Starsector: Best space combat nine years in the making - 0.95 out

That was the end for me also, and from what I’ve read online. It just kinda… stops.

I bought this eight years ago. Maybe I should play it now? Been kind of waiting for one point oh, but another eight years seems like a long time to wait.

It’s feature rich and literally bug free, plenty of spicy mods. He’s not hitting 1.0 cause it might give impression he’s finished with it, is my take, he’ll never be finished…bwhahaha. Fucking gem of a game

This game is great, and amazing with mods. No reason not to lose dozens of hours of your life now.

The only reason is that I’m already losing dozens of hours of my life to dozens of other games!

I mean, an hour or two can’t hurt, right?..

You can’t just play an hour or two on this game! You get the feeling you barely done something in a system and then the two hours are already gone. Before you know it you’ve played 4 or 5 hours, it’s 2 AM and in a few hours you still have to get up and do your normal job… -_-

Seems like he’s been putting a lot of thought into making Low Tech ships more viable. They’ve pretty much always been sub-optimal outside of some niche cheese strategies like Drover spam. Neat.

precisely why i have never ventured outside of the scored battle scenarios!

Christ that’s amazing.

I dig it.

(my weekend, after trying Starsector for the first time)

I think the initial fever is mostly broken. Do people have any suggestion for end game goals/different styles of play? E.g. once you have a good fleet of 200+ points of ships, 5 colonies or so, visited the AI planet, is there anything else that I’m missing?

I’m starting a new game now, this time on Normal mode, but I feel like I will end up doing mostly the same things just more efficiently now that I kind of know what I’m doing.

Mods will add a terrific amount of content and well worth it.

Thanks! I will look into those next.

New blog was posted.

I wonder if I was too optimistic on the year I picked.