Starpoint Gemini Warlords - I aim to misbehave


I hope it will work out for you better this time. We have added a lot of improvements and hints for new players and controller scheme.


Hi Papageno! Does it occur randomly or during a specific event?

It’s actually common when you’re cruising down a certain area, even with Sublight turned on, and an enemy fleet comes near, for your fleet to engage in a battle with enemy’s fleet. You should see them on the radar fighting (yellow and red arrows).


Hi @LGM_Games,
The post I linked to described it pretty well. They were still in the vicinity after the battle but I couldn’t give them orders because the game said that they were no longer part of my fleet. Which leads me to ask if there’s a morale mechanic at work and they’d lost confidence in my command.


I’d certainly have. ;) ducks and runs away


No, that shouldn’t be happening. I checked with programmers forwarding them that message yesterday. We thought maybe your fleet was running into side-battles.

Do you have Steam or GOG version? I’m asking because sometimes problems like that can occur if all Steam files aren’t verified. Of course, it might be a bug, but just to be sure, if you’re having a Steam version, could you verify files first?

If the problems persist, please send us your save game file, log.txt from your game folder and link to this thread to [email protected].

Thank you!


Hi @Papageno!

Have you managed to solve the problem with our programmer division? Update 2.0 was released today, with improvements to the game but also a lot of bug fixes so maybe the problem you’re encountering is fixed too.

In other news (:D), we just released Update 2.0. I might add it’s completely free and adds a ton of changes to the game and gameplay experience.

Here’s a list of improvements and changes:


  • it works both ways. AI ambassadors will be able to contact you first, make demands, threats or offer help
  • neutral or allied factions might even declare war on you, depending on your actions
  • of course, if you’ve been especially nice to them, they could ask you to be an ally
  • they might also offer to help you to recover a part of lost fleet or a station
  • Proxima research and development will influence other’s faction opinion about you. Some factions will feel threatened and ask you to stop, others might strategically ally with you

These changes work for all the save games, except the ones that are currently tied to the story campaign. This content is locked for them because it would directly affect the game and game’s story.

Improvements for game controllers

  • scrolling with the controller on Info menu list is now available
  • RECORDS Bonuses can now be scrolled with the controller
  • Press View button on the controller to reveal hints on Starchart

Hints for new players

  • hint for Command Points on Starchart
  • hint for SuperCapital Ship on Starchart
  • hint for Civilian tasks on Starchart
  • hints for FOW, Camera and Select modes on small HUD icons added (previously available only on the mouse)
  • hint on Trader menu for Double-click and Shift-click options added
    -hint on a station; it says Toggle Station Interface instead of Toggle Station HUD


  • Rise of Numibia DLC has received a German, Russian, Chinese and French localization
  • German dialogues (vanilla) have been fixed
  • Chinese localization has been completely fixed
  • Japanese localization in form of a mod for vanilla version of the game

The rest

  • NEW GAME Story Campaign and FREEROAM modes are now separated, if you’re playing Vanilla game or any DLC, except Cycle of Warfare
  • SHIPBUILDING interface button is disabled until you obtain a Hangar Level 1 in HQ, with an explanation why
  • wormhole civilian tasks are improved on align change
  • fixed and re-added troopers menu
  • improved font readability in certain cases (better kerning)


  • fixed GPU related causes of crashes, especially on weaker GPUs
  • fixed one small memory leak
  • fixed a cause of performance drain in script system affecting long play sessions
  • fixed several minor visual glitches
  • fixed several Mod problems + improved output warnings and errors caused by mods

Of course, feel free to ask me anything about the game or the update.


Any sales in the horizon? I have the game on Steam (sans DLC), but I’ve been thinking about buying it again on GOG (with DLC), but I’ll likely wait for a sale to do so. ;)

In any case, it’s great to see you supporting the game like that. Cheers!


@LGM_Games, unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to play lately, and the problem actually occurred last summer when I first posted about it. I’ve been playing other things on the rare occasion when I get a chance, but I hope to get back to it someday. :-) I’m sure it was a bug that got fixed, because there is no official “companion morale” mechanic in SGW, is there?


Timing is everything, it is on sale now at 66% off.


On Steam, it’s on sale, yes. Not on GOG though, where I want to buy it. Wasn’t that clear from the way I wrote? Genuine question.


No, there’s not that kind of mechanics in the game.

Update 2.0 is a swell time to get back into SPGW, or so I heard. :P


Thanks! We’re always glad to hear that. :)

Update 2.0 should be coming to GOG soon, although we can’t give you a fixed date. :/


You were clear, I was scanning!


Update 2.0 was released today on GOG. :)


Is the Xbox One version still the redheaded stepchild?


Hi @Mellified

Are you playing the Xbox One version? Do you have any problems or bugs with the game?

I’d like to add that we’re a small indie team and we don’t have the budget to develop games for all platforms simultaneously, although we would very much like to. We’re not discriminating one platform against the other.

We already released two DLCs for Xbox One, with two DLCs to be released soon. Next month, precisely, if everything goes as planned. Update 2.0 should follow.


I have the game on both XB1 and Steam. I was waiting for the DLC to hit XB1 before playing there. I now see the first two DLCs in the Xbox store.

I’ll give it a spin. Appreciate it if you can tell me whether the Thrustmaster HOTAS One (link) is supported - beyond the basic Xbox input device support.


Truth be told, this doesn’t seem like the game to play with a joystick.


No, it isn’t. This isn’t like Everspace or Elite, this is more like Star Trek: Legacy. So let your crew do most of the work. If you’re trying to fly tight manoeuvres and shoot manually at enemies, you’ll just get frustrated.


The main reason to play with the flightstick is it supports additional buttons beyond the basic Xbox controller.

As for the Xbox version… my top 10 UI / UX gripes:

  1. The autosave feature worked a couple of times after starting the story mode. Never again.
  2. Clicking right stick should center the camera.
  3. Clicking left stick should target whatever is under the crosshairs (as it does now) but X should cycle through enemy targets. LB+X to cycle through all targets (see #7).
  4. Shooting cargo pods then having to shoot up the barrels that are left behind is very, very tedious with the lack of fine aim on a controller.
  5. Xbox One X Enhanced and 4K support would be delightful! Gets you free marketing from MS as well.
  6. Option in invert the x-axis camera controls would be nice.
  7. I’d like to see some common tasks from the context menu mapped to LB+A, LB+B, etc.
  8. Menus sometimes use LB / RB to cycle and LT / RT to secondary cycle. Other times they use LB / RB and Y. Should be consistent.
  9. Starchart should be the default menu item, not Geminipedia since that’s the feature I’m most often using in the menus.
  10. A faster way to toggle fire at will - or don’t disable it when cloaking.