Stargate: Atlantis series finale

Well, that was… inconclusive.

It wasn’t supposed to be a series finale, they didn’t know they were ending it when they wrote the episode.

I’m kinda pissed at how SciFi is handling their programming lately. Granted, SG-1 and Atlantis weren’t the best shows in the world, but ditching them for more Ghost Hunters annoys me.

It felt a bit rushed. It really should have been two hours or done over several episodes.

I wonder if they’re going to go the movie route like they did with SG1. I agree about the programming there wasn’t a lot of shows on Sci Fi that I watch. Lately it seems like that ghost hunters show is on every day for several hours.

Re: the finale, it was a pretty poor way of ending the series. Did SG1 end the same way with a regular episode as the finale? Also it seemed like every chance John got he wanted to blow himself up with the nuke.

SG1 ended with a regular episode. The Ark of Truth movie wrapped up the Ori story arc, which they should have cut in two and just aired as regular episodes. SG1 really should have ended two seasons earlier when the series finale actually wrapped all current story lines.

Scratch that. That was the two part time travel episode wasn’t it? The three episodes before that would have ended the series perfectly.

I was under the impression that Atlantis got the axe because of poor ratings.
Which is understandable with all the crap that has happened in the last 2 seasons.

I’ve heard that there is going to be a straight to DVD movie wrapping up any and all loose ends for the series.
As a series finale though, this was pretty weak.

I thought the Vegas episode was actually a highlight. It seemed to do a lot of things well: the lighting, the sound, and I liked Vegas Shepherd more than the normal one (not that there was much there). I think I’d watch a show featuring that character.

They were having far too much fun with the camera angles in the vegas episode.

Yeah, I thought the Vegas episode was pure filler. The “we’re spoofing CSI lol” angle got boring after about 10 minutes.

The Vegas episode was my favorite Atlantis episode. The spoof was hilarious and pitch perfect, and the alternate universe edgier versions of each character were great. I almost wish they’d switched over and done a starting doing regular Stargate episodes in that universe.

Stargate Atlantis will end this season

The show will go on, though, with a 2-hour movie that will air on SCI FI in 2009, and be released on DVD by MGM. The film will be written by executive producers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie.

Though Stargate Atlantis has been a solid ratings performer for SCI FI – and was its highest-rated original program ever when it premiered in July 2004 – in recent years series like Eureka have supplanted it in the “Live” ratings.

Atlantis remains an extremely strong performer in DVR-delayed viewing, though, often building as much as 25 to 30 percent on its premiere night audience.

It looks like you heard right about the DvD.

As far as the ratings go it looks like while SGA was doing OK, SCI-FI had a new pitch for a new Stargate series (Stargate Universe Revealed!) and a limited budget to make shows.

Yes, and from what I’ve read about SG-U, it is to the Stargate franchise what Voyager was the Trek franchise. I am not terribly keen on the concept.

But there’s plenty of cash to make shit like “Ginger Snaps 2” whatever the hell that is about.

  1. That’s not a new film.
  2. It’s a decent movie.
  3. Sci-Fi didn’t make it.

The Ginger Snaps series are horror movies about werewolves, with some allegorical stuff about female sexuality, and the first two were pretty good.

But SGA was already Stargate’s Voyager. So hopefully SGU will be Stargate’s DS9. Ummm… or something.

Meh. For me Atlantis (like Voyager) was one of those shows I kept watching over the years waiting for it to get good, and in the end, it really never did. And it never got good due to (also like Voyager) the combination of a bland, uncharismatic cast and bland, repetitive storylines.

SGA was SG-1’s DS9. They were on a fixed city/station in space. SG-U has them on a ship “lost out of range of any way home,” and has them exploring and trying to find a way back. That’s the comparison I was trying to make … a thematic one rather than a show quality one.

I thought that the earlier SGA seasons were better, it started losing quality when it seemed like their budget was getting cut and the station and places they were visiting seemed to become more sparsely populated. For a show that was supposed to take place on a huge city full of people, there never seemed to be anyone around.

Doctor McKay and Carson Beckett (and Zelenka to some extent) were my favorite characters on that series, and were really the only reasons I kept watching. After they killed off Carson I was pretty bummed, their bromance/witty dialog was the main thing keeping the series interesting for me.

I was speaking quality-wise, not premise-wise.

Obviously. But I wasn’t. ^_^

I guess if SGA is SG1’s voyager, SGU will end up being it’s Enterprise? /shudder.

I am part way through the second SGA season on DvD. I just bought the third season for 19.99 on Amazon. A decent 20+ episode SCI-FI show for ~20 bucks gives me a lot of bang for the buck. When does the show go down in quality? Season 4?

I should have known better than to read through this thread and the links but I could not resist. I now know some of the cast members are going to die or have their roles diminished.

[sacrilege] I like SGA more than SG1. [/sacrilege]