Stars in Shadow


These devs need to learn to go on sale before Steam sales and Prime Day. My wallet has taken a beating.


you sir, are flattering the flatterer! :)


Well, I found out why friendly races were attacking me. If you don’t keep your fleet strength up they’ll think you’re weak and will declare war on you. If you keep a decent sized fleet they’ll respect you and not attack. Lesson learned. To save resources, I generally like to build infrastructure in these games first before building war capacity but that doesn’t work out too well here.

Just built my first dreadnaughts in my current game. So much fun.


Ohhh, new DLC next month! A new cyborg playable race, new minor races and more!


I just can’t get past the graphics. It looks like a browser game.


Your loss man. Out of the recent glut of space 4X games, this one is my favorite.


I’m with Mr Rubin on this one. I also didn’t like the graphics at first. But it grows on you fast. Don’t let the graphics get between you and an excellent 4X. I’ll pick up DLC for this for sure.


Yeah, I’m probably missing out because I’m shallow. Don’t worry though, I follow all your other recommendations on games.


HAh, that’ll get me through the day. :)


[quote=“BrianRubin, post:90, topic:125369, full:true”]
Your loss man. Out of the recent glut of space 4X games, this one is my favorite.[/quote]

Do you have a review out there on it? SiS is on my wish list but l have not yet pulled the trigger because the reviews are not great and the game play looks fairly basic. It also appears to be missing more modern 4x conventions like territories and things like that.


Ok bought. 40% off. Any good starter tips?


I do!

Not that I recall personally, I just dove in and had a great time my first time.


I’m liking this a lot so far. Playing on easy to get my feet wet and test out a few mechanics, so far I’m building up a sizeable fleet of attack ships and that seems to be making everyone wanting to be my friend.

There is one annoying mechanic which is "your fleet can not venture outside of a range of your planets which severely limits your ability in early game to do scouting.

Battles give you the option of autoresolving or doing the turn-by-turn and I find that I suck so bad that I’m using autoresolve as it’s going to do far, far better than whatever I try to do. Most of this is because the weapon range really doesn’t show very well. My ships seem severely limited whereas the pirates are able to move 1/2 the galaxy (I exaggerate) and fire all their weapons where I can only move a paltry few squares and even though my lasers & missiles say I have a range of 9 & 10 respectively, on the screen it looks like 3 squares. Any advice / learning here?

Once I release a transport to auto-mode, not sure how I can get them to show back up to use for colonist transport?

The build times on planet are atrocious. It can take a lot of turns to get a planet somewhat functional. I keep wanting production on a planet to be tied to factories and population, but I’m not detecting anything like that unless it’s really subtle. I am using my old Stars! strategy of colonizing followed by 3-4 transports to drop colonists and it isn’t boosting production like I would have thought.

But this is only 6 hours into the game, so a lot more learning to go.


Anyone going to pick up the DLC for this?

I saw it was 40% off on steam and I was debating picking up the base game.


I’ll be picking it up, hopefully later today (OzTime). The base game is certainly worth the $15 sale price imho


Seriously considering it myself as well, was just curious what anyone made of the DLC, but no matter, like you said, this feels like it’s easily worth 15 bucks.


Enjoyed the base game, just picked up the DLC. This is kind of an underrated game imho. Not sure if the art style is the issue for some but it’s a pity.


Agreed. Out of the sheer glut of space 4Xs to come out recently, this has been my favorite.


I managed to put a bit of time into this game the last few evenings. I kind of like not knowing what the heck I am doing, and making a bunch of mistakes, but playing on normal difficulty so I can hopefully recover.

Blowing stuff up is pretty fun.

Edit: It’s interesting to me how differently some things play out than my last game of Stellaris.

So I established a colony at the southern end of my space. Nearby, I discovered a pirate base, but they were too far away to reach with my current technology. Oh well. I had a pretty decent fleet concentrated on my homeworld and another fleet reasonably close by. I sunk a lot of resources into the developing that planet, getting them past the point of slow growth and building up a decent population and mining industry.

Then the pirates attacked. They were faster than I expected, and only needed three turns to reach the colony. My fleet was four turns away. Oops. I had some fixed defenses at the colony (more sunk costs) but they weren’t enough to take out the pirate fleet, which also stronger than I thought due to some of the ships being stealthed. In tactical combat, I managed to snipe their assault transport with my defenses and celebrated. Hah, you won’t be taking my colony today, pirate scum! My fleet is only one turn away!

So they nuked the colony. Oh, everyone is dead now. Most of their fleet flies away before I get there. Oops.

I think about how that scenario would play out the last time I played Stellaris. I would actually be able to reach the pirate base, since there is no range concept. A spaceport at the reasonably developed colony would have been able to fight off some measly pirates in the early going. If it fell, the pirate would probably have limited themselves to blowing up some space mines. If they’d attacked the planet, it wouldn’t have been wiped out. My centrally-located fleet would have been able to get there before too much damage was done.

It’s a nice “you’re not in Kansas anymore” moment. Sometimes the old ways are the best.


I’ve been playing the hell out of this one too. Interesting, but not as deep as others, but does that really matter in a game?