StarForce Threatens Lawsuit Against Critic

I think Brian was just trying to prove that nuts actually is HRose.

Actually, if you read the ubisoft thread, the guy there states explicitly that Starforce can cause drive slowdowns, and explains why. Very interesting stuff. Previously I’d been in the “Starforce never kicked my dog” camp, but then again, I don’t do too much burning lately. I’m now going to have to double check

Hmmmm. Shades of Infinium suing HardOCP?

I once violated 11 international laws. But then it just turned out that I was bored.

I thought I was in the Starforce never hurt me camp until after installing X3:The European DVD, I had to reboot my computer every time I changed CDs. Windows won’t recognize the new disc. Not sure if it’s Starforce, but it’s 1) really weird and 2) never happened until installing Starforce.

Without getting into the whole “starforce is malware” debate, I will say this one thing:

It installs a device driver on your system, and I really don’t think anything should ever do that without at least asking you first. I think users should be able to look at a box and see that they’re going to have to install a special device driver in order to run the software, so they can determine for themselves if they want to buy it or not.

After reading that post, I just hope it’s easily removable.

I thought it sounds like a legal threat somethingawful would write, i suspect [ [SIZE=-1]Leonard “J.” Crabsp]( is behind it all.[/SIZE]

Hehe, just what I thought. Those legal threats were hilarious.

Ah. There lies the rub.

I hope so. That was some interesting reading.

Speaking from personal experience, Starforce did mess up my burner though not permanently or at least I hope it didn’t. I had installed Starforce for the first time because of the Heroes 5 multiplayer beta (never could get the game working properly online against other people, though it did work when I played against myself online fine). With Starforce installed, I tried burning an audio cd, it didn’t work no matter how many times I tried. After reading the thread on UBIsoft forums, I decided to uninstall Heroes 5 and Starforce. I just now tried to burn an audio cd, and it burns fine with the exact blank cd that would not work earlier.

I had never installed a Starforce game before because of all the horror stories I’ve heard from other users, but I just couldn’t help myself after hearing about the Heroes 5 beta. I’ve now learned my lesson and will not be buying a Starforce protected game unless their is a workaround to play the game without Starforce or the company that develops Starforce improves the protection scheme so that I won’t have to worry about a piece of my hardware failing because of Starforce.

I’ve never had an issue with Starforce nor has it taken up residence in my system after I uninstalled the game that it came with.

now SecuRom…thats a different story.

Should be a fun story, considering both securom and safedisc are based on the physical media and the code compiled in to the game executable only.

Maybe the next Derrik Smart game could use starforce, then you can post that the game sucks and ruined your computer and get sued twice!

SecuriCom made Act of War by Atari unplayable for a whole month for me. The retail store would not take it back, either, even though my computer would not play the game . . . not because of the system specs, but the copy protection. I even had emails printed out from Atari and Securicom notifying me that there was no workaround as of yet and the game was unplayable with my drive. I took them into the retail store (Best Buy) and they absolutely refused to take the game back.

Eventually (two weeks later after giving up) I got a crack off the web that let me play the game.

Dumb, dumb, dumb. There’s copy protection scheme horror stories for ya. I’m no pantywaist in the hardware/os field either. I have no problem with copy protection schemes, but not when they interfere with my using the product. I’d never buy a book that didn’t let me open the cover until I jumped through a bunch of hoops.

(Edit: I’m not sure if it was SecuriCom or SecureRom … or whatever … whoever Arari uses for their copy protection).

LOL his current BC incarnation DOES have Starforce.

If he got Uwe Boll involved, it could be the perfect game. That, or our planet could implode into a massive black hole which nothing could escape, not even Uwe. It’s a gamble, but hey, gaming is a harsh mistress. Besides, it’s sort of a win/win.

Or Boll could make Battlecruiser: The Movie. That might do it, too.

So I take it Dr. Smart paid for the copy protection by training the PR department?

Press charges? FBI? Who is his US lawyer, Joe Pesci?