Stars Beyond Reach - Arcen says "Think Civilization meets SimCity meets AI War..."

Arcen’s got a new game coming. It’s a 4X with hexes.

14 races planned (8 playable), 3 leader options per race, no units (think SimCity), sci-fi but planet based, and (probably) with co-op multiplayer

The Arcen touch that sets it apart from other 4X games? No units. Huh? What? Hey, you knew it was going to be interesting when it was an Arcen game.

Liked AI war a lot, didn’t get last federation, it was too fiddle for me, but this looks curious, let’s see if he pulls it off.

Very curious about this, totally.

It’s Arcen, so I’m definitely looking. Their games are always interesting experiments.

Still feel like I wasted my money on Last Federation, so I’ll sit this one out until I see reviews.


Looks interesting, I wonder if the tutorial will be 5+ hours long. :)

This is where I’m at. I’m more than happy to shell out for Arcen games. So far there hasn’t been a title that’s really knocked it out of the park for me, but I love the innovation and experimentation they do. I’d much rather spend my money on that than Call of Duty #27 or World of Warcraft Clone #36 or Yet Another Fucking MOBA: 2.

Wow, visited Arcen’s site just last night to see what the next project was up to and wake up to an announcement this morning!

It’s Arcen, so it’ll be a great game idea turned into an average game.

I had such high hopes for Last Federation, that I fell off the wagon and bought it, day one.

Never again[SUP]1[/SUP]!

[SUP]1[/SUP] [SUP]Till the next time.[/SUP]

Game has been delayed (again) to September 25th. Reasons in the link.

Ugh, its in the busy season at that point. :|

I’m cautiously optimistic about this game. The screen shots have mostly WHOLE NUMBERS. That’s a huge improvement for Arcen. Granted, the numbers are in the 1,000s mostly, so I’m skeptical there are tons of decimals behind the scene and he’s merely multiplying it up for the UI.

I can’t wait for the technology that brings my happiness from 9,000 to 9,073.

Snark aside, I have a soft spot for Arcen games and I’m looking forward to see how this turns out.

This is precisely how I feel.

Every once in a while I boot up Last Federation and stare at it a bit. Its been heavily patched since I last played it, so I suppose I should try it again, but each time I end up just closing it and moving on.

I really think his diplomacy is gonna fall short. You just can’t abstract it so much without losing the emergence and the feeling of the AI having flavor and desires. And keeping diplomacy on one screen is just not possible. If you want quality diplomacy there has to be as much going on there as their is in war. No one expects stuff to all fit on one screen. The same for economics and science. For instance you’d need an economic system at least as good if not better than Patrician 4 to equal the combat focus of most 4x and tbs games. And diplomacy that feels good is a much more difficult task than creating the economy system of Patrician 4.

Isn’t the diplomacy in Star Ruler 2 mostly implemented in a single screen? It is also innovative and deeper than any other diplomacy system I can think of (in terms of relevant options and elegant modelling).

Don’t know what this is.

Imperialism 2.

I’m going to be the contrarian this time. I quite enjoyed TLF (and most Arcen games for that matter) and will buy this one immediately.