Starpoint Gemini Warlords - I aim to misbehave


You were clear, I was scanning!


Update 2.0 was released today on GOG. :)


Is the Xbox One version still the redheaded stepchild?


Hi @Mellified

Are you playing the Xbox One version? Do you have any problems or bugs with the game?

I’d like to add that we’re a small indie team and we don’t have the budget to develop games for all platforms simultaneously, although we would very much like to. We’re not discriminating one platform against the other.

We already released two DLCs for Xbox One, with two DLCs to be released soon. Next month, precisely, if everything goes as planned. Update 2.0 should follow.


I have the game on both XB1 and Steam. I was waiting for the DLC to hit XB1 before playing there. I now see the first two DLCs in the Xbox store.

I’ll give it a spin. Appreciate it if you can tell me whether the Thrustmaster HOTAS One (link) is supported - beyond the basic Xbox input device support.


Truth be told, this doesn’t seem like the game to play with a joystick.


No, it isn’t. This isn’t like Everspace or Elite, this is more like Star Trek: Legacy. So let your crew do most of the work. If you’re trying to fly tight manoeuvres and shoot manually at enemies, you’ll just get frustrated.


The main reason to play with the flightstick is it supports additional buttons beyond the basic Xbox controller.

As for the Xbox version… my top 10 UI / UX gripes:

  1. The autosave feature worked a couple of times after starting the story mode. Never again.
  2. Clicking right stick should center the camera.
  3. Clicking left stick should target whatever is under the crosshairs (as it does now) but X should cycle through enemy targets. LB+X to cycle through all targets (see #7).
  4. Shooting cargo pods then having to shoot up the barrels that are left behind is very, very tedious with the lack of fine aim on a controller.
  5. Xbox One X Enhanced and 4K support would be delightful! Gets you free marketing from MS as well.
  6. Option in invert the x-axis camera controls would be nice.
  7. I’d like to see some common tasks from the context menu mapped to LB+A, LB+B, etc.
  8. Menus sometimes use LB / RB to cycle and LT / RT to secondary cycle. Other times they use LB / RB and Y. Should be consistent.
  9. Starchart should be the default menu item, not Geminipedia since that’s the feature I’m most often using in the menus.
  10. A faster way to toggle fire at will - or don’t disable it when cloaking.


3.32GB update released today on XB1.

Any patch notes to share @LGM_Games?



I’d be interested to hear how this plays on Xbox, I’ve almost bought it a couple of times.


See a few posts up for my nitpicks pre-2.0. I’ll update once I have a chance to play with 2.0 on Xbox.


I picked up the franchise pack during the Steam Sale, and I’d like to know what the best starting point is:

  1. SPG 1? Starting the campaign is an instant-crash, and I note that there is free DLC to play through that campaign in SPG2. So this seems out

  2. SPG2? If so, should I atart with the SPG1 campaign, to preserve the storyline? Or does the storyline even matter in this series?

  3. SPGW? I know it adds the 4x elements, but I’m more attracted to this series as a substitute for Freelancer/ Privateer.

Where to begin? :)


You can just jump right to SPGW. It’s the best of the bunch and the fill you in on the background if you need it.


The (lack of) sense of scale kind of soured me on this series. I like space sims. I like RPGs. I thought I’d like SPG2.


Hi guys,

We’ll be short and sweet. On August 9 we are releasing a final Starpoint Gemini Warlords DLC which finishes the story.

The DLC basically brings a fresh storyline, story branching, more than six hours of new gameplay, a new faction, new ships, new characters, increased replayability as a result of multiple choices when accepting some story missions, and more.

We’ll publish more details on Thursday :-)


Holy crapola! What then?


Welp, it’s the final DLC content for SPGW, which means we’re completely closing the development cycle for it.

We will of course still support it, and bring all the content to Xbox One.

We are switching to new projects which are in development :-)




So out of all the DLCs, which are considered the “must-haves” and which can I easily skip?