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Awesome, thanks for taking the time to walk through that! Super helpful.

While I waited, I decided to try and reproduce what I saw in your initial screenshot as an exercise, and then once I began to feel comfortable I customized it a bit. Not as gorgeous as yours, but I think I understand the workflow a little better now. Here’s what I came up with:

I assume the emissary shows up with the face of whichever crew member you were unable to save during the hunter’s attack?

I find that one set of ladders isn’t too hard to just boost up - it’s when you have multiple floors on one set of ladders where boosting becomes more annoying.

Like everyone else, I’m relying on my Nova bridge to replace ladders between my two main levels though.

I stagger ladder placement so you don’t fall two or three decks.

Yep. Which makes me automatically want to side with him/her/it.

Here is a hint for players who haven’t advanced enough: don’t ally with the Crimson Fleet, because your companions are later a pain in the ass, crying about it, why did you ally with the bad guys? bwahh bwahh.

I finally started the vanguard story last night for the first time.

end of main story/NG+ tip If you don’t go on to the next universe right away and go back to the current universe, also possibly if you don’t dump all the recently acquired artifacts from the buried temple (I haven’t checked that yet), Vlad will continue to give you temple locations for those new artifacts to level up/acquire the powers. For the heck of it, in my current NG+ I went back instead moving on right away, and ended up doing a number of temples.

This morning I finally did the Sam Coe introductory quest. Pretty decent. Is that planet in a perpetual dust storm where you can’t see the sky? Or is that just me getting lucky? Because it fit the atmosphere pretty well.

I tried 3 persuasion attempts in that quest, and passed two of them, so I guess that first point I put into persuasion really paid off right away since I’ve never passed a persuasion check in the game before this. And I was able to level it up. So when that quest finished, I got another level and put it into a second point into persuasion as a reward to the skill. Thank you skill!

Man, leveling up in this game is such a hard decision. I’ve got so many skills that are ready to go up, but I can only pick one at a time!

Bethesda writers are something else. Only them could get a cool scifi concept like in the Entangled quest (I’m playing it right now) and make the dialogue and behavior of a bunch of scientists totally flat and boring, as if this was for them a Tuesday afternoon.

I just did that one too. Although they underuse the big idea, I did like the ‘other’ environment :)

It’s decidedly worse. They remain friendly, and deprive one of a valuable source of loot and XP unless you either genocide every outpost with them in (and even then it’s not really fun if no one shoots back) or you accrue hefty bounties with the fleet (who might be awful people but still have the best place to sell loot in the game).
This time around, Ikande gets them gift-wrapped from me. I need acceptable targets to shoot and loot, after all.

Bonus spoiler: Jessamine ends up in Gagarin after the fall of the Crimson Fleet and can still be hired. Please adopt a starving scoundrel and help out the poor lass.

I was annoyed by the writing in that quest, because it sets up like the least compelling moral dilemma in the world.

Oh, I don’t know man… Should I save these 50 scientists and their families? Or should I “save” the one guy who is forever trapped with no hope of escape in a destroyed lab overrun by aliens and presumably running out of food. Who could possibly make a choice between those two options?!

But it looks like it’s actually possible to merge the universes back and kill nobody. Having secret better endings that the game doesn’t guide you to via the quest log is kind of cool. However, I don’t remember seeing any of the journal entries that are supposed to work as a breadcrumb trail.

I’d already been wondering at how few of thoae notes I was seeing in the game; if I missed so much text during this quest, maybe there’s more of those cool vignettes in the game than I thought. (Though it’s pretty clear why one might miss all of those notes. It’s due to all the environmental clutter, which is indistinguishable from important items both visually and in the scanner.)

Well now I feel dumb :)

I wonder all the time if I’m missing slates or computer screens with entries that add more context. It would be nice if the the UI had a thing where you can go back and look at a history of the things you have looked at, especially for stuff that isn’t on a slate in your inventory.

@jsnell yeah, that was a pretty easy choice. :) I figure in some future universe I will try the other way, and also try to figure out the 3rd way.

I think the dumbest writing has to do wtih Londinum. And how Vae Victus had the spaceport destroyed to prevent the terramorphs (and the secret) from escaping…

Except why do you need a spaceport when every starship in this game can land and takeoff like a helicopter?

hey, under the multiverse version of the Copenhagen interpretation, both universes get to exist ;P

Ehh, as far as Starfield plot holes goes that one’s tiny. Can just imagine that the space port is where all civvie ships are sitting, not to mention a military blockade up top .

What puzzled me all the way through the game is why the PC is the only one touching artifacts and getting powers (other than Barrett and his one off) Surely a company of explorers would be eager to try it out? Also, what happens to the Armiliary after you cross over? Are there universes exporting billions of starborn once it’s made public?

I finished the game. I can finally uninstall it and unbookmark this thread! :P

The idea of showing the status of the galaxy and the consequences of your actions as a virtual museum was cool , but of course, it also just served to show the mediocrity of Bethesda’s writers. It’s just player eg-stroking, it seems literally everything has a good story and nothing unexpectedly bad happens: Ryujinx won’t ever touch again the mind control tech (lol), there are no side effects because your chosen way to control the terrormorphs and even helps extending cooperation between factions, the fact you marry a companion makes people all around to marry more ??, Constellation publishes their discoveries and causes a new wave of human exploration further to the cosmos, the Freestar collective is all super ok, with the Rangers being a paragon of Justice, etc

Stats now!

Level 47
All faction questlines done
4 companion quests done

I’m in NG+, and have almost gotten my ship back to the state I had it at the end of the first game.

The first playthrough, I did some of the faction stuff, but not realy that much. I did the freestar line, and some companion stuff. I did part of the vanguard and crimson fleet lines, but not that much.

This time, I’m taking my time going through it. Honestly, I’m not sure the NG+ is worth doing at all. You get a starborn ship, which seems pretty trash? You can’t modify it or anything? I’m not sure if you can do anything to it like put workbenches or something? Because as it stands, it feels super empty and useless compared to my updated Frontier ship. I think the one cool thing is that when you are boosting, it goes invisible.

…I deleted the game so fast that i forgot to look at the number of hours played, lol. I think it was around 80 hours at this point?