Starmade, like Minecraft .... IN SPACE!

I think we are going to need a thread for this game. Starmade. It looks a lot like Minecraft, and is also a sandbox, but seems to have more sand in it.

The game is made of planets that float in space. With a modular system you build spaceships to travel to other planets and farm resources. Maybe fight pirates.

Heres some videos:

(note: I will add better videos if I find some).

The game can run singleplayer (localserver) or multiplayer.

Heres a server finder.

Other stuff:

  • There are asteroids in space you can find and mine.
  • There are shops to sell resources.
  • The game is free (?), at least is now. Seems to ask for donations and votes in greenlight (to sell in steam).

Here’s another, similar game you might like as well:


I don’t like the direction the progress took. Instead of capitalicing being early with this idea, making it better before other people would do it later. They took weird direction and did not actually made the game easier to play. Instead, is harder to play. Is probably the only game where the addition of a tutorial have made the game more complex and undecypherable.

Going back after a year of not playing it, and not knowing how to play is soul breaking.

This is still one of the best minecraft in space sandbox. But I don’t believe will be the one that will win the niche anymore.

On top of all, despite Notch success with Minecraft, is looking like Java is still a bad idea to program games. All java games look and feel slow and primitive, then one made in C++ come and prove to be several orders of magnitude smoother and more detailer. It feel that Java is a tool to prototype games, but not one to make games.