Starforce question

I’ve installed Space Rangers 2 on my system. So far, no problems knocks on wood.

The question I have is–I have a bunch of older games that have earlier versions of Starforce. If I install one of them, will it install the older version of the Starforce driver also, or will it detect that I already have Starforce on my system, and not try to install the older Starforce drivers?

Didn’t bother to listen to the poll results, huh?

Nope, I didn’t. Sorry. Heard what a cool game it was from too many people…and it is. It’s a timesink on the level of Civ.

I’ve never had any trouble with different versions of StarForce (yes, I know, I’m murdering the gaming industry). It’s at least smart enough to allow ‘incompatible’ versions to be installed alongside each other, so an older game will install its SFv2 and not care that you’ve already got SFv3.

There are always a few weaklings.