Starflight 3!


Is cool, I played an hilariously-violent game and felt immediately better.


Nice. So when is Greg going to be on your podcast? Those that listen want to know. :)


Working on it.


I must admit, I was expecting Brian to follow this guy’s example.



Oh, I totally did when I first found out.


Very, very cool - I might actually have to back this and I never back anything. Starflight was one of those formative games for me, a new one done well would be incredible.


FYI, they have added a new tier, but in lieu of this suggestion, they made a normal (not backstage exclusive) tier at 100 dollars that includes alpha access and a second digital copy.

I have enquired as to whether both copies receive all extras.

Announcer: it does not


Most likely it will still be a key you register with steam for the physical copy right?


Just checked in to see if this was live yet. Nope. Still coming soon.


Why? To see what goal they set?


That, and there’s an excitement, a deadline for the campaign, sometimes bonus goals, etc.

Plus I never played the originals, so I haven’t pledged yet, but this is looking pretty similar to Star Control 2, which I love, so I’ll probably end up pledging once the campaign goes live.


Ok, just keep in mind you save 5 bucks on a pledge you make now.


I did not know that! So the lowest tier will be $25 instead of $20? Hmmm. Maybe I should pledge now.


No, it would cost 15 instead of 20. And take a look at the 45 dollar tier. That’s a backstage exclusive, would only run 40 after the $5 off and has some nice perks if you are inclined to spend that much (it has everything from the 80 dollar tier except the second in-game item).


Fine, twist my arm. $45 done. Just hope it’s not too much like Star Control. :-p


damn was hoping Hello Games would make one. No Mans Sky could be a perfect engine for a Starflight sequel… imo. Im sure this game will be ok.


Well Starflight and Star Control have a lot in common. For the old games at least, I’d say the main difference is how ship-based combat was handled, it’s really simple in Starflight and that’s actually how I like it - I don’t come to games like this for the combat. If you do, Star Control May be more up your alley.


I came from Starflight 2 on the Amiga, and was never a fan of Star Control. Honestly I don’t remember either game that well, but I have fond memories of the former and I believe I returned SC I disliked it so much. Never played the more actiony Genesis Starflight. Hence my reservations, but I am willing to give it some money to find out.


Me too! I also prefer the mineral hunting from Starflight to that of Star Control. I think Starflight did exploration better than Star Control. I also preferred the fact that you had to create a crew. That made it more Star Trek-like, which is always a good idea in my opinion. ;-)

It’s good. As others have pointed out earlier, even better than the PC version. (The new version seems to take some inspiration from it, with its focus on the ship/space view.)


I have thought the same thing.