Starflight 3!


Me too man. Me too. Feels petty to admit that, but I have to be honest about it.


They just shot themselves in the foot there. You give great pod, Brian.


This. And you give fabulous super-gay TOS gifs as well, B.


I do think these older Space IP’s are of hit & miss value. For every Elite / Fallout there are a dozen others that just no longer have any pulling power.

imho its usually better just to make your own new thing rather than try and resurrect an old IP. I say this because i would have loved to see a new game like starflight by the same developers.

I just think they spent too much effort marketing nostalgia vs why the new game is worth buying for people under the age of 40 ( coincidentally I put Star Control in the same category).


Yes, I think they get too bogged down by the minutiae of the original games’ mechanics. For example, gathering resources and moving slowly from system to system are not among my top 10 reasons for why I thought Starflight or Star Control were fun.


Thanks man.




Georges Méliès was a fucking genius.


Found the comment where they say this:

This is super baffling. “We only have a limited amount of time to do this or it won’t be done at all.”

Why such the…tepid marketing push, then? Gah, so mad.

Oh, and still at 48%. This isn’t happening. Fuck.

This is as disappointing as when Conquest: Frontier Wars 2 didn’t happen for similar reasons (no game to show, not enough updates, poor marketing, etc).


I never even heard about that, and I’d totally have bought in if I had.




Man, that’s a crying shame.

So is the fact that Starflight 3 is clearly not going to be a thing, though the campaign being this mismanaged doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in the (purely conjectural) finished product.


Even if this fails, prior to the campaign I thought there was a zero possibility of a follow up to Starflight. Just knowing there’s some intent to do so is still an improvement in the situation.


That’s very true!


My brother and I saw F-29 Retaliator demoed on a PC at a local computer shop in Honolulu, 1990. The silky smooth frame rate was a “writing on the wall” moment for me, not just for C64 but even for Amiga. That and the fact that all the hot new Origin games were launching on PC by then.

I was pretty much done gaming by 1992 (freshman year college) and didn’t get back into it seriously until 1999 when I finally purchased a relatively state of the art PC.


Ugh, still at 49% of goal after the weekend.


As Derek said, doesn’t really matter at this point 49%, 75%. they obviously aren’t hitting the goal and from the way it was handled I’m not sure they were all that keen to do so. Seemed more like throw a feeler out there and see where it goes.


Another project I would have liked to see happen. The original was fun, and seemed to come out in the middle of the hype for Empire Earth. It and Battle Realms both never got the love they deserved I think.


That seems really deceitful.