Starsector: Best space combat five years in the making


I think we need to enlist Cleve to work on both now that he has proved he can deliver


I was bored and decided to go look in the dev’s twitter for news. I found this

It gives an idea of the coming changes. More industry, colonization,reports to manage all that, etc


From the twitter feed you can notice he loves tooltips.


One day Tom will get to Tomsplain the crap outta this!


I think his rule of game design—mock up the tooltip first, and if it doesn’t fit in a tooltip, it’s too complicated—is probably a good one.


Colonies info


Blueprints and stuff, thanks @BrianRubin for the fyi in the streaming / podcasting thread.


Just doin’ my job sir. :)


How close are they to finishing the game?


Seriously though, likely nowhere near.


<funny gif here!>

Their last major releases (with new content) has been:

-0.81 in June 2017.
-0.8 in April 2017.
-0.72 in Feb 2016.
-0.71 in Dec 2015.
-0.7 in Nov 2015.

With that schedule, 0.9 should release in August 2018, 0.9x in October 2018, and 1.0 in November-December 2019!


Yeah, I bought into this game with my own money shortly before I started Space Game Junkie. Back in 2011. It’ll be done eventually, but it’s so great, I say take his time to make it awesome.


I bought it back when it was starfarer


Pretty close I’d say, but looking at their release history, the sun turning into a giant red star might be closer. ;)

And I don’t mind. They’re taking their time to make a fantastic game that I’ll play lots of, so I can wait. ;)


I’ve already played hundreds of hours, and every time I go back it’s like playing a new game.


Yeah, once this game is complete, it’s gonna be one to beat in the genre, given all it can do, the love put into it, and how it’ll just make so many other games pale in comparison.


Have you seen this thing where people battle each other with fleets using the game?


I’ve not. That’s great!


It’s not just great, it’s flat out awesome. I really love the commentary during the battle. The best thing is that these kind of AI vs. AI battles should help the dev fix any remaining AI issues like the one with the fighters not engaging.


Lol I bought this a year ago and still haven’t booted it up :) I guess I should!