Stargate sg-1 new season

I know there are a lot of haters of this show on these boards, but the new season is really pretty good. It appears they have set up a religious war/ crusade.

The new priest guys are scary. It’s got Claudia Black (and you KNOW they’re going to make her a regular) and Ben Browder. So far, I like.

Atlantis has also been good this season, and it looks like they are swapping out the weakest cast member for someone more interesting (the “runner” guy). Plus, they now have Skinner.

I’ve been pretty happy with both shows so far. The continuous ‘to be continued’ of the story annoys my wife, but I much prefer the strong arc driven episodes to the stand alone ones.

I am not fond of all the continues either. But I like the story lines. I really like Beau Bridges as the general. That surprised me too, because I didn’t think I would like him. Claudia Black’s character was VERY annoying at first, but she is getting better. I hated Browder on Farscape, but he works well in this role, I think.

Overall, I am pleased so far and I am excited about both shows in a way that I wasn’t last season.

Don’t forget Lexa Doig as the new doc and Horace Pinker/Dak’kon himself as the Colonel on Atlantis.

Lexa Doig is the consummate sci-fi extra character, it seems. TekWar, Andromeda, Jason X, The 4400, and now SG-1. I like her, cause she’s a cutie, but she just seems to be one of those actors forever destined to exist only in certain niche shows.

Well, she lives in Vancouver and live with Michael Shanks, so she’s cheap!

Actually, that would be my worse nightmare. I can’t stand Farscape, but I love SG1. So, I guess we have different tastes. But without knowing which episodes you saw, I can’t comment on your post. I like the first season though. It was edgier in many ways…there was even nudity, since it was on Showtime.

I loved Farscape, and I thought Ben Browder was awesome in it. So I tried watching SG-1, I really tried, but I just can’t stand it.

Seems like the Farscape folks are getting typecast which kind of sucks, but hey work is work. Would have been cool if Ben got the Green Lantern gig though.

SG1 is a pretty mediocre show. Watchable, an occasional ‘good’ episode or at least suitable humorous bit, but it’s hard to recommend getting the DVDs when there are so many other good series out there. Get Firefly, Freaks and Geeks, etc. before Stargate.

On the other hand, last time I checked the sets were super cheap. I think I got a couple seasons for 22 US dollars shipped from Amazon Canada (which seems to have much cheaper prices sometimes, even with the extra shipping to the US factored in).

I love these comments about which shows suck, as if you can just declare this for other people. What’s worse is giving no reasons. So, to show I will not fall into the same trap, some reasons why A, I dislike Farscape, and B, I prefer SG-1:

A: I can’t stand Browder’s character. His dialog, at least in the early episodes, is completely unbelievable. No one would use that much slang when they were around aliens who have no context for it. If you don’t believe me, talk to a foreigner and see how quickly you adjust and stop using idioms and slang.

Puppets: Puppets don’t always bother me, but in this show they do. It’s hard to say why, but somehow I can’t believe in them in this one.

Bad guys: Those Nazi-like guys are goofy and, as far as I can tell, inept. They remind me of Ming and his crew.

Sets/stories: I admit I have not seen that many episodes, somewhere between 15-20 (I gave it a shot, really). But I rarely saw any compelling stories and the sets were all too gritty/dirty for my tastes. Very Dr. Who, though, so if you like that kind of thing…

B: I like Stargate’s characters. O’Neil is funny and gets funnier as the show goes on, Carter can be annoying at times but she is intelligent and a strong female lead, T’ealc is an interesting story waiting to happen and sets up a whole slave culture and their honor-driven attitudes, Jackson appeals to the scholar in me.

Bad guys: They have lots of different types (and Farscape may too…I don’t know). There are also subsets of bad guys, as in most such shows (Jaffa in this case, usually).

I find the dialog believable, moreso than Farscape. I admit that some of the characters seem flat though (Hammond, for example, whom I like, is not very realistic as a general at times). The stories are interesting and display good pseudo-science. A good example of this is the Black Hole episode, where time dilations were presented.

Comfort: I find the world comforting and familiar. I love the mythology references, the perhaps arrogant attempt at making Earthlings a VERY important part of the intergalactic conflict, etc.

OK, those are my reasons. At the end of the day, these things are very subjective, so I recommend you watch both shows to make a judgment. In fact, if you are into sci-fi, you should at least attempt to watch most sci-fi shows, especially those that develop a following, as both these shows have.

I totally disagree. I love Browder’s character in Farscape, and this is actually one of the reasons why. In the early episodes, he spends a lot of time trying to fit in–and failing. You can see him getting more and more frustrated as the series goes on. I think it’s cool that he eventually (the turning point comes in season 2) realizes that he’s never going to understand more than half of what’s going on around him, and gives up on even trying. But he’s stubborn, so he starts to lay the slang and idioms on even thicker, so that at least he isn’t the only one with a puzzled look on his face half the time. And oddly, that’s also the point in the show where the other characters really do start to accept him, and the show takes on a whole different tone from that point on.

That sort of character development is one of my favorite things about Farscape. This is one show that never pushes the reset button at the end of an episode, and I like that.

Puppets: Puppets don’t always bother me, but in this show they do. It’s hard to say why, but somehow I can’t believe in them in this one.

I love the Henson puppets, but I guess that’s a totally subjective thing.

Bad guys: Those Nazi-like guys are goofy and, as far as I can tell, inept. They remind me of Ming and his crew.

Which episodes did you watch, exactly?

I do agree that Stargate is a good show, though. I’ll add that the premise is really fascinating, and that the show has some neat “slow boil” storylines that develop over the course of entire seasons. I also like the characters a lot, though going back and rewatching some season 1 eps, I’ll also say that they got a lot better as the series goes on. The characters do have a good deal of depth, but there’s a lot of unspoken stuff going on between them that you won’t pick up on just by watching isolated episodes.

I love both Farscape and Stargate SG-1, and don’t see much difference at their core, except that Farscape is much less episodic. It has the occasional standalone episode, that doesn’t greatly affect the plot and doesn’t require much previous knowledge, but most episodes directly follow another, and advance the story in fairly large ways. This works for and against Farscape, since a person who sees the occasional episode, especially out of order, won’t appreciate the show, at all really. SG-1 has a bit of this, especially around the time Dr. Jackson ascends, then comes back, but it isn’t nearly as bad.

Both shows have great characters. Farscape’s characters grow (a lot!) more over the course of the series, but SG-1 characters are a lot more likeable from the start. For every complaint I’ve heard about a Farscape character, there’s an episode that works around it, like the slug king guy Rigel seeming too selfish but somehow forgetting he’s supposed to be a selfish guy when Chricton’s life is on the line.

I think Farscape just suffers from it’s ongoing storyline model as opposed to the largely self contained episode model of SG-1. It’s much like X-Files, in that people who try to pick it up halfway through just don’t get it, and don’t see what the big deal is.

Yes, you two make good points. First, most of the shows I have seen (of Farscape) have been from the first season. Those that weren’t were confusing to me because I didn’t really know what was going on. So, like I said, I am not the best person to speak against the show. I was just listing my reasons why I don’t like it as much as SG-1, mainly in response to the earlier posts that effectively just said “SG-1 sucks, Farscape rocks!”.

SG 1 is ok. I alternate between liking and disliking the episodes, hopefully the new cast will give it a much needed shot in the arm, though so far it’s been as average as usual. Farscape I simply loved though. Of course I like continuations in the storyline, I hate episodic content where the history eraser button is punched after every show. I still can’t believe there are people who actually like that.

Depends on your tastes, of course. SG-1 is very much popcorn television. Doesn’t take a lot to figure out, characters are largely cliche (though those roles have definitely changed over the nine seasons), and the writing is more comical than dramatic – its not a comedy, but they certainly don’t seem like they take things so seriously.

In other words, I’m tempted to pick up at least the first series boxset in the hope that it will grab me, but am fearful that I won’t! I’ve taken risks before and it’s paid off (Farscape, Buffy, 24) based purely on word of mouth, but in those cases I’d never seen the show before.

Watching the first couple of seasons won’t necessarily be indicative of the show at large, because a lot of things have changed. But the basic structure is still there – team of four seeks out new civilizations/technology to defend themselves from a “Pandora’s Box” of feudal aliens all wanting each others’ pieces of the galactic pie.

I’d say rent it, but its on so frequently each week (once every day, then another block of three episodes on Monday nights) that you’ll eventually catch every episode.

Fascinating the way that Claudia Black and Ben Browder’s involvement has been promoted, as though suddenly SG1 is going to become more like Farscape or something. If only.

In that it becomes SciFi’s signature series, yes. Though Claudia Black is only around for the first five episodes of the season. Amanda Tapping (Sam Carter) had a baby earlier in the year, so they wrote her out of the first few eps and stuck Claudia in there as a temp.

Though I do see her becoming one of the regular recurring characters, sure.