Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 2023...?

Perhaps my memory in my old age is failing me but I do recall developers getting death threats for pushing back release dates.

edit: although you did say “here” so maybe that’s about right.

I guess I had thought we had more to go by, but I can understand folks looking forward to a AAA-studio made open world game set in the stars. I myself would enjoy something like that, but I really do need to see something before I can get on board the hype train.

That said, I do appreciate they didn’t hype us all up and THEN announce a 200+ day delay, so good on them there. But hopefully as we round into Q2 next year we start to get something, at leat.

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I hope it’s a good kind of delay - as opposed to let’s say 6 more months of crunch for the devs.

I have to admit this is very unexpected. You don’t usually see a delay after they lay down a concrete date like that.

I definitely meant here as in QT3. We’re old, seasoned, jaded, etc. We’ve been through this before, we’ve been through buggy launches, we have plenty of games in our backlog we’ll never even play. But we aren’t the young crowd awaiting that huge triple A title to come out that we’re overly hyped for. It’s probably a good thing there haven’t been any gameplay videos, etc.


There go my T-day / Christmas vacation plans. I wonder what I can fill the time with now? I am already struggling to keep myself entertained and am back to playing skyrim again. I thought I was done with it the last time I played it.

Its just that so many new games either do not interest me or are disappointments.

Duh, the source of this enthusiasm is games like Skyrim, Fallout 3, and Fallout 4, all games by Bethesda and all games that I loved and spent hours in. Yeah, they screwed up Fallout 76, but from their subsequent work and comments, I believe they learned their lesson from that debacle - which is why I believe the game is being delayed because they don’t want another Fallout 76 on their hands. Sure we haven’t seen anything of the game, but one, I love sci-fi much more than fantasy, I love the idea of a new IP, and I pretty much trust Bethesda to get this right based upon prior history. Sure there are tons of games with “open world” and “space RPG” but none of them are by Bethesda, who has earned my trust again and again. Sure, you may not feel that way, but I don’t see why it is hard to understand the enthusiasm that many do have for the game.

Also Fallout 76 was by a different development studio I believe. IIRC they had acquired a studio in Austin who had previously done a survival game and they were the ones primarily tasked with making 76.

I see. Well, by all means, carry on.

This doesn’t sound like a “we need more time to polish this game”, it rather sounds like “we are not happy with how this plays at the moment and we’re trying to fix it”. Ok, “Skyrim in space” but that is an 11 year old game that came out in a completely different gaming environment. Its empty world, repetitive dungeons, shit itemisation, terrible combat mechanics and dubious RPG elements would probably not be a huge hit today.

There are 15,000 players playing Skyrim right now on Steam. I think it would have done OK.

To be fair, that’s entirely on the backs of the modding community.

Arguably being so easy to mod is an integral part of the game, consciously baked into its design, and would be even more unique today than when it came out.

And even with mods, Skyrim is still Skyrim. The core elements are still there. If the game had been horribly broken or terrible, I don’t think mods alone would have been able to keep it in people’s rotation all these years.

DOOM was a classic in it’s day but I think it’s fair to say that releasing that game in 2022, it wouldn’t have the same level of success. Obviously DOOM is a lot older, but I think that’s all @ZeTH1 was saying.

It’s 2022 now not 2011 and Bethesda has a little more competition in its space. Releasing Skyrim In Space after Elden Ring isn’t going to look as hot in comparison.

I think you guys may be taking this whole “Skyrim in space” business a bit too literally.

I’m not. But let’s not pretend Bethesda made some great leaps between Skyrim and Fallout 4 or anything. All I’m saying is I think they know they need to up their game a bit, so good on them for the delay. Hopefully it’s a better game for it.

It might be wishful thinking on my part but I was actually hopeful when I heard that this game was described as Skyrim in space because I took it as a signal that Bethesda was going to stick to fundamentals and create a journey based roleplaying game on their own terms. Bethesda has been around for a long time and they have always taken heat for not keeping up with current popular gaming trends. Up until Fallout 4, I think they did a good job of ignoring the noise and building on their own ideas. I think they blinked with Fallout 4 with the settlement dynamic, bowing to the Minecraft -like building game trend. I’ve been worried that they would blink again.

Bethesda did something right with their model because over ten years in, people are still playing Skyrim. It will interesting to see if people will still be be playing Elden Ring in 10 years.