Stargate 200th episode tonight

So it seems that scifi is running a SG marathon leading up to it at nine est I think. This season I’ve been watching maybe every other week so I’m somewhat caught up what’s happening. From the review on ign, it seems like it’s a good one.

I still can’t believe it’s really been 200 episodes, I remember watching the first episodes on showtime back in 97. Anyway, is anyone else going to watch it tonight?

Not to knock those who like the show, but I never really got how this show survived while others (Farscape, Firefly…) withered and died. Is the show amazingly cheap to make so that it makes money somehow?

Don’t know, I missed a few seasons when it first started on sci fi, then started watching it again last season. They started a spin off show which is ok so far.

It’s utterly bland writing and innocuous storylines wrapped in a cool package. Sort of like most TV.

Stargate is “fangless” geek.

Farscape had puppets. Firefly had teen-drama in space. Viewers are embarrased to watch. They die.

Eh, I like it.

In the last episode, the Farscape ripoff was hilarious, along with the Ewoks, err Furlings.

One word: MacGuyver

It survived because it is, at its core, the original Star Trek all over again.

The titular stargate, like the Enterprise, is the central technical MacGuffin that lets the cast visit a new planet every week. They’re also both used and abused in various creative ways.

Stargate, like Star Trek, did an excellent job of creating a sense of mankind getting out into the stars, discovering cools things, meeting cool aliens, and occasionally getting their asses kicked.

Both shows have a core cast that obviously have fun working together. Chemistry counts for a lot in an ensemble show.

Both shows present Our Heroes as the most infallible moral authorities in the universe.

And of course-- O’Neill = Kirk, Teal’c = Spock, Carter = Scotty, Walter = Ohura, and Jackson = ummm… oh what the hell, Bones.

The cast does seem like they get along with each other, each time they do a making of stargate episode, the cast always mentions how much they like each other. I thought it was alright, the farscape, and extreme one were my favorites. The puppet one just felt stupid to me.

I think it helps that it takes place from “Present Day” earth.

Also, the original episode one had naked boobies.

I know it’s probably “uncool” to like Stargate, but I’ve always liked it and watched it since the beginning.

I liked the 200th episode, I liked the way they poked fun at themselves as well as other sci fi series (like bsg.) The reference to the O’neill/Jackson slash fanfiction was suprisingly amusing.

Ok I have a question then having watched it recently. What is this “shark” they keep talking about jumping? Did I miss something or is it some terminology that just isn’t registering for me?

watched the episode and that special they had before it.

This show was so much better before Sci-fi butchered it. I know, I know, that’s completely old hat complaining but it’s true. They really managed to make it as generic as possible. I still like the show but geez, any good show is tortured to a slow death in the hands of Sci-fi.

Jump the shark

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See, I thought it was absolutely brilliant. It was, for the most part, line-by-line take from the movie scene where Jackson is introduced to the Stargate. The puppet drawing on the whiteboard and the monitor had me rolling!

The Inside Stargate episode they showed before was also great.

I’m only halfway through Season 4. I like it because it’s modern day, and the cast obviously has a good time working together, and I haven’t gotten to the point where supposidly it goes to hell in a handbasket.

It doesn’t hurt that Amanda Tapping and Teryl Rothery are both hot.

I agree about the inside stargate , each one they do is pretty funny and good.

Crazy part was that just before they showed the puppets, I started thinking to myself when Browler was talking about alternate universes “please no puppets.”

The part during the scene that I started laughing was when they went thru the gate and they lost their strings.

Caught most of this, very funny stuff. What was the BSG part? I must have missed it.

They had a segment where they suggested replacing the cast with an updated / hip / younger focus and then had a spoof of teen drama shows, some of the replacement actors did have a BSGish look to them.