I ran into this great indie game while going through the news at VE3D. I strongly encourage people to check this out. The demo is only a 35 meg download and has a great deal of interesting gameplay.

Part of the game is played in a top down view of your space ship, with control much like Asteroids or Sinistar. You have to mine asteroids to bring resources back to your base, while also defending yourself and your base from attack. There is a great strategic element though because you use the resources you collect to enact repairs and to research and develop new technology - better equipment for your base and ship. You also design your ships from scratch, and can have three different ones with different loadouts for different purposes.

It all comes together very well. Something about it really grabs me, the way some of the classes like Star Control and X-Com did. Something about exploring the unknown, while adding a good mix of both action and strategic decisions, and a dash of plot to keep things moving along.

I’m very curious to hear what some of you think about it.

what, no brave souls out there? pshaw!

I’m at work, so shoot me. I’ll try this game soon, as it’s right up my alley. :) Thanks for the tip.

Dling now.

It’s a nice game, but I make it a point not to buy shareware with overly obnoxtious nag-tactics. There’s a 30 second countdown timer when you try to quit the game, and I’m pretty sure I read something about the game stopping after 30 minutes. If a demo is going to hook me, it’s going to take more than 30 minutes for it to do it.