Starflight 3!


I bumped up mine to $200, which is my max (if I wasn’t about to build a new PC, I’d like go $500), and that’ll make it my most expensive crowdfunding campaign.


I’m really surprised it hasn’t received more coverage on gaming sites, if for no other reason than the original games being classics.


Yes, I bumped up to $200 after my last rant. If this thing is going down in flames, it won’t be because I didn’t try.


Yeah, if this campaign fails, it’ll be almost as big a tragedy as Trump getting elected, but now, as then, we did all we could to turn the tide.





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Yeah, no way this is getting funded on Fig. 45% of the goal with 7 days to go? Not a chance. Hope I’m wrong though, because the original SF1&2 (currently on GoG btw) were the inspirations for my getting into this gamedev farce.

For the record, I didn’t back it for the simple reason that they went out and got endorsements from people who have had NOTHING to do with the damn genre. This is like George Foreman pitching insurance policies.

One thing is certain, at least now they know that most of the nostalgic types don’t give a sh-t. And my guess is that a large majority of the 2765 current backers never played any of the original games.

If within 24hrs you can’t raise even 50% of a measly $800K to remake a game that defined an entire genre, you’ve probably either done something wrong, or your pitch sucks (which it does, actually).


If the campaign fails, they can just re-do it. Whether they can take the proper time to get re-organized, and perhaps get some actual development done (to do a better job showing things off), is another matter entirely of course. I haven’t followed media coverage so I don’t know what the situation is for people working on the game.

But it’s not unprecedented.


I’m honestly still baffled by the lack of updates and marketing. One can’t cruise to the finish on nostalgia alone.

They said they’d keep working on it if the campaign doesn’t go through, just in their spare time.


Agreed. This was poorly planned.


The last game I pitched in for on Fig was Phoenix Point. Those guys were producing concept drawings, environment designs, geoscape mockups, gameplay demos, all kinds of stuff and it was all over sites like Eurogamer, RPS and others. If you make cool shit, the media will show it to the world. I haven’t seen much of anything come out of the Starflight 3 campaign that would entice the main sites. Sadly the gameplay mockup probably looks like a hundred other indie games to those not familiar with the game’s heritage.

I hope they can keep it going and perhaps get it to a more advanced stage before revisiting the crowdfunding well. Other games have done that with some success.


I doubled my pledge. I figure if everyone does, then they hit their goal.


Fuck yes, dude! That’s the spirit.


Chris Roberts be all like


Yeah, this lack of marketing has been disappointing. When most of the original fans are now middle aged and not exactly in the core gamer demographic anymore you can’t rely on a build it and they will come approach. Hopefully if this initial campaign fails they won’t just pull up their tents but will try again and more aggressively promote it.


I’ve said this all along. It as if these guys never took a look at successful campaigns and just tried to half ass their way through.


I haven’t seen a campaign this low-energy since Jeb! in 2016.


I mean in their defense, they’re crunching to get Toe Jam and Earl out, but still, maybe do this campaign after that. Maybe.


Yeah, the campaign may have been premature and meant more as a proof of concept/interest than a true funding solicitation.

Still very interested for what it’s worth.


I can’t blame them for running it up the flagpole to see who salutes. It’s not like once they make an attempt they have to wait a long time to make another or may simply never have another opportunity (unlike poor Jeb!).

If they can get near halfway there with minimal marketing, that should leave them with little doubt that with a concerted effort they can likely get all the way there.