s at.

He was on Mad TV, and that’s a perfectly good reason to end a relationship.

“It’s not you, or me; it’s Bethesda”.