StarForce Threatens Lawsuit Against Critic

I’d be ready to watch Doctorow asplode. He’s not exactly the sort of person one wants to get in a tussle with over DRM.

Starforce vs The EFF! FIGHT!

I think the info on the alleged IDE stepdown and Ring 0 security hole originated only recently (Ubisoft forums, I believe), since Starforce opened its challenge to go to Russia and prove it breaks things. The description of these problems on Cory’s blog - the article that provoked the threats - reads very much like the Ubi forum post I saw, so I wonder if the guy that found this stuff has managed to take it further, other than getting Doctorow renditioned to Egypt for questioning.

Edit: This is the original thread over at the Ubi forums:

Hooray internet! Boo StarForce!

Though to be honest that really is low of them to threaten sueing him. There must be a million or so posts on the net saying how crappy StarForce is.

I predict that this thread will turn into a “boo starforce” / “I haven’t seen the ill effects of it so what’s the big deal?!” / “Piracy is killing the industry!” thread from about two posts after mine. Of course, I’m not HRose and could very well be wrong.

That’s just gold.

I haven’t seen the ill effects of it so what’s the big deal?!

The best part is their use of USlawyer. Do you get it? USlawyer.

Your article violates approximately 11 international laws.

The UN security council is pondering some sort of resolution on the matter as we speak.

Seriously, is that guy for real? We need to get him together with Derek Smart.

Hahaha he is contacting the FBI? I am sure they will get right on that shit.

In Russia, Starforce sues you!

Right now, the deal is that StarForce is now making ludicrous, self-defeating legal threats phrased in comedy-foreigner English.

That was the first thing I thought of, too.

Oh my, I never thought I’d actually feel sorry for Starforce. They just opened up the Third Seal and now plagues and lamentations will cover the earth.

More golden quotes from Dennis Zhidkov

I am confident that every download is not just a lost retail sale. I think that because of people, who seem to have certainly downloaded the pirated game and their friends who they shared it with, each download means at least two or three lost sales.

Thats some hardcore math that guy does there. So that means that like HL2 should have had like 80 million copies sold or some shit right?

…Derek Smart?

Don’t forget this choice bit from Zhidkov: “According to our research those of users that do run into compatibility problems are beginner-level-hackers that try to go around our protection system.”

Yeah, I love it how the SF corporation has repeatedly stated (with varying directness) that most of the complaints about SF are from unhappy pirates.

You have to remember that the StarForce people are headquartered in Russia, where they have a much different view on piracy… imagine going outside 2 blocks and picking up any of the recent games for just 50 cents and then you’ll know why they are so touchy about this issue.

Though, I don’t know, maybe most people in Russia pirate games cause they can’t afford the fat $50 price tag? ;) I know I never bought $50 games in Russia :P.

Man this sounds like a legal threat SomethingAwful would get.

To my knowledge, I have one game that uses Starforce: Space Rangers 2. Great game, but the startup is very looooooooooooong because of Starforce. Also, around the same time my CD/DR-RW drive starting working sporadically/slowing down burns. I’m not saying they are absolutely 100% related, but it’s an awfully direct coincidence.

So what gives? With all this knowledge out there of the anger of consumers and apparent problems (even perception of problems), why do companies still use them? Why not use other methods? CD keys? Whatever happened to the blue/blue password lists?