Starforce employees warez'ing pc games?

After the latest tactic of Starforce linking Gal Civ 2 warez links, coupled with the practically non-existent copyright laws in Russia… I’ve become very uncomfortable with the feeling Starforce may be a major force behind cracking competitor’s games for warez hosting. It’s obvious they’re still trying to prove people have to use them, and what better way to do that than to crack your opponents titles?
The only people who could touch Russia legally is the European Union, and even then it’d be a long shot. I’ve been purchasing Star-force protected games for the last year and I am pissed as hell with their strong-arm tactics.

Starforce is angry Bethesda Softworks dropped Starforce as their protection means… what do you want to bet Starforce will try and “make them pay?” They don’t give a shit, they’re untouchable.

What makes me really sad, is all the good pc games out there receiving less income because of Starforce boycotts. It’s just a lose-lose situation unless developers can self-fund and own their own IP.

I kinda like your tinfoil hat.

Thanks! It only took me about 10 minutes to make it. ;-)

OK, serious answer.
They’d never do it to a big player. Could you imagine what would happen if they did that to EA? Not only would EA sue the ever living fuck out of them, but other companies would never use their software ever again. They’d lose contracts, devs would pull the software from their titles. And then you have the fans…

I’d say the only reason that they did that to Stardock is because
a) They wanted to prove a point.
b) I’m guessing Stardock doesn’t have the following that some other devs have so the risk was worth it.
c) The admin that posted the link is retarded and no longer wants his job.

Mine’s better!

Woudln’t some cracking group try to expose them if it could?

They’d like Starforce getting unpopular among companies.


Well I guess he wants Starforce’s clients to lose business, because they just lost mine.

That’s right, this is enough to put me over the top with them. It was annoying how they’d install a device driver that would occasionally cause problems on some machines, and more annoying that they ran a pretty much bogus “prove it!” campaign. I was willing to live with it, even though I’m tired of the whole disc copy protection thing anyway, and don’t like the fact that I install an entire several-gig game to my hard drive and still need to dig up the disc in order to play.

But posting a link to warez of a popular game from a small company just to prove that “these guys should have bought our product” is over the line for me.

I’ll no longer knowingly buy a PC game that has Starforce protection. There are enough great games to play that I don’t need to go there.

If there are any reps from publishers lurking here reading, take note. I’m dead serious. No more buying anything with Starforce on it for me. I’m not thrilled about the other disc protection software out there, but I’m not to the point that I’ll avoid buying a game because of it.

Concerned about piracy costing you sales? Well, Starforce clients, now your copy protection has cost you sales.

Yeah, me neither. I’ve never liked Starforce, but their latest stunt was so far over the line that I am now officially through buying Starforce-protected games.

Bout time ya’ll joined me! It was getting lonely up heah on my mountain…

I’m with Jason on this. I’ve never had issues with any copy protection included with games. Whether that makes me lucky or not, I don’t know. However, bad PR moves, like this latest one, has pushed me to the opposite side of the camp. I feel bad for HoMM5, because it’ll be the first victim.

All told, though, I’m more pissed off at the folks that pirate games. They are the ones that created the monster in the first place.

Link, please?


Link from

A brief scan of the Stardock forums seems they’re basically a place for “Starforce sucks! Nuh uh, you’re a noob!” back-and-forth between Starforce forum admins (who may or may not be employees) and people trying to troll them.

I’ve posted pictures of torrent trackers before to show how widespread a leaked release was; my guess would be Leet Forumop wanted to do the same thing but was too lazy to take a screenshot.

They removed the link, though. It used to be in the first reply to the OP.

This was also discussed in an earlier GalCiv II thread.

For even more fun, the PC Gamer article on Starforce was brought up on the SF forums. The SF admin hadn’t heard of it and asked if the poster would scan the article and post it on the boards.

The thread was deleted late last night after turning into a dogpile on the SF admin but here’s the google cache of the original exchange.

“Carson Justice” is the Starforce rep who actually asks for the warezed article.

See, if PC Gamer protected their magazine with Starforce, this couldn’t have been an issue.

Yeah, but then I couldn’t open my mailbox and my other magazines would get infected.


Just another reason to migrate more completely to game consoles. For me - not trying to turn this into a vs. thread. Stupid copy protection bullhshit.

Fuck Starforce!

That should be the new slogan for our Qt3 Metaverse Empire - “Fuck Starforce!”

This is what happens when you don’t stick a PR firm between your Russian programmer/hackers and the intarweb…