Starforce garbage

Knowing what a piece of garbage Starforce is, I’m wondering how many will join the boycott and write publishers to let the know that Starforce equals a no sale.

If not a letter, at least an e-mail. Games that disable software I have
installed will not get on my system. I’d prefer the fugly Steam online activation
system to Starforce, even on single-player games, if those were the only

Where’s the SHIT BONERZ! option? Or at least an option for people who avoid starforce unless the game is mega sweet like Space Rangers 2.

Isn’t that really the second option? Either you boycott or not … if you boy StarForce games, you support StarForce. And since I’ve bought games like SR2, I guess my $$ go to StarForce even though I hate them.


I haven’t seen the mega-sweet Space Rangers 2 for sale here, sadly.
Probably a good thing :)

No. I am boycotting starforce. There are games I would buy if they weren’t starforced but am passing on because they are. However, I couldn’t resist SR2, so I violated my own boycott. So I guess I can only claim 95% boycott.

Plus, I just really want to click on something that says SHIT BONERZ!

I have Space Rangers 2 and Silent Hunter III. No problems with the version of SF used on those.

However, hearing of the changes in more recent version of SF, those two will be the last SF games I own.

No boycotting here, but then I rarely buy at new release prices anyway. But definitely with the use of a crack when available.

While I’m not buying any starforced games, it’s not because I’m all stick-it-to-the-man-boycott!!, but rather because I don’t dare risk my computer getting fucked up.

But, that’s more in line with #1, so I voted “yes”. That said, I’m lazy, so I’ll a) only send emails, and b) only send 'em if someone bothers to post a list of appropriate email addresses here.

Otherwise, I’ll happily continue on with not buying Starforced games, and playing ones that aren’t (of which there are plenty :)

I’ve pretty much given up on PC games since I don’t wnat to bother with whether or not the game I want might have StarForce on it or not.

That, and I don’t have the money to upgrade my PC to fit what the latest games require.

How about we all just write in and complain about the Starforce games we weren’t going to buy anyway?


I’m waiting for DNF to go gold, then I’ll upgrade.

I think I’m cool with not buying any more Starforced games. The only Starforced game I own now is Silent Hunter 3. At the time I bought it Starforce didn’t seem like it was really that bad. Now I’m agonizing over whether to install SH3 on my shiny new computer. I’m leaning towards not doing it, which is sad, since it’s such a good game.

If I install it, patch it, and crack it without actually starting the game, will that keep the Starforce evil off my system?

Yeah, I don’t remember anything vaguely good out there, what had Starforce as protection.

So I guess I’m technically boycotting?

I missed out on the Trackmania Nations fun because of Starforce. I was worried it would bugger up my ability to burn DVDs as rumour has it can.

It damn well didn’t make my DVD burner very happy.

I voted yes, only because I know my interest in HoMM5 has been sinking like a stone for a while after the decision to include Starforce was finalized. I have so many other great games to play that I’d rather not take the chance on HoMM5 messing around with my system, despite the fact that I’ve not had any issues (that I know about) with previous SFd games on my old systems (games like Divine Divinity and Syberia).

Thing is, I probably wouldn’t even have thought about not buying HoMM5 if it wasn’t for all that talk about Starforce out there. HoMM5 has been on my must-buy list since I first heard it was being made. Ah well.

if you boy StarForce games, you support StarForce.

That’s not true. I own both Space Rangers 2 and Silent Hunter III, but I most definately do not support StarForce.

Done that already, no dice. You wont even get a reply.

That’s a strange reason, since only a small number of games use it. Anything from UbiSoft, an occasional Euro-import, that’s about it.