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I thought you didn’t keep anything but your character development but then I haven’t hit new game + yet, so I can’t verify.

You can get most common parts at starports vendors, or if you have an outpost, the ship builder there, but there is a bunch if manufacturer-specific parts (mostly 2x2, 2x3 and 3x3 habs) you can only get on their respective HQs.

Nova Galactic parts can be gotten from the starport vendor in New Homestead on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons.
Deimos has a staryard orbiting Mars.
Stroud-Eklund has a staryard in the Narion system and an office in Neon.
Hopetech has an office in Hopetown in the Valo system (select Narion, it’s in the same spot).
Taiyo has an office in Ryujin Tower in Neon, just take the elevator in the back.

Not a manufacturer, but you can get shielded cargo holds for smuggling from Porrima III (Red Mile) or The Key (Crimson Fleet HQ).

Spoilery spoiler alert:

You get a different ship, the Starborn Guardian, which gets upgraded between NG+1 and NG+6. While it elicits some interesting radio chatter, it’s…well…not very exciting. So the first course of action for me was to board and capture an “actual” ship that could be modified.

You also will have the frontier again in your list of ships, but it will be the Frontier as it was when you started the first playthrough. So no upgrades


My frontier is freaking badass at this point.

This game just played a dirty trick.

The Lodge is being attacked! Ok, see you guys, I’m going to The Eye to check on my hurt girlfriend. “Wait, help Walter!” And now Andreja is dead because that kept me at the Lodge.

And no, Sam, it didn’t have anything to do with you so stop asking. Fucking game…

If you still have a savegame prior to the attack: You can decide between the Lodge and the Eye, which makes a difference in who dies.

The picks, however, are always the two companions with the highest affinity.

Decisions, decisions.

What @Thorne said. Basically I started with Nova parts and specifically the nova cockpit. Then, I built a 1x2 (crew stations) on top and a 1x2 (workshop) underneath. I also used the Stroud Landing Bay which has a door instead of a ladder and is side loading. Finally, I used the Diemos slim docker which mounts underneath the ship instead of on top.

The two tips I have for managing where connections go:

  • Start from the cockpit and work your way back if possible. This kind of creates connections as you go.
  • There are three rules for stairs. They will not form a ring, there is always one path through your ship. If you limit the number of places stairs/doors CAN go, you control the flow of your ship. Finally, if left to its own devices, the ship builder will absolutely always place ladders where you don’t want them.

In this image, you can see a limit the locations that habs can connect to each other so I force where the doors and ladders ought to go:

Also, the underside you can see how the docker and bay slide in place:

And her final form:

I think I want to try and build a cool Taiyo next…

I admit I thought about reloading, but helping Walter was my gut reaction when I had my hand on the door about to leave and the prompt came up. So I live with the consequences.

Wow, you really have to have some patience to build out something like that, not to mention you’ve got it at max power. It really is a gorgeous ship. I don’t think I have it in me to spend the time to do that. I only just painted Frontier a different colour yesterday. Haha.

That’s cool that there’s a breakdown view in the builder.

My goal has been to build a ship that has zero ladders, because I (&)(&)(*& hate them with a terrible fury.

Oh god yes. The ladders are bad. It’s the animation getting on/off, just like getting up or sitting down from the cockpit that makes it so annoying. Seeing it once is enough. There isn’t a way to skip it, is there?

Awesome, thanks for taking the time to walk through that! Super helpful.

While I waited, I decided to try and reproduce what I saw in your initial screenshot as an exercise, and then once I began to feel comfortable I customized it a bit. Not as gorgeous as yours, but I think I understand the workflow a little better now. Here’s what I came up with:

I assume the emissary shows up with the face of whichever crew member you were unable to save during the hunter’s attack?

I find that one set of ladders isn’t too hard to just boost up - it’s when you have multiple floors on one set of ladders where boosting becomes more annoying.

Like everyone else, I’m relying on my Nova bridge to replace ladders between my two main levels though.

I stagger ladder placement so you don’t fall two or three decks.

Yep. Which makes me automatically want to side with him/her/it.

Here is a hint for players who haven’t advanced enough: don’t ally with the Crimson Fleet, because your companions are later a pain in the ass, crying about it, why did you ally with the bad guys? bwahh bwahh.

I finally started the vanguard story last night for the first time.

end of main story/NG+ tip If you don’t go on to the next universe right away and go back to the current universe, also possibly if you don’t dump all the recently acquired artifacts from the buried temple (I haven’t checked that yet), Vlad will continue to give you temple locations for those new artifacts to level up/acquire the powers. For the heck of it, in my current NG+ I went back instead moving on right away, and ended up doing a number of temples.

This morning I finally did the Sam Coe introductory quest. Pretty decent. Is that planet in a perpetual dust storm where you can’t see the sky? Or is that just me getting lucky? Because it fit the atmosphere pretty well.

I tried 3 persuasion attempts in that quest, and passed two of them, so I guess that first point I put into persuasion really paid off right away since I’ve never passed a persuasion check in the game before this. And I was able to level it up. So when that quest finished, I got another level and put it into a second point into persuasion as a reward to the skill. Thank you skill!

Man, leveling up in this game is such a hard decision. I’ve got so many skills that are ready to go up, but I can only pick one at a time!