Starpoint Gemini: indie spaceship RPG

Starpoint Gemini

Apparently it’s going to be a lot like Star Wolves, which I liked. (Though not the sequels.)

Here’s to hoping they get it right!

Looks interesting. Certainly something to keep an eye on.

PS - you didn’t like the sequels? Blasphemy. ;)


I’m curious, why didn’t you like the sequels (note - I’ve not played any of them)?

Maybe a bit nitpicky, but I really hate how debris spreads out from ships in the same pattern in all directions with every hit in the gameplay video.

Spaceships? I am there! Thanks for the link! :)

I’ve been watching this one for a few months. I wish they had forums or something to follow it a bit better.

cheers Mikail, i didn’t know about this so thanks for the link.

Looks pretty interesting. I hope the voice work is placeholders only though. It was rather hard to understand in places.

I, for one, didn’t see that coming!

ohh shiny.

I am looking forward for this. It seems capital ships + RPG. Has not been done as correctly before, imho, and can be very interesting.

looks somewhat like starfleet battles as an RPG.

Pfffffffft! :P

The sequel tried to be an “open world” like Elite and Privateer by allowing you to freely travel between star systems, trade, and so forth. The result however is that the mission and level design are extremely bland and repetitive compared to the first game. The first game’s levels felt more like they were hand crafted to provide an interesting environment in which to battle tactically. Whereas in the sequel the levels and missions all felt identical.

They have completed their distribution deal today and it will be available through Gamersgate for $30. You can preorder now if you want. I think I’ll wait, after being burned by Star Ruler.

Ugh. Gamersgate makes this a non-starter.

What, were you seriously expecting Ron Perlman and Captain Picard? ;)

I would prefer controlling more than one ship, like in Homeworld, Nexus or Star Wolves. I think it’s a lot more tactical. And I don’t see any evidence of that in the videos. :(

First-person perspective would be OK if it were like Deus Ex, Mount&Blade or Bloodlines in space!

I’ll just have to wait and read the reviews.

The pre-order on GamersGate just came down in price to $27.

Since I don’t have a hatred of GG like some of y’all, I’ll probably bite on it.


Is SecuROM as bad as it was in the past, or are the less evil than they used to be?

Sorry, I’m a tad behind or something…they’re evil?